Wagner Motocoat Review: The Best Spray Gun For Plasti Dip

When you are looking to tackle your automotive painting jobs yourself, you need the best sprayer available. The Wagner Motocoat offers top of the line performance at a budget price.

It works great with a multitude of materials including Plasti Dip. Here’s what you need to know about this versatile sprayer.

Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

Who can operate this sprayer?

  • Home Handymen & Women
  • Auto Restorers
  • Paint Professionals

Sprays these jobs best

  • Truck Beds
  • Undercoatings
  • All types of Vehicles

About The Wagner Brand

Since 1947, the Wagner Brand has been manufacturing quality painting parts for the nation. Today, they are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are a market leader in paint applicators. They offer painting and decorating products that are available for commercial, industrial and household applications.

Their products make it easier to apply paints, prepare surfaces and clean up. Wagner believes in innovation, engineering, manufacturing and service. Aside from spray guns, you can find heat guns, rollers and surface prep tools.

Wagner is best known for the line of HVLP sprayers but they do offer a couple airless models as well.

Quality Features of This Sprayer

This sprayer features many qualities that make it a good value for the money.

iSpray Nozzle

This sprayer contains an iSpray nozzle and container. This is designed to break up thicker coatings and create a textured finish. It is the perfect, full pattern needed when spraying truck beds, undercarriages or any other uneven surface.

The system allows for easy separation from the gun so that color changes and cleanup-up all happen seamlessly.

Detail Finish Nozzle

In addition, there is a detail finish nozzle and cup attachment. This sprays the thinner materials with an even coverage. It also allows for a smooth finish no matter what you are spraying. Just like the iSpray nozzle, this will detach easily from the gun for easy cleanup or color changes.

X-Boost Turbine

The X-Boost Turbine is spark-contained and provides for optimal atomization. It also offers portable power so you can paint anywhere without the need of a compressor. The high-volume, low-pressure system allows for enough power to generate a flawless finish while still giving the user full control of the spray.

This sprayer applies many coatings with ease. Some of these include heavy truck bed coatings and undercoating. It also excels at spraying light materials like rubberized peelable coatings and auto finishing paints.

High-Flex Hose

The Wagner model offers 39-feet of High-Flex hose. This allows for complete maneuverability when working around the vehicle. While comparing this to some other quality sprayers, I noticed that many of them only had hoses that were about 25-feet in length.

That’s almost a 15-foot difference! In addition, the hose is serrated meaning that each section will work independently. This feature allows for even more flexibility.

Fully Adjustable

There are several adjustments available to create the perfect finish. First, you have the Air Pressure Control Selector. This adjusts the level of air pressure being produced by the turbine. Then, the Material Flow Adjustment controls the spray material coming out of the spray gun.

There are also adjustments on the nozzle themselves. You can adjust the pattern shape easily as needed.

Lightweight & Portable

This unit weighs less than nine pounds which is much lighter than some comparable models. This makes it easy to transport anywhere you need it. In addition, when you are moving it throughout the garage, it will be easy to maneuver. You don’t need an air compressor with this model either, making it even more portable.

Easy Setup

Even a beginner will find the Wagner MotoCoat easy to use. There are six steps before spraying and they are all clearly laid out in the manual. It is always wise to practice your spraying on a spare piece of cardboard to get the hang of the settings. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes time.

What about the Negative Aspects?

There are some downsides to this model, although they aren’t major. First, as with many HVLP sprayers, you might need to thin some of the materials you use. This especially applies when using thicker substances. Thankfully, it is a painless process to thin materials and there isn’t normally an issue in the procedure.

The other downside to HVLP sprayers, in general, is that they apply materials slower than airless sprayers. While this is good for completing a fine finish, it can make the process a little lengthier. Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible to use an airless model when applying paint to a vehicle.

What is This Wagner Model Made For Spraying?

Considering this model is geared toward an auto enthusiast or professional installer, it makes sense that the majority of uses will be on vehicles.


Painting your own vehicle can save you a lot of time and money. You can safely apply most coatings on your own with ease. This even includes customized coatings. Auto-finishing paints are especially easy to apply when using the Motocoat.

The iSpray nozzle and attached cup with spray protective coatings with a thick and textured finish. The Detail Finish nozzle and cup are ideal for the thinner materials. This produces a smooth and even finish. The unit is portable and can be used in the garage or even outdoors. In addition, there is no need for additional equipment so it is easy to start spraying.


In addition to applying standard paint and vehicle materials, the Motocoat also excels when applying protective materials. It works well for spraying most anything from undercoating to heavy truck bed coatings. If you have rubberized, peelable or other light materials to apply, the Detail Finish nozzle will come in handy with these projects.

The long, 39-foot Hi-Flex hose makes it easy to get on all sides of the truck as well as underneath it. Instead of paying big money to have a professional finish your truck, you can now do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.


If you are looking to apply Plasti-Dip, you can do that with ease while using the Motocoat. Plasti-Dip is a rubberized coating that many other sprayers have difficulty with. The Motocoat is capable of spraying most thin materials like Plasti-Dip without any trouble. You will end up with a more professional looking finish than applying a standard way.

In addition, the MotoCoat features a spark contained motor plus a longer air hose for spraying Plasti Dip and bed liner materials which have a higher flashpoint.

What Shouldn’t It Be Used For?

There are some things you won’t want to use the Wagner Motocoat for.


HVLP sprayers, in general, aren’t always the best choice for painting interior walls. Airless sprayers complete the job faster and are capable of spraying thicker materials.

If you want to use an HVLP sprayer to accomplish wall painting tasks, it will take you more time. The benefit is that an HVLP sprayer is more cost-effective and normally lighter.

Airless models perform exceptionally well with interior walls because they can produce upwards of 3000 PSI. The larger models will also spray over 0.54-gallons per minute of material. This is quite a difference from a smaller HVLP unit.

The one thing to watch with an airless model is the amount of overspray. If you are painting in a room with other objects, make sure they are properly covered before spraying. For help finding a good interior sprayer, read our Best Indoor Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls Review.


The ideal way to spray your cabinets is with a handheld paint sprayer. You want to pick an option that is lightweight and portable so your hand doesn’t get tired. When choosing between an HVLP or Airless sprayer, the general rule of thumb is to pick an HVLP unit.

It is easier to control the flow of paint and spray pattern with these machines. That makes them ideal for small jobs like cabinetry and furniture. Airless models normally produce a good amount of overspray which you don’t want to deal with when painting cabinets. The overspray could produce a sloppier look when trying to do small, detail jobs.

For ideas on the best sprayer for your needs, read our Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets review.

Wagner Motocoat Compared With These Sprayers

Let’s take a look at how the Wagner Motocoat compares to other sprayers.

Wagner Motocoat vs Fuji Semi-Pro 2

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is significantly more expensive than the Wagner Motocoat. Even still, it is reasonably priced for what you get. This professional, two-stage system offers adjustable controls, a 1400-watt motor and a 25-foot long hose.

It also comes with a 1.3mm air cap, adjustable fan control knob and a 1-quart bottom feed cup. Many professional painters rely on the Fuji brand for their automotive needs. This sprayer can be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even wood. There is also no need for a compressor, but you will find that it is much heavier than the Wagner. In addition, it can have trouble spraying thick materials without proper thinning.

Overall, the Fuji is a more powerful and versatile system than the Wagner Motocoat. That versatility comes with a price. If you aren’t planning to paint professionally, the Wagner is a better bet for the money.

Wagner Motocoat vs Wagner FLEXiO 890

The FLEXiO is another great Wagner model, but it isn’t designed with automobile painting in mind. With that being said, it is around the same price and offers some pretty great features.

The integrated storage makes transportation easy. It also features the same two spray nozzles as the Motocoat: the iSpray and Detail Finish nozzle. Just like the Motocoat, the FLEXiO has an adjustable spray pattern. They both have the X-Boost Turbine for superior power and reduction of overspray.

The FLEXiO offers a shorter hose at just 11 ½-feet, but it is flexible allowing for 23-feet of working area. It can spray an 8-foot by 10-foot wall in just 5 minutes. That’s because it has the capacity to spray up to 8.4 gallons per hour.

If you are looking for a superior HVLP paint sprayer that can be used around the house, the FLEXiO is the model you want. You can read our complete Wagner FLEXiO 890 review if this is a model you are interested in. If you are geared more toward automobile painting, then it is wise to choose the Motocoat instead.

Wagner Motocoat vs Earlex 5500

The Earlex 5500 costs about a hundred dollars more than the Motocoat and isn’t specifically designed for automotive work. It is geared more towards small woodworking jobs. The hose is smaller at just 13 feet, but it does offer a 650-watt motor.

This unit also comes with a 2.0mm spray tip and is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. It will spray many different oil-based and water-based materials. Some of these include thinned latex, lacquers, stains, varnishes, sealers, urethanes, shellacs, acrylics and enamels.

It is a lightweight unit at just 12 pounds, so it is easy to carry around. As with the FLEXiO, if you are looking for a model designed for everyday household projects, this is the best option. If you want a sprayer that can handle a variety of automotive jobs, then the Wagner Motocoat is a better choice.

Wagner Parts & Service

While the Wagner Motocoat is made of high-quality parts, there may come a time when you need service or parts. If this happens, you don’t need to worry. First, Amazon offers a variety of accessories and parts that will work with your sprayer. They tend to offer the best pricing and provide fast shipping options.

If you prefer to purchase directly from Wagner, they also offer replacement parts and accessories. If you find yourself in need of service, Wagner offers various service centers throughout the nation that are qualified to work on your machine. No matter what you decide, purchasing a Wagner offers you peace of mind knowing that a reputable company has your back.

Where Can You Buy This Sprayer At Its Best Price?

This sprayer is normally available at Amazon for around $200. Sometimes, they even offer a discount. Purchasing the Motocoat through Amazon offers superior customer support and free returns if something is defective.

You can purchase the same unit at Home Depot for around the same price if you want to go to the store for purchase. If you prefer to purchase directly from Wagner, they also offer it for sale. Unfortunately, purchasing through Wagner doesn’t allow for the option of grabbing a sale price.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a beginner. Can I use this product?

Is this a heavy or light machine?

Which type of paints can be used with the Motocoat?

How long does it take to clean it after I am finished?

Does Wagner provide a warranty?

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what some of the customers have to say about the Motocoat.

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I gave it a shot after watching a few videos of this product's performance on the Internet. I already had a couple gallons of POR-15 bedliner from a previous purchase and had planned on the painstaking task of rolling it on, but this sprayer became the obvious, easier solution. I consulted the Wagner Support employees who were EXTREMELY helpful and even went as far as purchasing POR-15, testing it, then emailing a set of pictures back to me with the results of the spray. I purchased this kit, prepped my vehicle, read the manual, loaded it with POR-15 and let it rip. After a light coat, then a heavier coat, the sprayer seriously surprised me with its even coverage, its no-hassle operation and easy cleanup. The sprayer is remarkably accurate, durable and is easy to use. The hose is lightweight, is pretty forgiving if you accidentally step on it and the turbine unit is no louder than your typical household vacuum cleaner or small garage vac. Way to go, Wagner!

J. Lomas from Amazon

This MotoCoat unit provides a great deal of flexibility for me to perform a wide variety of painting projects. The 39 foot standard hose lets me do automotive projects with the turbine well away from the spray zone, and then switch to a 2-story latex wall painting project without having to keep relocating the turbine. Additionally the detail spray gun comes with a much larger paint container (than other units) so I can do narrow, detail work (like 260 individual 1-½" square pickets, 7 feet long on a Garden Gazebo project I just finished) without constantly refilling the pot.

Yaks from Wagner


If you want to save yourself some money and do your own automotive paintwork, it is time to get the Wagner Motocoat sprayer. With exceptional coverage, long hose and ability to spray multiple materials, the Wagner is sure to be useful for all your projects.

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