Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews

Wagner Paint Sprayer ReviewsWhen it comes to paint sprayers, Wagner is a trusted brand. It leads the market in producing innovative paint applicators.

It has products for home improvement, industrial and commercial painting and fine finishing.

The company helps consumers prepare surfaces easily, apply paint and coating, and cleanup right after the painting job.

Through advanced engineering, quality, and innovation, Wagner is able to provide what customers need.


What Types Of Sprayers Does Wagner Specialize In?

This top quality brand offers a variety of spray gun options. These will make any DIY paint job looking great and professional. Here is a breakdown of their products with some specific product reviews below.


The flexio series is the most well-known of the Wagner range.

  • 10X faster than using a paint brush
  • Capable of spraying unthinned paint and stains
  • Less overspray than other sprayers
  • Great for indoor paint projects
  • Great for outdoor paint projects
  • Easy and fast to clean up


More simple product line than flexio. Suitable for staining and trim painting with fast coverage and an even finish.

  • More efficient than a brush
  • Solid at spraying stains and some paints
  • Excellent for decks,
  • Great for furniture
  • Suited for spraying trims


This series of paint sprayers was made for DIY craft projects.

  • No brush strokes
  • More control over paint than an aerosol spray can
  • Sprays chalk type, milk, and other decorative paints which are difficult to find in regular sprayers.


Airless technology makes it easy to paint like a professional painter and make your neighbors envious.

  • Can get 55% less overspray than other standard airless spray guns.
  • Soft spray control which contributes to  a very even finish
  • Sprays water or oil-based paints and various stains
  • Top of the range and great for large area projects

If you are thinking of buying any of their sprayers, why not read Wagner paint sprayer reviews to give you an overview of what users actually think of their product? This article features only three of their high-quality sprayers.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP SprayerThe Wagner 0518080 features a two-stage turbine that allows painting and staining jobs. This means you can prime and paint decks or cabinets, as well as stain woodworks and other furniture.

You can apply different primers, paints, stains, and lacquers. Thick materials are handled easily, while thin materials are applied efficiently, with reduced overspray. The variable flow control lets you transition from large surface to a more detailed area, such as windowpanes.

Lightweight and easy to setup and use, this Wagner sprayer is such a good buy, knowing that it is powerful enough to apply various materials.

It comes with a viscosity cup to measure material density and spray nozzles that let you choose from horizontal, vertical or round spray pattern.

Expect a smooth and even finish because the sprayer has a filter that prevents dust from causing damage.

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Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Handheld Sprayer Kit

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor:Outdoor Handheld Sprayer KitThe Wagner Flexio 590 model is an ideal airless type sprayer for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it for any painting projects. Its features are powerful enough to achieve a very fine finish for any surfaces and material. It is not just powerful, but also light and quiet to use.

It features the iSpray nozzle that sprays unthinned paints to be used for both outdoor and indoor application. Use the detail muzzle for smaller projects and a finer finish. This Wagner sprayer can produce a roller-like finish for interior surfaces. Painting edges and corners become easier, saving you time and material.

The product’s powerful turbine is thrice more powerful than ordinary HVLP sprayer. Its innovative iSpray technology results to a smooth and professional-grade finish provided by a 60% airflow.

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Wagner 0417005 Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

Wagner 0417005 Control Spray HVLP SprayerAnother best-selling Wagner sprayer is model 0417005, also an HVLP gun that sprays thin materials including wood sealers and deck stain. It allows maximum control and reduced overspray.

It also offers 3 different pattern shapes, the round, horizontal and vertical patterns. Variable flow control lets you adjust flow rate and material size at the trigger. The device is made of light plastic for convenient use. The kit includes a 1 and ½-quart cup aside from the sprayer.

In a few minutes, you can set it up and start with the painting project. You can tilt the sprayer when necessary, if you need to work on vertical or horizontal surfaces. You also never have to worry about clean up, because in less than 20 minutes, you can get everything spotless.

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Wagner truly has something for every painting job. With its wide selection of high quality sprayers, you can certainly find the perfect device for your particular use and skill. If you find it difficult to make the best choice, you can answer a few questions first.

These include how frequent you will be using the sprayer, how many gallons of paint you think you will use, as well as the coating thickness, tip sizes and surfaces or painting projects you will be completing. Take time to compare several products in terms of features to determine if they suit your preferences.

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