Ryobi Paint Sprayer Reviews

Ryobi Paint Sprayer ReviewsThe Ryobi brand of paint sprayers has been popular not just with users but also with consumer reviewers, and professionals. It is an established brand for construction and painting hardware. As a respected brand with a wide range of products, it is to be expected that their line of paint sprayers would cater to a wide range of users.

Unfortunately, the Ryobi brand doesn’t maintain its top quality construction hardware line with the paint sprayers and has let their range be overtaken by brands such as Graco and Wagner. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers would be familiar with Ryobi for their innovation, and their build quality but I believe you should look for other options when choosing a paint sprayer.

Airless & Cordless Ryobi Paint Sprayer Options

If you still want to pursue a Ryobi product then these options are available (sometimes).

Ryobi ProTip Corded Sprayer

Ryobi ProTip Corded SprayerThis paint sprayer was the very first to be fitted with a reversible spray tip. This means that the sprayer’s tip can be turned to 180 degrees and in this way the user can actually clear up the clogged up portions of the tip.

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After clearing the clogs, the tips are turned back so that it can perform its spraying functions again. With this type of paint sprayer, one can easily perform a paint job that is comparable to a professional. It is fitted with a 1.5 quart easy to lock in paint container, which ensures the user that there will be no drips and allows the full utilization of the all the paint.

This is a solid tool when having a paint job for any part of your home, be it indoors or out. You can use this spray painter on practically just about any surface like wood, metal and applies perfectly on decks, garage doors, fences, walls, and floors. It also does a good job on patio furnishings. Most Ryobi paint sprayer reviews give the ProTip Corded Sprayer high marks for the quality of build and performance.

A better option on the market: Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

Ryobi P630 One+ 18V Cordless Power Paint Sprayer

Ryobi P630 One+ 18V Cordless Power Paint SprayerThe Ryobi P630 One 18V cordless Power paint sprayer was the very first consumer product available that comes in cordless or wireless form. This offered to homeowners doing do-it-yourself re-painting and painting projects all the versatility he or she needs to do a good job.

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The paint sprayer can be brought to just about anywhere and any part of the house with lots of ease. The nice thing about the Ryobi P630 is that it is fitted with a drip-proof fast locking type of paint compartment that lets the user finish off every drop of paint possible in the container. This means that the user can eliminate the use of paint pans and other painting paraphernalia that may cause discomfort to the painter. Another great feature of this paint sprayer is that there is no more need to dilute paint.

New and improved products have now been developed in the cordless and handheld range. One of my top picks includes the Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Ryobi P635 One+ 18V Cordless Backpack Power Paint Sprayer

Ryobi P635 One+ 18V Cordless Backpack Power Paint SprayerThis paint sprayer is designed for a backpack thus offering its user a lot of conveniences when doing a paint job. A lithium-ion battery pack is the source of power, which offers twice the battery life of any other paint sprayer available in the market (batteries not included).

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It is also designed with what they call Fluid Technology. This allows the painter to just keep on painting as this technology eliminates the need of diluting.

What this method does is to continuously stir and the paint in a manner that will result in a very consistent texture once the paint is used. For cleaning part of the tip, it is actually a reversible tip where it can be turned up to 180 degrees to unclog the tip from paint then once it is turned back to its original position, the user can continue to spray paint.

A better and cheaper alternative that I recommend is the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer


When choosing a paint sprayer, each user has his own requirements and preference. For most people who put their thoughts and wishes into insightful comments, this shows the potential buyer the extent of usability and fitness for purpose.

This can be a very helpful guide not only to the product’s features but also to its potential uses. Today’s professionals are still divided between those who want to have specialized tools and those who steer towards using a single tool for different applications.

That can also be said of sprayers, with introductions of new models that are designed for external painting or better suited to internal paint jobs. I have reviewed the Ryobi range above and also offered some alternatives to their handhel models.

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