Find The Best Paint Brands For Your Job

When it comes to painting it's important to use the right tools for the job. This includes choosing the most appropriate paint. You might think the only factor to consider is a matching color scheme, but paint selection goes far beyond that.

Just like I wouldn't recommend using a small artist’s paintbrush to paint an entire wall, it's no good using an interior paint to coat the outside of your house - it's not designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors. I have found five of the best paint brands to help you make an informed decision regarding the type of paint you need. All you need to do is grab a brush and get going.


Rust-Oleum 254101 Painters Touch Quart Oil Based

Rust-Oleum will help protect and cover just about any surface. Originally designed to prevent corrosion and minimize rust, it is a durable and long-lasting paint. Rust-Oleum sells paint for use in the home and industrial-grade paints, their product range includes everything from fashionable paint for interiors to durable roof repair coatings.

Rust-Oleum even have your automotive needs covered as well as paints that can be used on acrylic, vinyl, rubber and metal. Their range even includes primers and removers.

If you have a number of projects to work on, I couldn't recommend Rust-Oleum more – they will be sure to have you covered (and help you cover any surface).

Their paint offers a high quality finish that is designed to prevent damage from the elements, but can be easily cleaned. With almost 100 years experience you can rest assured you are getting top service and quality.

  • Huge Range Of Paints, Primers, Removers & More
  • Home & Industrial Grade Products
  • Established In 1921

Renaissance Furniture Paint

Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint

Renaissance Furniture Paint is what it says on the tin – it is paint for furniture. Whether you are after that shabby-chic look or are giving your furniture a contemporary makeover, Renaissance have you covered. Their paint is eco-friendly and non-toxic making it safe for use in small spaces and on children's furniture.

The paint is specifically designed for wood furniture and cabinets, but is also a great product to use on painted wallboard, plaster, interior masonry, metal and glass. Renaissance Furniture Paint is chalk-based and gives great coverage and the consistency make it very easy to use.

This also helps if you plan to paint your furniture in the ‘distressed’ or ‘weathered’ look. Easy to follow instructions and tips can be found on the company website so there is no need to hire a professional – you can easily do it yourself.

It is a cost-effective way to revamp your tired old furniture, one can will be almost all you need to complete kitchen cabinets or a bedroom suite. Choose from a wide range of colors and get decorating!

  • Perfect For Furniture
  • Eco Friendly & Non Toxic
  • Produces Retro/Weathered Look

Giani Granite

Giani Countertop Paint Kit

If your kitchen is looking a little tired and in need of a make-over but you simply can't afford to replace the entire kitchen, look no further than Giani Granite Paint. This paint has been designed with countertops, cabinets and stainless steel surfaces in mind. It will also do a great job on antique furniture.

Paint can be purchased in kits if you are tackling a larger project, or smaller quantities if your just need to touch up a few small spaces. It can be used on virtually any kitchen surface such as granite, formica, laminate, tile and marble and will hide stains, scratches and burn marks.

The high gloss finish will create elegance and durability whilst being safe for the whole family.

Giani Granite provide a cost-effective way to renovate your kitchen, one kit is all you need for an average sized kitchen. Your kitchen will look sparkling new without the hassle of replacing all of your countertops and cabinets.

  • Suitable For Kitchens
  • Works On Surfaces Such As Granite, Tile and Marble
  • Great For DIY Makeovers


KILZ MAX Maximum Stain and Odor Blocking Interior Latex Primer:Sealer

KILZ specializes in primers and base coats to give you the best start to your painting project. A primer helps hide previous colors, seals porous surfaces, promotes adhesion, helps block stains and provides a mildew resistant finish.

KILZ offer an extensive range of paints for a variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood and both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floors. These paints offer a great base layer to help make the top coat long-lasting. KILZ exterior paints are designed to offer high UV protection, to withstand cracking and peeling, and are resistant to fading, whilst their interior paints are water and mildew resistant.

All paints can be cleaned up with soap and water, eliminating any serious cleaning. KILZ are one of the best paint brands if you are looking for reliability and versatility – they are your one-stop-shop for all things paint.

  • Top Range Of Primers & Base Coats
  • Reliable & Versatile
  • Works On All Surfaces

Modern Masters

Modern Masters ME289-06 Metallic Brass

Modern Masters supplies the world with high-end paints. They stock metallic paints, oxidizing finishes, architectural textures, glazes, varnishes and more. Try using the range of metallic paints to jazz up an old dresser, create a stunning feature wall, or hand paint a picture frame.

Adding your own style is easy, as you can mix the paints together to create the perfect shade to match the décor of the room.

If you are looking to update your front door, the quick dry formula allows you to apply two coats both in the same day. The never-fade technology will keep your entrance bright for years to come.

Modern Masters was founded in 1962 and since then has adorned many specialist buildings all over the world.

Turn your home into a castle by adding a touch of metallic glamor with one of the world's best paint brands.

  • High End Paints
  • High End Paints
  • Metallic Glamour Range 


If you are searching for the best brand of paint it is important buy a surface appropriate formula. Hopefully these comprehensive reviews will be able to help educate you about a number of well-known paint brands and their areas of expertise. All you have to do is choose your color scheme and get busy painting!

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