Graco Ultra 395: Review & Comparison Guide

Performing a professional-grade paint job requires the best paint sprayer on the market. Thankfully, Graco makes an electric airless sprayer that can provide a flawless finish. Learn all you need to know about the Graco Ultra 395 Airless Paint Sprayer plus check out some comparisons to other popular sprayers as well.

Graco Ultra 395 Stand Electric Airless Sprayer


Who can operate this sprayer?

  • Professional Painters
  • Serious Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Home Maintainence Contractors

Sprays these jobs best

  • Home Exteriors​​​​
  • Large Buildings
  • Barns

About The Graco Brand

Since 1926, Graco has been a leading brand in the fluid handling industry. It all started with the invention of an air-powered grease gun and has grown into a 1.22-billion dollar industry.

In their contracting division, they offer products such as airless sprayers, line striping units, texture sprayers and pressure washers. Other than painting supplies, they work for a variety of other industries as well such as automotive, construction, aeronautic and marine.

With 3100 current employees and headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they are equipped with a full range of products to handle all your paint spraying needs.

Quality Features of This Sprayer

Let’s take a look at some of the best features the Graco Ultra 395 has to offer.


With the ProConnect system, you never have to worry about downtime again as the result of pump failure. This fast and easy on-the-job Pump Replacement System allows you to switch the pump on your own. The entire process requires a screwdriver and takes just 1 minute. Then, you can get back to spraying.

Endurance Pump

Thanks to the Endurance Pump, you can depend on the reliability of your Graco sprayer. It will last twice as long as other leading brands and is the most reliable pump on the market. It features long-life V-Max Blue packing and Chromex rod with a hardened stainless steel cylinder. In addition, there is a QuikAccess intake valve to make for easier cleaning of the pump.

SmartControl 1.0

Graco provides the SmartControl 1.0 system to provide for a superior finish. With this system, the machine delivers a consistent spray fan without the pressure fluctuations of other units. This applies to all spraying pressures and is ideal for use with smaller tips when working on fine finish projects.

Easy Out Pump Filter

The Graco Ultra 395 offers a vertical design filter to help eliminate spillage. The filter works from the inside out so it won’t collapse during use. The large, 7.8-square inch filtering area helps to reduce tip clogs that can slow you down. In addition, the flow-through design allows for cleaning with just a few gallons of material.

Advantage Drive

The Advantage Drive system is something unique to the Graco line and offers hardened steel gears. These gears are designed to run quietly despite the intensity and power. The high-ratio reduction also provides for slow pump stroking. This is just another reason why the Graco brand is reliable and trustworthy.

What about the Negative Aspects?

While I am partial to most any Graco paint sprayer, there are some downsides to this unit that should be discussed. First, the price is high at over $1,000. While it is comparable with other models that are similar, it is out of the price range of most homeowners. This model is clearly geared toward a professional user.

In addition, it can be a little cumbersome to clean when finished. There are multiple steps to ensure the cleaning is done properly and Graco didn’t set this unit up for an easy cleaning. That adds time to each job.

Finally, the Graco 395 Ultra is a little on the heavy side. It weighs in at 42 pounds which seems to be slightly heavier than other units that are comparable. The upside is that it isn’t in a traditional skid style frame, but instead contains four feet that create stability. It doesn’t slide around during operation and there is no vibration. You don’t have to worry about slipping or tipping over.

What is This Graco Model Made for Spraying?

There are many areas you’ll find this Graco model to be useful. Here are some of the most popular ways to use it.

  • Large Exterior Walls
  • Large Interior Surfaces
  • Property Maintenance
  • Commercial

Property managers also find this Graco sprayer to be helpful when in between renters. 

Instead of hiring a high-priced painter to come do touch up work, the manager is capable of performing the tasks themselves.

Whether it is exterior or interior work, the finish can be executed flawlessly and the client will believe that a professional painter completed the task.

What Shouldn’t It Be Used For?

There are a couple of tasks that the Graco 395 sprayer is not suited for.


Car painting is a job that requires delicate precision. For this reason, you need a particular paint sprayer to do a quality job. An airless paint sprayer, like the Graco 395, isn’t geared toward detail work. There can be a decent amount of overspray when spraying with these models.

Using an HVLP paint sprayer is a better option when looking to paint a vehicle. They will offer an appropriate choice of paint spray tips for a customized finish. In addition, there will be less overspray and less mess to clean up afterward. While the HVLP paint sprayers don’t typically spray as fast as an airless model, they will apply a more precise finish.

In addition, they tend to cost less. To help find a high-quality sprayer for automotive work, read our Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews.

Smaller Tasks

The Graco 395 Airless Paint Sprayer is a professional model that is geared toward completing larger projects quickly. With the ability to spray 0.54-gallons per minute and 3300 PSI, this isn’t a machine you want to attempt to use on small, delicate projects.

It will be difficult to accomplish the smaller, detail work necessary to complete jobs like refinishing furniture and cabinetry. In addition, you don’t want to battle with any overspray when completing tasks such as these. As a general rule of thumb, HVLP sprayers are better known for their fine production.

HVLP sprayers are not powerful and use less paint. Due to the atomization, you’ll receive a higher quality finish on smaller-scale projects. The downside to an HVLP unit is that you typically need to thin paints in order to use them, especially if they are a thicker material.

For ideas on which brand might be best, read our Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture reviews.

Graco Ultra 395 Compared With These Sprayers

Let’s take a look at a couple other popular sprayers and how they stack up to the Graco Ultra 395.

Graco Ultra 395 vs Graco 390​​​​

The Graco 390 will take your price point below $1,000 but some of the features will be lessened as well. For example, while they both spray at 3300 PSI, the Graco 390 can only accommodate up to a 0.021 tip size while the 390 can accommodate up to a 0.023.

The Graco 390 can only spray at 0.47-gallons per minute which is a step down from the Graco Ultra 395’s ability to spray at 0.54-gallons per minute. It also features a 5/8-horsepower motor compared to the 395’s 7/8-horsepower.

The Graco 390 weighs in at 12 pounds less making it easier to carry around. It also features a similar stand design so the stability is just as good on either model. While both of these models can handle large-scale projects with ease, the Graco Ultra 395 Airless Sprayer is going to accomplish the task faster. It is just a matter of if the couple hundred dollar price difference makes that worth it for you.

Graco Ultra 395 vs Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer 805-000 / 805-015

The Titan 440 Airless paint sprayer is another heavy-duty commercial paint sprayer geared for professionals. It does weigh slightly more than the 395 at 50 pounds, but the price is slightly lower. It is also capable of spraying at 3300 PSI with up to 0.54-gallons per minute of materials being applied.

Both units can spray enamels, latex, stains and lacquers with ease. In addition, both models accommodate a maximum spray tip of up to 0.023. The Titan model features a big manifold filter, QuadPlus packings, Perma-Life cylinder, automatic oiler and Sureflo pusher valve. What it doesn’t offer is the convenient pump replacement procedure that the Graco has.

Both units feature a powerful 7/8-horsepower motor but the Titan has a flaw that customers don’t like. The pressure control knobs are located on the unit’s side which makes them difficult to access while spraying. Overall, both of these units are designed for painting large scaled projects quickly, but only one has the Graco backing.

Graco Parts & Service

While Graco products are made to last, there are inevitably times when you need a little extra support. Thankfully, Graco is known for the exceptional customer service and ability to supply replacement parts.

Graco currently partners with authorized distributors and retailers across the country. These establishments can supply support, service, repair and after sales guidance. They offer a full line of inventory and are always available to help.

If you find that you want to purchase accessories to enhance the Graco Ultra 395 experience, you can do that right at Amazon. They offer plenty of extension tips, various tip sizes, hoses and Pump Armor for storage. By purchasing Graco accessories directly through Amazon, you are backed by the Graco warranty and the Amazon guarantees as well.

Where Can You Buy This Sprayer At Its Best Price?

There are several places that offer the Graco Ultra 395 for sale. First, you can find great deals on Graco products directly from Amazon. They tend to offer the lowest prices available on the market as well as a guarantee for everything they ship. If it arrives damaged or defective in some way, Amazon takes care of it directly so you don’t have any hassle.

You could also search out an authorized Graco dealer to purchase from but generally, their prices are higher. That’s because they get marked up to earn a profit. In addition, you will have to consult with the dealer or Graco if you run into an issue.

The last place that sells these sprayers is eBay, but you are purchasing from an unauthorized dealer when you shop there. Because of that, there is no guarantee to the quality of product you’ll receive and you might not be covered by a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive in the box?

I am a beginner. Can I use this product?

Is this a heavy or light machine?​​​​

Which type of paints can be used with the 395?

How long does it take to clean it after I am finished?

Does Graco provide a warranty?

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what some of the customers from Amazon have to say about this sprayer.

very high-quality machine, the dual filter system helps to prevent clogging of the tip, the aluminum tubing make clean up A SNAP

John G. Paul from Amazon

First off, I'm a painting contractor with extensive experience with airless paint sprayers. I've been using Titan products for the past 10 years. I recently upgraded to a Titan 440 Impact, and also purchased a Graco Ultra 395 as a backup sprayer. Well guess Ultra 395 is now my primary sprayer. This unit is very comparable to the 440 Impact, however the Impact does have a dead band of about 200psi to 500psi, depending on the pressure you've set the pump at. I install a pressure gauge on all my airless sprayer so that I have exact control of the pressure without having to guess, and I can tell you that there is a deadband issue with the Titan sprayers, mainly because the Titan sprayers use a one speed pump, vs Graco which uses a two speed pump. The two speed pump, along with the smart control, ensures the pressure is consistent.

Robert Arnold from Amazon


As you can see, the Graco Ultra 395 is a powerhouse meant to accomplish larger projects quickly. It is an asset to any professional contractor, property manager or serious DIYer. With the durability of this sprayer and the backing from Graco, you know that you are acquiring a high-quality product.

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