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Using a paint spray gun or machine is the technique used to deliver a coating of paint onto a surface.  The paint is placed into a power tool that uses high pressure to force the paint through a small tip, therefore delivering the paint very quickly. The paint is delivered smoothly onto the desired surface, covering the entire area. Usually, only one coat is required.

As you can see, using a sprayer is a quick and effective way on which to paint an object. They are also extremely efficient as they save money and use less time. Paint spray guns can be used on a variety of jobs including interior and exterior walls, furniture, metal, glass, and paper. They can be pretty much used on everything.

As well as delivering paint onto a chosen surface, paint sprayers are particularly useful when applying varnish or lacquers to your project; for example when spraying decking or applying a coat of varnish to a piece of furniture.  What is important to note is that these spray machines are not only useful for large objects and surfaces but also when you need to apply paint to a smaller surface such as a small piece of lattice work or when you need to simply do a touch-up job.

Figuring Out Which Is Right For You – Best Paint Sprayers

HVLP Paint Sprayer Reviews

These High-Volume Low-Pressure sprayers are of particular use when planning to cover small objects or surface areas such as doors, shelving and small pieces of furniture. This type of sprayer is ideally suited to those paint jobs in the home as there is less overspray and splash back from them.

HVLP machines are best used when you need to paint projects that need detail and precision. So this type of product is of particular use when painting intricate furniture.

The Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is our Top Rated HVLP Paint Sprayer:

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System


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Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Airless sprayers use an air compressor to mix the paint and produce a finer mist in doing so. The beauty of this sprayer is that it can paint absolutely everything. What it is particularly useful for though are those big projects that need doing, so, for example, painting the outside of your house, decking, and interior walls.

This type of sprayer does produce overspray but this has less importance when painting big areas. You just need to remember to cover anything you don’t want to be painted. Because it is a powerful sprayer they create a thick coating with excellent coverage, therefore reducing the number of coats required to complete a project.

They are also really effective at getting paint into those difficult-to-reach cracks and uneven surfaces so again will give excellent coverage to exterior walls and brickwork. Airless sprayers are also a good choice for staining and waterproofing objects so again a fantastic choice for decking. Of course, I have a page dedicated to the best airless paint sprayer reviews.

Our Top Rated Airless Sprayer is the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

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Hand-Held Cup Sprayers

Although this type of sprayer is much smaller it runs on electricity, not air so they are also classified as ‘airless’.

This type of sprayer is ideal for the homeowner and Do- It- Yourself enthusiast.

This device is really best used for those small jobs around the home like touching up paintwork or painting kitchen cupboards. Every small job is suitable for different sprayers but this Graco Truecoat Model does an excellent job for all occasions.

Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

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Tips On What You Are Looking For When Buying A Paint Sprayer

There are many different types of paint sprayer out there and choosing the right one for you can be somewhat difficult. However here are a few handy tips to help you in making your choice.

  • If you are choosing an airless paint sprayer, as this can be used to paint everything then you will also have to decide what pump, gun, tip, and hose are right for you to use on your chosen projects, so bear this in mind when you go shopping for one.
  • When choosing a device it is also important to consider your project size, this will determine how much power you need and therefore the size of the sprayer. A handheld sprayer is not a good choice for painting the exterior of your house but is an excellent choice for those smaller paint jobs in the home.
  • You need to consider your project size and read the manufacturers recommended tip size for the sprayer. The tips size determines the type of paint or solvent to be used, for example, an exterior wall uses thick paint and so, therefore, will require a larger tip size.
  • As well as choosing the correct tip size you also need to choose the spray pattern width. The width can vary from 6 inches to 14 inches wide. Smaller surfaces such as fence rails will use a smaller width while ceilings and walls use a larger pattern width.

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  • Another tip is to choose the correct size of hose. Units with 25 feet or more and have a long extension cord are best for jobs like painting a fence. Having an extension cord also allows you to get to those hard to reach places.
  • If you need to transport your sprayer long distances then you need to consider how portable it is. Having wheels or a backpack will make this task easier.
  • One really important tip is to consider how much paint the sprayer can store, its paint capacity. This will determine how often it needs to be refilled, so if your project is big you may opt for a sprayer with a larger paint capacity so that you do not need to keep stopping in order to refill the tank.
  • Is the sprayer easy to clean and dissemble or assemble?  If this is a priority for you then have a go and see how easy it is to do so before you buy.
  • It may also be a good idea to check how loud the sprayer is when operating if noise is an issue for you.
  • What you must ensure when buying a device is that replacement parts are available. Parts over time will need replacing, so it is best not to buy a machine that has been discontinued as the parts will be harder to get hold of.
  • Finally, an instruction helpline or even DVD is of great use if you are having any difficulties with your new device.

Pros and Cons Of Paint Sprayers

As with any product, there are always pros and cons and the same is true of these machines. You need to carefully consider what method of delivering paint is best depending on your chosen surface size and where you intend to paint. Here is a list of some of the pros and cons.


  • Can cover wide areas
  • Minimal effort required
  • Cost effective
  • Spray painting can cover imperfections such as gaps, cracks, and bumps which a paintbrush has difficulty with
  • It produces an even coat
  • You have more control over the painting process
  • It is labor effective
  • Spray painting is extremely convenient
  • Less equipment is needed to get the job done and it is less messy
  • Can be used inside or outside the home


  • Not suitable for all projects
  • Best for use on smooth surfaces
  • More preparation time is needed before you can start to paint
  • Overspray is a major problem – you need to cover EVERYTHING that you do not want to be painted. So this includes any nearby furniture, windows, and floors
  • Not really suitable for small jobs as the preparation time and cleaning up the overspray afterward is not worth the effort, traditional brushes are best for those smaller jobs
  • The machine can be heavy and difficult to manuver

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