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Which Type Of Paint Sprayer Are You Searching For? 

This can be a difficult question to answer if you are a beginner at home painting.

Never fear! Thats why you are here!

We will provide a brief introduction to paint sprayer types and some links so you can investigate further. Here are the main varieties of paint spray guns.

Airless Paint Sprayers

lvlp paint sprayer reviews

This type of spray gun has gained popularity amongst home owners for its speed and versatility.

It is perfect for outdoor exteriors such as garage doors, house walls, fences, and larger buildings.

It sprays equally as well indoors on walls and ceilings. 

Another popular spray gun, HVLP or high-volume, low pressure sprayers are excellent choice for small jobs.

They are perfectly suited to furniture, cabinets, chairs, wood and more.​​​​

These brands are usually cheaper than airless models but are less powerful and reliable.

HVLP Paint Sprayers

Conventional Paint Sprayers

This type of spray gun, uses an air compressor to push the paint through and out a gun or nozzle. 

These can be a solid choice for experienced users who already have an air compressor at home.

Purchasing a spray gun only can still be tricky. I recommend using LVLP or Low volume low pressure guns.

Smaller paint sprayers are another widely used choice in 2018.  

These are great for those who like to perform a variety of smaller jobs around the home.

Handheld models can be found in both HVLP and Airless forms. Graco, Homeright & Wagner are leading brands in this space.

Handheld Paint Sprayers

handheld spray gun

What Type Of Painting Job Will You Be Using It On?


Still unsure of the types of paint sprayers? 

A respected Sydney Painting Company states  that DIY painting is not an easy task and can be very time consuming. We agree and believe that the only way to paint at home is to use the right materials. 

Don't worry as we simplify the next options so you can make an easy choice. Instead of getting into the nitty gritty of the terminology, we have broken down each paint job into a category so you can buy with confidence. These are some of the main spray tasks that people encounter.

best paint sprayer for furniture


Spraying furniture can be challenging so you need a spray gun with precision.

Woman painting furniture outside with bosch sprayer


Power and precision are needed when spraying regular or kitchen cabinets.

best nitrile gloves and coveralls


Cars, Trucks and Bikes can be tricky for beginners. The right spray system is vital.

Woman painting interior wall green with wagner paint sprayer


Inside walls and ceilings need to be done right the first time.

best paint sprayer for exterior


Outdoor surfaces vary in texture so make sure you get the right sprayer.

Woman painting interior brick wall

Latex Paints

Thick latex can be a problem. These brands have you sorted.

How Much Do You Want To Spend

Price is one of the most important factors related to buying a paint spray gun. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on painting equipment unless you are a professional.

Even home painting tasks should be valued differently. For example, spraying old furniture to restore it back to glory only requires a cheaper version sprayer. 

Covering an entire home (inside or out) would require alot more power in a spray gun so spending more is recommended. I have outlined a couple of specific articles for those looking to spend wisely.

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

Professional's Choices

These high end models will easily cover larger spray paint jobs. These models are best for serious handymen and women as well as professional or contractor painters.

Best HVLP Paint Gun Sprayers

Value For Money

Check out these models that will give you plenty of bang for your buck. Get the job done quickly, easily and under budget with my best value choices.

Figuring Out Which Is Right For You - Best Paint Sprayers

Using a paint spray gun or machine is the technique used to deliver a coating of paint onto a surface.  The paint is placed into a power tool that uses high pressure to force the paint through a small tip, therefore delivering the paint very quickly. The paint is delivered smoothly onto the desired surface, covering the entire area. Usually, only one coat is required.

As you can see, using a sprayer is a quick and effective way on which to paint an object. They are also extremely efficient as they save money and use less time. Paint spray guns can be used on a variety of jobs including interior and exterior walls, furniture, metal, glass, and paper. They can be pretty much used on everything.

As well as delivering paint onto a chosen surface, paint sprayers are particularly useful when applying varnish or lacquers to your project; for example when spraying decking or applying a coat of varnish to a piece of furniture.  

What is important to note is that these spray machines are not only useful for large objects and surfaces but also when you need to apply paint to a smaller surface such as a small piece of lattice work or when you need to simply do a touch-up job.

Other Painting Products

In search of some other paint related products? 

Our reviews and guides help you find out everything you need to know about painting. Some fo the addition resources on our site include:


No matter what your painting needs are, we have you covered. Read more, learn more and buy with confidence. We hope that you can find the right product for your painting needs. Happy shopping! Protection Status