Car Paint Review Guide: Find The Best Automotive Paint

From restoring and redecorating to touching up dents and scratches, your car is bound to need some fresh paint now and again. However, this doesn’t mean you should pay the fees for a shop to fix up your car if you have the right tools to do the job yourself. With the right paint, fixing spots or even repainting your whole car doesn’t have to be a struggle and finding the best automotive paint doesn’t have to be a problem either. With the help of this guide, you’ll find the best car paint for the job you need in no time.

Types of Paint

The type of paint you will need to complete your job will depend on what kind of work needs to be done on your car. It makes sense then, that before you choose which paint to buy, you’ll have to choose what kind of paint you’ll need so before we look at the best paint for your car, we’ll go over a couple of different types of paint that you can choose from for your car, depending on the type of job you are doing.

Body Paint

Body paint is made for painting the entire exterior of a car rather than detailing or providing touch ups. There are several different types of body paints such as ones for hand painting or spray paints which will be discussed shortly.

There are also all-in-one paints that work without a base and top coat and others that need these. If you are getting an all-in-one though, be sure to check that it is good quality, so your car doesn’t look dull or receive damage rather than looking better than before. These paints also usually feature certain protective qualities, such as anti-rust and protection from the elements.

Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint is used for certain areas of the car rather than for repainting the entire vehicle. This can be used on scrapes and scratches or even dents that have made the paint chipped. These usually come in small, pen shaped tubes that can be carried in your car and easily used in case of an emergency. Don’t worry about their small size though, because probability is that you won’t need as much of this type of paint as you might other types. These pens also come in many colors, so it’s important to order the color of your car carefully for the touch up to have a seamless appearance.

Spray Paint

Spray paint can be used for touch ups, but more often it is made to be used as body paint. It can come in two forms, one of which requires an spray paint gun that you put spray paint inside and the other is just an aerosol can as we are used to seeing spray paint. Spray paint does have its advantages the primary one being that it makes the job much easier by quickly covering large areas of the vehicle in paint evenly, so the finished product doesn’t look like some parts are darker than others.

best automotive paint

Top 5 Best Car Paints

After finding the right type of paint, it all comes down to finding the best product on the market. This doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are certain traits that only the best products will have. First, since we are talking about paint, it is most important that it doesn’t peel, leaving you to have to redo the job in two weeks’ time.

Ideally, the paint would provide extra benefits as well, such as preventing rust. The paint should also be strong enough to stand up to weather elements since its being used on a vehicle that will be subjected to heat, rain and snow. However, these qualifications aren’t as hard to find as you’d think and to help you out, we’ve found the top 5 best products available.

Rust-Oleum Automotive Undercoat

Rust-Oleum Automotive 254864 32-Ounce Professional Undercoating Quart

This product is actually an undercoat paint rather than a top coat, which, when you don’t have an all-in-one paint, is a crucial step of the process, especially if your painting over something with a lot of rust damage.

This particular product is professional grade and corrosion resistant, so it is trusted to prevent rust by building a barrier for the surface it is on. The surface it creates is black, rubberized, and easily paintable. Including this undercoat won’t cost you a lot of time either, as it is a quick dry formula so you’ll be ready to paint on it in no time.

Rust-Oleum Automotive Auto Body Paint

Rust-Oleum 275234 Brilliant Silver Automotive Auto Body Paint

This professional grade top coat pairs well with the last product of the same brand, Rust-Oleum and is also available to buy as a two pack to save you some money. The paint can be sprayed on and used on any vehicle for an attractive, durable finish.

The acrylic lacquer formula works well to prevent rust and add a much-needed protection against weather and elements on the road. This paint is durable as well as protective, and won’t peel off or need repainting for a while. In addition, the paint is fast and effective and will be dry to the touch in only about 30 minutes.

Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound

Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound

This paint has an advantage right off the bat with the fact that application can be done by hand or with a dual-action polisher, giving you both the option to save time or to finish the job without buying extra equipment.

This product also is good for removing oxidation, scratches, water spots, and any other blemishes all done by micro-abrasive technology that won’t scratch the vehicle. This paint also adds a glossy finish without the need for a secondary paint to finish the job.

In addition, if this is your first time painting a car, the company offers detailed how-to tutorials and tips to make the project go as smoothly as possible.

Genuine Honda Accessories Touch-Up Paint

Genuine Honda Accessories 08703-NH731PAH-PN Crystal Black Pearl Touch-Up Paint

This high-quality PPG paint is used for touching up nicks and scratches in the paint and finish rather than repainting an entire vehicle. The paint is tough acrylic that will last a long time and resist damage or discoloration from UV rays so that the spot in question won’t have a different appearance from the rest of the car.

This paint is also stored in a small, pen-like bottle so that you can carry it with you just in case you need it. There is a small downside to this product in that it is made for certain Honda models and none before 2008 so there are many cars that this product won’t work on.

Dupli-Color Clear Perfect Match Automotive Top Coat Aerosol

Dupli-Color BCL0125 Clear Perfect Match Automotive Top Coat

Yet another important step to finish off painting any car would be adding a top coat to bring everything together and seal the job up. This top coat in specific is a high-quality acrylic lacquer paint that dries very quickly.

The top coat is also made to be extremely easy to apply in an aerosol can with a 360-degree adjustable nozzle a wide spray pattern allowing for large areas to be covered easily. This top coat is recommended for large touch up areas, vehicle accessories, or smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. This can be used on any color paint as well and will provide not only a glossy finish but an extra layer of protection as well.

Buying Guide

So, now you know what some of the best products out there are, but how exactly do you find the best car paints? Luckily, the process isn’t that difficult if you know what you are doing. The first step is to decide what kind of job you are doing on your car, whether it is a whole new paint job or a touch up, so you can decide what kind of paint you need.

Once you actually start looking for paint, you’ll want to make sure the product you’re buying is high quality so that the paint doesn’t start to chip or peel soon after applying it. The best paints will also offer additional qualities to improve your vehicle’s appearance or the paint’s lifespan, such as anti-rust or being able to stand up to the elements.

In addition, if you are buying paint for touch-ups make sure it matches the color of your car and for any type of paint make sure that it can be used on your car and isn’t specific to a brand or model.


Now you know the best automotive paints available to you and how to find them. Once you choose the job you are doing and the type of paint you want to use, with a little research the right paint for you isn’t far off and your car isn’t far from being fixed or redesigned. With the help of this review guide, you may have found your perfect paint already, so whether you have or not, you are not far from jumping right into your next project.

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