Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

A good HVLP paint sprayer is an essential part of any DIY enthusiast’s tool kit. HVLP paint sprayers provide a more even layer of paint than even the steadiest hand can achieve with a regular paintbrush with less overspray than air-based paint sprayer systems.

Wagner produces some of the best HVLP paint sprayer systems and their Flexio line is quite popular among DIY enthusiasts. The Flexio line has recently been updated with the Flexio 990 but most DIY enthusiasts won’t really notice a difference between the two models—other than the extra $50 you’ll pay for the newest model.

So What Makes The Wagner Flexio 890 Such A Great Paint Sprayer?

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer StationThe Flexio 890 comes with an extremely durable iSpray nozzle with a flexible tip that can be turned to produce either a horizontal or a vertical pattern. It also comes with a Detail Finish nozzle that is perfect for touch ups and small, hard to reach spots. The spray gun’s handle has all the controls including easy-to-use controls for air power and material flow. This is more in line with how professional level models are controlled.

One thing customers really love about the Flexio 890 is that it can use regular paint without any kind of dilution, so you don’t have to buy specialty paints or dilute the paint yourself. The Flexio 890 is also compatible with most brands of primer.

Unfortunately, the Flexio 890 does not come with instructional content so you will have to find instructional videos online. Paint spraying is a very specific technique so do some practice runs before starting a big project.

The Flexio 890 comes with a quite powerful air exhaust, so be sure to tape protective paper over anything you don’t want to have paint on. This is a fairly common problem with paint sprayer systems of all types. When using a paint sprayer you also always want to do a test spray on an object you don’t care about before you start painting as there may be some initial spluttering.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Wagner Flexio 890?

Most customers love the Wagner Flexio 890 thanks to its highly powerful air turbine and its easy-to-use controls. DIY enthusiasts really enjoy working with this paint sprayer and many who have worked with other paint sprayer systems in the past prefer this one, especially when you take into account the price, which is roughly half of what other comparable machines cost.

Customers are particularly fond of this machine because it can use regular house paint and primer, making it extremely convenient to refuel. It is also somewhat easier to set up than the Flexio 590, though some people do prefer the Flexio 590 because its paint container is directly attached to the gun.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy clean-up
  • Comes with smaller detailed sprayer
  • Quiet


  • Best for spraying thinned paints
  • Subject to overspray mist

The Bottom Line:

The Wagner Flexio 890 is one of the best paint sprayer systems for DIY enthusiasts. It isn’t quite powerful enough to keep up with professional use but it is also nowhere near the price of a professional paint spraying rig. If you know you’ll use it regularly but you aren’t going to be doing massive projects or using it for significant periods of time every day, the Wagner Flexio 890 is the paint sprayer you want.

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