Reviews Guide: Wagner FLEXiO 590 Handheld Sprayer

A handheld paint sprayer makes it easy to evenly paint furniture and other large house projects. Wagner makes several of the most popular handheld paint sprayers for DIY projects as their products are reliable and high quality without costing as much as professional models.

The Flexio line is considered by many DIY enthusiasts to be their best work. A few different models are out now, all the way up to the Flexio 990, but the Flexio 590 is still one of the highest quality paint sprayers out there and is about a hundred bucks cheaper.

Best Features: Wagner FLEXiO 590 

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor:Outdoor Handheld Sprayer KitThis paint sprayer has several defining features, starting with a paint container that attaches directly to the bottom of the gun without any hose. It is a bit smaller than the paint containers attached to other paint sprayers but it’s also faster and takes up less space. The Flexio 590 is specially designed to use undiluted paint, making this one of the most convenient hand-held paint sprayer systems.

Like most of the higher end models, the Flexio 590 features a flexible tip that can be set up to paint vertically or horizontally. It also comes with wide and narrow patterns suitable for projects of different sizes.

If you plan to do many different types of projects you’ll be happy to know that the Flexio 590 also allows you to adjust the speed of each coat of paint and to make adjustments based on the size of your project.

The X-Boost turbine also generates three times the power of paint sprayers in a comparable price range, allowing you to do larger projects and to do touch ups more quickly.

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What Do Customers Have To Say About The FLEXiO 590?

Most customers love their Flexio 590 and are particularly pleased that it accepts regular paint and even primer without any sort of dilution. This can save a lot of costs since most paint sprayer systems only use specialty paint.

Setting this gun up takes a little bit longer than other comparative guns and the initial spray is usually not completely even so you’ll have to do a test every time, but you should be doing this with most paint sprayer systems anyway and it’s quite simple to use once it’s setup.

The only complaint some customers had about the Flexio 590 is that it doesn’t come with the same level of instructional content that other models have. Using a paint sprayer does have a bit of a learning curve, so make sure you watch some instructional videos online and do a couple test projects first before you start repainting your favorite furniture.

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The bottom line:

If you’re the kind of person who spends all of their free time doing DIY projects you’ll probably want to splurge on something that’s professional quality but most DIY enthusiasts will absolutely love this gun. At around $128 it is probably the best value you will get on a paint sprayer system.

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