Best Paint Brushes For Acrylic Paint

When it come to artwork and painting, your tools and materials are as important as your technique. Acrylic painting demands a wide variety of different brushes in order for you to produce quality work.

It can be quite daunting when you look at the range that is available. In the following few paragraphs, we will take you through a few of the basic things you will need to know before selecting a paintbrush or a set of paintbrushes so that you can select the best acrylic brushes.

Brush Tip Shape

There are a number of different tip shapes available, all designed for different effects and styles of painting. The most popular brush tips are flat, round, filbert, fan, angle, mop and rigger. These will enable you to experiment with a range of strokes and textures.

Flat and round are the two you will use most often but the others will enable you to give much more depth and variety as you paint.

Bristle Material

Paintbrush bristles are made from a variety of materials including mink (commercially called sable) as well as squirrel fur. These days, the majority of brushes are makes of quality synthetic materials, mostly nylon.

The best brushes for acrylic paint are nylon bristles. They are durable and economical. The added bonus is that they are more eco-friendly.


There are two factors to consider with regards to paintbrush size.

Bristle diameter: You will need a variety of sized brushes for your work. The larger brushes are used for background and large areas, smaller brushes for fine detail and medium sizes for general work.

There is no universal brush size so a 10, for example, of one brand may differ from a 10 for another brand. The higher the number, the larger the bristle size.

Handle length: The other aspect of brush size is handle length. Again you will need a bit of variety. Short handles are ideal for flat painting as well as fine detail painting whereas longer handles are better suited to painting at an easel.

It is always a good idea to buy brushes in a set, especially for beginners but even more advanced artists will benefit from buying them in this way. You will get a good selection of brushes in a variety of sizes and tip shapes.

As your painting and style develop, you will come to understand them better and you can always expand your collection as you go.

We have tested a number of brushes for acrylic painting as well as read hundreds of consumer reviews and feedback to come up with the following list of best paint brushes for acrylic painting.

Artify 13 Pcs Paint Brush Set

Artify 12 Pcs Paint Brush set

This great set of acrylic paint brushes comes with a convenient pop-up stand carrying case that will keep your brushes safe and easy to access. It also includes a free palette knife as well as a sponge, making it ideal for acrylic painting.

The sets are available in a variety of colors and include eight different brush types giving you a fantastic choice of brush shape as well as size. Tip shapes include flat, angular, liner, filbert, dagger, fan and round. This will allow you explore a variety of techniques and styles from large coats to fine details work.

Bristles are made of quality nylon and are anti-shedding, meaning no unsightly bristles left behind in your work. The bristles are durable and easy to clean. The brush handles are handcrafted using quality natural materials.

Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paintbrushes

Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paintbrushes

The Virtuoso set is a big seller and very highly rated by consumers. These handmade brushes are amongst the best brushes for acrylic paint.

The set consists of 15 miniature artist paint brushes, designed for fine detailing. They are purposely crafted with thicker, shorter handles. The size and design will give you perfect control for intricate work.

You will get a variety of sizes of rounds, flats and liners in the set. They provide excellent balance and grip. All the brushes feature unique anti-shedding bristle technology for a perfect, hassle free finish. The durable bristles are housed in perfectly crimped ferrules. A great testament to the quality of the product is Virtuoso offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Dainayw Art Paint Brush Set

Dainayw Art Paint Brush Set

This set of 12 Nylon Hair Brushes come well recommended and is ideal for acrylic painting. The set comes in a choice of three colors with tips shapes including rounds, fan, flat and cant, all in a number of sizes allowing for great versatility.

The set is suitable for students, beginners as well as professional artists. Dainayw have used a special blend of top-quality synthetic bristles that are easy to clean, non-toxic and durable.

Art Lost Detail Paint Brush Taklon Hair

Art Lost Detail Paint Brush Taklon Hair:Hand Made

This set of 16 handmade brushes comes in a variety of tips and sizes, designed for fine, detail work including nail art. They are perfect for precision acrylic painting.

The white taklon synthetic bristles allow for perfect brush control and the brushes use seamless nickel-plated ferrules, making them highly durable.

Royal Brush Manufacturing Royal and Langnickel Zip N' Close 12-Piece Brush Set

Royal Brush Manufacturing Royal and Langnickel

Another highly rated set offers some of the best brushes for acrylic paint. It comes with a convenient Zip N' Close pouch.

Brush handles are standard length, kiln-dried wood handles incorporating seamless aluminium ferrules. Styles include filberts, angular, flats and rounds in a range of sizes.

Release or refine your inner artist with anyone of these quality acrylic paintbrush sets. They are all highly rated and offer a good selection of paintbrush types allowing you to let your creativity flow and produce beautiful works of art or touch up anything around your home.

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