Dust Collector Reviews: 9 Best Dust Collection Systems

Are you on the hunt for an easier and more effective way to clear your home or shop of dust? You know how frustrating dust can be to clean. It seems that the more you attempt to get rid of it, the more it flies around and seems to multiply before your eyes!

It’s interesting to note that, while some have claimed most of the makeup of dust is skin or hair particles, most of that actually ends up in your shower. Dust is made up of some skin and hair particles, fiber pieces, and for the most part, tiny bits of soil and other elements coming from your outdoor environment. It’s so lightweight that oftentimes we brush it aside only to have it float through the air and land elsewhere.

If you have a shop and especially if you do woodworking, you’ll have experienced your own struggle with dust. Sawdust can be a pain to eliminate, and is hard to get rid of without the help of a powerful vacuum. If you’re looking for a way to rid yourself of this annoying film in your home and shop, I’ve researched and compiled a dust collector review of the best systems on the market today!

Have you tried a variety of products to no avail? Dust tends to collect most often on windowsills and those pretty objects you line your shelves with. It will also land on books, the top of your kitchen cupboards, and your fridge! Blinds and curtains seem to collect more than their fair share of the stuff.

Any flat surface is the perfect home for particles floating in the air. If your shop is the main area you’re attempting to clean, this article is for you as well. Counters, shelves, tools; all are magnets for dust.

There are a few different types of dust collectors; some are very specific to the job and others are good for a wide range of dust collecting duties. Typically it’s best to keep a variety on hand whether you’re doing the most clean up in your home or shop environment.

Continue below in our dust extractor review to see the different types of cleaning tools at your disposal.


If you have a shop it’s very likely that you own a shop vacuum already. They’re handy for cleaning up the messes that you wouldn’t want your more light duty house vacuum to tackle. Metal, wood and plastic chips and dust particles are fairly easily handled by a good quality vacuum.

In the home, the right vacuum can be the difference between a nice clean environment and one in which dust settles the moment you turn your back. Some may think that vacuums are necessary in the home only when floors are carpeted, but a vacuum pulls dust and dirt from hardwood just as well and a lot faster than a broom will.

Always invest in a good quality machine specific to the job you want to get done; a variety of vacuums on hand is convenient; a shop vacuum for the work you’re doing, a lightweight but powerful all over home vacuum, and a smaller hand held vacuum for minimal or spot specific jobs. If you have pets you’ll want to think about getting a vacuum that can easily handle pair hair and dander.

Dust Busters

A good quality dust buster will have similar power to a regular sized vacuum, but be handier to carry around for smaller or more concentrated messes. They’re great to keep close to a living room area where they’re easily accessed for a quick clean up of couches, chairs (some are powerful enough to suck pet hair and dander from your furniture) or the dust bunnies that can collect underneath. Since they’re so compact, a dust buster is also a great tool for a smaller home or apartment where a vacuum might be overkill, and it’s super simple to store.

Tool Hoods and Bags

Even though your shop might boast at least one good vacuum for clean up, it’s best to avoid the mess in the first place. Many tools come with or have the option to purchase a dust collecting and mess minimizing hood or bag.

These ensure that the dust is being filtered into a convenient to empty bag or bucket, or at the very least being blocked from floating into the rest of the room. Hoods can be a great way to minimize mess on your larger tools; it typically will direct dust towards the base of the machine or into a vessel of some type.

A bag attaches directly to your tool and enables you to simply empty it out when it’s full. Hoods and bags shouldn’t interfere with the proper operation of your tool, but used properly and consistently, will greatly minimize your shop chores.

Dust Wands

A good quality dust wand can help you to access those hard to reach places in your home, or to dust awkwardly shaped objects like your blinds. It cleans the top of your fridge and cupboards (both magnets for dust) with an easy swipe, allowing you to get the mess without having to drag over a stepladder.

Not all dust wands are created equal, but a good one will trap the dust and not just brush it back into your environment. It will have enough fibre “fingers” to trap dust and debris, and be soft and pliable, so it conforms to the shape of whatever it is that needs cleaning. A good one will have a head that you can clean and reuse and a good, solid handle.

Microfiber Cloths

A cloth is a simple way to clean and has stood the test of time, having been used for centuries, but they’ve come a long way. A good cloth won’t scratch surfaces, can be used wet or dry, and will dry quickly before the next use to the same soft consistency you got the first time. They come in a variety of materials, but a good one will have a great absorbency and not hold onto bad smells once washed. Look for cloths that can be tossed into the washer and dryer and be reused time and again!

You’ll find a list of the 9 best dust collectors below; these are the products that will do the job quickly, efficiently, and easily, and come highly recommended by happy clients.

 Jet DC -1100VX-CK Dust Collector 

Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector

First and foremost on our list is the Jet DC-1100 Dust Collector by Jet. This beauty of a machine is a workhorse to improve conditions and cleanliness in your shop without any loud or abrasive noises.

It separates chip sizes for a better and more compact fill of its collection bags, which are easy to remove and replace. The clear canister lets you know when it has reached capacity. Easy to set up and will be a feature in your shop for years to come!

Our #1 Choice For:

Serious DIY Enthusiast

Small Shop

​Skilled Tradesmen

WEN 3410 3 Speed Air Filtration System 

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

It might not be immediately obvious, but the WEN 3410 has a solid spot on our dust extraction list for its ability to pull the contaminants right from the air without you having to lift a finger!

You don’t have to worry about noise; at a reasonable 50 to 60 dB it’s got a hum without any disturbing racket, making it ok to use any time of day.

The WEN is easy to set up, and won’t require a lot of know how to get it started right away. It handles particles from 1 to 5 microns, meaning that it’ll take care of sawdust, pollen and other air pollutants so you can breathe easier.

It comes with a remote control and a handy timer, which means you can have it automatically shut down after 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours – possibly the least work at dust collecting you’ll ever do!

Our #1 Choice For:

​Small Office

Home Workshop

Captures Dust in the Air

Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Mitre Saws 

Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws

Last but not least on our best dust collection systems list is the dust hood for your shop. One fabulous way to reduce and collect dust in your shop is to keep it contained with the Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Mitre Saws by Rousseau.

Even without the dust collector turned on, the hood itself has been designed in such a way to help contain dust in an easy to clean area instead of floating all over your shop, creating a huge mess.

If you simply propped the hood over your mitre saw the sawdust tends to fall along the sides of the hood and then collect at the bottom (where you’d normally attach your shop vac). With the dust collector attached to a shop vac, it’s a heavy duty contender when it comes to clean up time.

It conveniently fits all mitre saws, and comes with a carry bag so if you’re doing work away from home it’s easily portable. Made of high density nylon, this is a durable product that will last for years.

Our #1 Choice For:

Use With Miter Saws

Portable & Durable

Excellent Value

The Dust Deputy - Complete Kit 

The Dust Deputy

Do you own or work in a small shop which creates a lot of wood, plastic or metal dust? Highly recommended by numerous happy customers as the best dust collector for small shops is the Oneida Dust Deputy.

This kit comes with everything you’ll need to attach to your shop vac and will separate and then easily deal with the dust that accumulates, extending the life of your shop vac in the process! By using centrifugal force, dust gets spun right out of the air stream and trapped inside the bucket.

Your vacuum filters will last longer and eliminate the need for so many bag replacements, and the Dust Deputy can handle whatever your shop vac can; debris of a variety of sizes, either wet or dry. Hands down, this is the best dust extractor vacuum on the market.

16V Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac

BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac

Next on our dust collector review list due to it’s popularity and efficiency is this sleekly designed dust buster. You’ll love the ease and simplicity of this dust buster by Black and Decker.

The 16V lithium battery has a long life – holding a charge for up to 18 months – and the unit itself is lightweight and effortlessly portable.

The transparent casing will allow you to keep tabs on how full the unit is, and the rotating nozzle allows for even better cleaning of those hard to access or awkward places.

If you’re looking for something on the small side but want the power of a full sized vacuum, you can’t go wrong with a brand name like Black and Decker.

18" Professional Microfiber Mop

You might be surprised to see “just a mop” on this list of best dust collectors, but don’t dismiss the cleaning power of a reusable, washable and easy to use microfiber mop.

A regular mop just swishes dust and dirt around, leaving it to dry and recollect under those cupboards or your table.

A microfiber mop, used dry, (and unlike a broom, which lifts dust and sends it swirling into the air, requiring repeated sweeping for one small area) will actually act like a magnet to all of those dust bunnies lurking in your home.

Once you’ve done a dry run, use it wet to clean the floors to a streak free shine.

The Dust Deputy DIY Standalone Anti-Static Cyclone Separator 

The Dust Deputy DIY Standalone Anti-Static Cyclone Separator

If you’re looking for the benefits of the Dust Deputy but feel you can build your own connection and collection system, Oneida delivers with the Standalone Cyclone.

It’s the renowned cannister without the connections and buckets so you can customize a set up that works best for you.

It’s everything you need to start cleaning your shop of debris and dust and adding years to the life of your shop vac and to your filters as well!

Vibrawipe Microfibre Cloth

Vibrawipe Microfiber Cloth

Dust be gone!

Use these multipurpose cloths all over your house for a dust free environment. This is a great way to get your kids involved in household chores – there’s no learning curve when they’ve got this microfiber cloth by Vibrawipe. They’re super absorbent, and best of all, leave a lint free and streak free shine every time.

If you’re worried about quality and the common problem of stitches coming loose in your cleaning cloths, Vibrawipe has come to the rescue with their unique rounded corners with uninterrupted stitches. These will provide a gentle clean along with your favorite household cleaner or dust spray, and even come in a variety pack of 4 different colours so that you can colour code individual chores!

Dual Action Microfiber Duster Set with Extendable Handle

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set with Extendable Handle

Dust wands can be a fabulous way to clean in your home and shop. Wipe down any flat or curved surface easily and without the need for a step stool (especially in those tricky to see and reach places like the top of cupboards and the fridge or even your light fixtures).

Loose dust and debris will be picked up easily and trapped inside of the fingers of fibers all along the length of the wand.

The Microfiber Duster by O-Cedar is especially handy with its extendable wand and 2 individual and interchangeable dusters; one is a fluffy duster for those times when a quick polish will do the trick and the other is a flexible chenille for deeper cleaning that is wonderful either wet or dry.


And there you have it! Our dust collector review in a nutshell. Try out a few of these systems for yourself and see how much easier cleaning and keeping a dust free environment becomes.

Depending on your location and the use your shop and home sees, it can be tough to keep things up to your standards, but with the help of these hard working products, you’ll be on your way to ditching the dust mask and having more time for the things you enjoy.

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