Best Painting Products: Paint Brush Cover

The most valuable tools for a painter are your paintbrushes. You want the brushes to last because poor care can be costly. You do not want to destroy the bristles or let them dry out when you need to take a break or the workday is over.

Normally, at the end of the day, its time to clean your brushes and cover them. The meticulous cleaning and washing of the brushes takes up time. The makeshift covers of plastic wrap or plastic bags do not work as well as you would like. You need a quality cover for your paint brushes to keep them wet and to keep the bristles in good condition for your next days work or home painting job.

If you are looking for a paintbrush cover that protects the brushes, is simple and saves you time then look no further. This Likwid Concepts product is the best plastic paint brush cover on the market.


As a painter, you know the importance of keeping your paint brushes in good condition. Generally, a painter must clean brushes each day after a job. You go through a lengthy cleaning process to clean the bristles and store the brushes properly.

When you store the brushes, the bristles need to stay close and tight. You do not want your brushes to dry out with their bristles splayed. If bristles flair out, then you cannot paint a straight cut, or it is possible that you cannot use the brush again after one or two uses.

A paint brush cover that is simple and saves you time is an ideal addition. Likwid Concepts has invented a product that painters are raving about. The product is the Paint Brush Cover (10 Pack). I want to give you more information about this awesome product.

Product Overview

The Paint Brush Cover (10 pack). Professional Painting Brush Holder / Case

The Paint Brush Cover (10 pack)

Likwid Concepts created a product that fits the needs of professional painters and the average homeowner who want to paint a room, piece of furniture or their home.

These covers were invented by painters who saw a need for a better way to protect paint brushes. The way that the product works is it provides an airtight seal. You can put a wet brush, even with paint into the plastic cover. The cover protects the bristles from damage and keeps their shape.

Likwid Concepts claims that the covers will keep the brushes wet up to six weeks in certain conditions. You should not store them in direct sunlight or extreme heated areas. Store in an upright position and at room temperature.

You are probably wondering how do the brushes stay wet while in the cover. You must generously wet the brushes with paint before you store them. Place your brushes into the cover and snap it closed.

Once closed, it is airtight and inside the case is a high level of humidity. This humidity keeps the brushes fresh and moist. It is important that you keep the lid closed tight. Fight the urge to continuously open the lid to see if it is working. The more you open the cover, the quicker the brushes will dry out.

The brush covers holds 1” to 3” brushes. These covers can be used to store brushes used with water-based, latex or oil-based paint. Also, brushes used with lacquer or stains can be stored in the covers. Review the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to properly store your brushes based on the type of paint used.

Pros and Cons

Not all paint brush covers get great reviews. This however, is a product that has received top ratings and is quoted as being ‘simple to use’ and a ‘very cool invention’. Many people say that it is a time saver from washing brushes at the end of each day. Customers like the design and the durable, plastic covers to safely store paintbrushes. Both professional painters and average users of the covers are grateful for a much needed product.

Currently, there are no similar products on the market. A couple of customers did not like parts of the packaging of the product, but like the concept and use of the covers. Overall the reviews are very positive.

I highly recommend, Likwid Concepts, The Paint Brush Cover. If you are looking for a simple way to save or take care of your paint brushes, this is a great product to buy.

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