Best Paint For Guns

Best Paint for GunsBefore painting your guns and rifles, you will need the following – masking tape, chemical resistant gloves, sprayer, eye goggles, chemical resistant apron, solvent, and spray paint.

After gathering all of these, you need to wipe your gun or rifle clean from any dirt, oil, and grime away from the gun, as the presence of any of these will definitely affect the end result of your paint job. Then you need to dis-assemble the gun by detaching the bolt carrier and bolt, the handle and all the other parts connected to these parts. You can put them back when all the paint has dried up.


Aluma-Hyde II

If there is one type and brand of paint out there that you can use to paint your gun or rifle it is the Aluma-Hyde II. The reason for this is that this paint has a high resistant level to chemicals that are used in cleaning the gun.

These include solvents, detergents, and bore cleaners. These bore cleaners always do a great job in cleaning the bore of your guns. The bad thing though is that they can easily damage a paint job on the gun. After painting Aluma-Hyde II and curing it for a good period of time, this paint will develop characteristics that will make it resist the damaging elements of solvents and all the other harmful chemicals used on the gun.

This paint has an ingredient in it that causes it to cure in a very hard state which in turn contains a durable finishing capacity that will stick like a leech on metal and as well as plastics, alloy, and aluminum.

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Dupli-Color High Heat 1200

For those who are about to re-paint their firearms, the Dupli-Color High Heat 1200 is the best paint to use. This is actually an engine paint used in painting car engines.

This can only mean one thing – it can withstand intense heat and other harsh conditions. It works best on repainting a rifle’s barrel and receivers. The black matte paint will not only look good on your gun, it also gives it some toughness and durability as well. It cures to a very hard state that can easily resist grease, corrosion, salinity, moisture, chemicals and oil.

Applying the Dupli-Color High Heat 1200 will make your gun look like it just came out of the manufacturing plant. It is also relatively cheaper than other brands that go well with guns while creating that sophisticated matte black color finish.

The only thing you need to do is to apply two coats of the paint with about a 10-minute interval to let the first coat dry. Then after the second coat, the drying time goes up to 20 minutes. Baking the re-painted gun will take about one hour and thirty minutes.

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Krylon Black

If you want that professional type of re-paint job on your gun, then you have to choose the Krylon-Black spray, as it is the best paint for guns.

This type and brand of paint will surely give your gun that professional look. It can be applied to any type of metal. It can even be applied to plastics, wood, glass, PVC, vinyl and wicker and it gives a matte black flat paint job on your gun.

The Krylon-Black is just one of Krylon’s series of paints called camouflage. Upon applying this paint, you can now proceed to paint your rifle or pistol in different camouflage designs.

All you need to do is to hold the sprayer about 8 to 12 inches away from the gun and simply spray paint it in a sweeping side-to-side motion. The paint dries up within fifteen minutes and is safe to handle after an hour.

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The bottom line here is that you can choose the right brand and type of paint that will suit your needs and wants on the looks of your gun or rifle.

The types and brands of paint that can be used on guns might have some slight differences in their characteristics that may vary the end result you have visualized. Some of them dry faster than others. Some are easier to clean off with the solvent.

A little research will certainly go a long way. So go give your gun a refreshing coat of paint with these paints.

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