12 Best Airless Paint Sprayers: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

If you are planning on painting the inside or outside of your home, or your fence or deck, then you need the best airless paint sprayer to get the job done with quality and effeciency.

The best option, especially if you are a DIY kind of person like me, is obviously to do it yourself and potentially save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars versus hiring a so-called professional. Now, if you plan on doing your painting job with just a brush or roller... then maybe you should just hire the pro.

However, since you are here reading this site, I can tell you are smart enough to know what you really want is a paint spraying machine to make your task faster, easier, affordable and of course to make whatever you’re painting look great! Sounds like you right?

Well, let's read some reviews and find the top rated machine for you!



Max Flow Rate

Horse power

Max Tip

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Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint...

Graco Magnum X5

0.33 GPM

1/2 HP

.015 in.

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 w/ Cart High...

Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO

0.33 GPM

5/8 HP

.017 in.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless...

Homeright C800879 Power - Flo Pro

0.24 GPM

1/2 HP

.015 in.

Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint...

Graco Ultra Corded 17M359



.015 in.

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Stand Electric...

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro

0.54 GPM

1 HP

.023 in.

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint...

Graco Magnum X7

0.31 GPM

5/8 HP

.017 in.

Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Krause & Becker. It...

Kit Krause & Becker

0.30 GPM

5/8 HP

.016 in.

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus...

Graco Project Painter Plus

0.24 GPM

3/8 HP

.015 in.

Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint...

Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17

0.34 GPM

3/4 HP

.017 in.

Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer 805-000...

Titan Impact 440

0.54 GPM

7/8 HP

.023 in.

Graco 243012 Airless Spray Gun, SG3

Graco 243012



.015 in.

DUSICHIN DUS-036 Airless Paint Spray Gun,...




.017 in.

What is an Airless Paint Sprayer & How Does it Work?

Airless paint sprayers, as their name suggests, use pressure created by a piston to push the paint through the nozzle. In an HVLP system, air compressors build and release the pressure while atomizing the paint particles. Airless systems use a smaller exit hole in the nozzle, which breaks the paint down into particles and spreads them out into a thin fan for application.

The piston is moved by a motor and builds pressure in the paint lines until the paint is forced out of the nozzle. In a diaphragm model, the piston pulls the diaphragm to expand it, drawing paint into the spray gun. When it releases, the pressure pushes the paint out.

What to look for in a quality Airless Paint Sprayer 

I think there are some features that are more important to cover in the airless paint sprayer reviews than others. I don't see how the color of the machine matters much, or whether it was packed and shipped in bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts.

So what does matter? Read on!

1 - Go for a Trusted Brand

Paint sprayers, like other machines have moving parts and will break down from time to time. If you purchase from a known and trusted brand, you will have a better chance of getting through customer service, making a warranty claim, or finding the help you need. Unknown brands may not be around when you need them and can be difficult to work with when a warranty is involved.

Best Brands Include: GRACO, TITAN, & WAGNER

2 - Know the Output

The output of the spray gun is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The GPM will dictate how much paint is released, the speed of release and how much area is covered. A higher GPM is good for broad applications, though you will want to look for a model with adjustable speeds if you plan to do finer or detailed work.

This will help you get the painting task finished quicker.

3 - Horsepower

The motor that pushed the piston has a power rating measured in horsepower. Depending on the application method, size of the job you need done and how the paint will be applied, a higher HP is usually warranted. This doesn’t mean that lower HP rated motors can’t get the job done, but it may take longer or require extra effort.

More power = More flow = faster finish

4 - Maximum Tip Size

The tip on your spray gun not only produces the spray, but also controls the spray pattern and amount of paint releases. Tips are generally measured in inches and larger tips will provide a larger area of coverage while smaller tips give you more precision control.

Pro Tip : Different sizes work better on different surfaces

5 - Pounds per Square Inch

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) is a measurement of the pressure created from the pistons and the resulting spray pressure. The higher the PSI, the more powerful the machine and more nozzle sizes it can accommodate. Lower PSI ratings can end up clogging nozzles or produce spotty spray patterns.

Measured in Pound per Square Inch (PSI)

6 - Volume (Capacity of Paint)

The volume of the sprayer is a measurement of how much paint it can hold. Smaller capacity models are lighter and easily transported, though they require more time to stop and refill. Finding the right balance between mobility, weight and capacity is important to your ideal sprayer.

Manufacturers will give information on the spray guns capacity

7 - Spray Patterns

This is the pattern that will end up on your surface. Sprayers with a smaller spray pattern might require several coatings to get the job done, or take longer to cover the same area that larger, or broader patterns offer.

Important when spraying furniture

8 - Adjustments

Pay close attention to the number of adjustments your sprayer offers. Using turn dials, knobs or switches, being able to fine tune your machine will impact your ability to get the job done correctly. Sprayers that have only one setting or require multiple steps in order to change the settings will not be as effective.

Important when spraying cabinets

9 - Gas vs Electric vs Battery Powered

An electric sprayer will require the use of a nearby outlet to work. Gas model sprayers tend to weight more because of the extra fuel, but can be taken anywhere. Battery powered models are both lightweight and portable, though you need to maintain a fresh charge on the batteries.

Electric or battery options are easiest to use

10 - Accessories

You can purchase accessories for your airless paint sprayer, or shop for the model that comes with the accessories you need. You can get paint rollers, extra hoses, hose extenders and even extra batteries or chargers (if applicable). Each optional accessory is designed to make your job easier, just be careful to not over spend.

Some sprayers come with additional accessories that make the job easier. Depending what you are painting, this might be something you will need. Using a hose extender will make it easier to spray high ceilings. Using additional paint roller attachments can help to provide a smooth coating.

Necessary when using more powerful machines

My reviews will discuss each of those points. However, to be perfectly honest, most of these machines are pretty close when it comes to these specifications.

Other things to consider are how easy the machine is to clean, how long the hose is so you don't have to carry it around as much, whether the legs are sufficient to keep it stable and if a handle exists for easier carrying.

As I mentioned, more or less you could pick any of the airless paint sprayers reviewed below and be happy with your purchase.

12 Best Airless Paint Sprayers Reviewed

Obviously, the best one is the one that gets the job done for you, with a minimum of fuss and mess. Still, I'd say there are essentially 12 top picks that could all compete for the title of the best airless paint sprayer.

My full airless sprayer reviews go into much more detail, but here is a short review of the best machines in my opinion and are suited to home owners and painting professionals.

You can read the full review if one of them catches your eye.

1. Graco Magnum X5 262800 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston...

This paint-spraying machine is ideal for any homeowner who loves DIY. It’s lightweight, extremely portable and offers easy storage, so won’t take up loads of room when you’re not using it.

You can choose from light to medium spray coverage and there’s a control knob that lets you choose the correct pressure setting for whatever challenge you’re tackling. If you’re thinking of painting outdoor areas like walls, fences and decking, this is the machine for you. It’s also ideal for use indoors, making it a great, multitasking option.

If you’re new to this type of DIY, I’d really recommend going for this tool. For the money, you’re getting incredible quality that’s accessible – exactly what you want when you’re doing the work yourself! Don’t worry about loads of confusing buttons or settings as the mechanics are nice and simple.

In terms of coverage, you’re in total control of how you paint. This sprayer lifts paint directly from paint buckets, provided they’re between 1- and 5-gallon capacity. This is a lovely little feature if you’re as impatient as I am, as you can really go to town straightaway! No need to waste your time as this sprayer makes painting fast and effective.

Once you’ve mastered the assembly (it’s pretty simple, don’t worry), you’ll be in your element! Graco actually include a DVD guide, which is fantastic for anyone new to the world of paint sprayers and really speeds up the learning process.

You can use the paint gun in any direction thanks to its swivel nozzle. It’s also extremely light and easy to hold, with ergonomic handles to prevent muscle fatigue.  

As with most paint sprayers, make sure you cover any areas nearby that you don’t want to paint! It sounds pretty obvious, but we all get carried away from time to time. Use old sheets to protect furniture or surfaces that you want to leave untouched.

I’d suggest starting off with a lower coverage setting, just to help you get used to the power behind this machine. For me, this is one of the best airless paint sprayers out there when it comes to getting the job done quickly and efficiently, making DIY a dream.

For a comprehensive review of the x5 just click here


  • Lightweight but still very durable
  • Great value for money
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects
  • Fully adjustable pressure control


  • Does not swivel on hose
  • If paint in bucket gets low there can be a loss of suction

5 Reasons Why This Is My #1 Airless Sprayer

  • 1
    Covers surface areas quickly - this is great when painting walls
  • 2
    Coats surfaces with a quality finish - expect a smooth, even finish
  • 3
    Easy to set up -  its very important to take the time to read and follow the instructions
  • 4
    Awesome Reverse Spray Tip - quickly clean and keep spraying
  • 5
    Value for money -  this sprayer can usually be found for around $300

2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Gun with Hose

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless...
  • SUPERB PERFORMANCE: With an 1/2 HP motor,...
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL: Dial in the perfect spray...
  • EASY MANUEVERING: 25 foot long, non-kink hose...

This is the ideal sprayer for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and covers large projects quickly. It can spray 5 gallons of paint in 20 minutes, therefore covering 2,000sq. feet in roughly 30 minutes. This sprayer is ideal for use on both the exterior and interior of your home. It is particularly effective on interior doors. It comes with a swivel nozzle for the spray gun, putting you in more control of how you’re painting.

Finally getting that big job out of the way? The 25-foot hose is a major benefit as this means that you can get to all of those difficult to reach places and can roam freely.

If you’re worrying that all that power is going to make this product feel slightly unstable while you’re using it, don’t! This sprayer comes with sturdy legs, so you can set it down on any surface and not worry about it tipping over. It’s also really lightweight so carrying it around while you work is another option.

It is an airless sprayer that applies an even coating to any chosen surface. Not 100% sure what you’re doing? The DVD which is included with the product makes setting up the sprayer relatively easy. I’m not the only one who found the set-up and use really easy – there are plenty of reviewers that agree, from professionals to first-timers.

If you’re talking a variety of jobs in one go, you’ll love this machine. You can easily adjust settings while you paint, so you can go from painting a door to decking in one go. There is also not too much overspray with this Power-Flo Pro. This makes a huge difference if you’re quite new to paint spraying, as you don’t need to worry too much about your aim!

You’re unlikely to overuse or waste paint thanks to the precision-spraying you get with this tool. You can also purchase many aftermarket accessories that help reduce overspray as well, just make sure you’re choosing products that are compatible with this model.

As we touched upon earlier, a major benefit of this sprayer is that it is extremely light, weighing just 19 pounds. This means it’s very easy to control and ideal for women or shorter individuals who may struggle with heavier tools. It also means that you can use it with one hand, so you’re less likely to get tired or worn out as quickly as you would with bulkier sprayers.


  • 2800 PSI is powerful for heavy duty jobs
  • Spray gun has a swivel
  • Easily adjustable pressure
  • Professional grade


  • Reports of not being able to handle thicker paint
  • Some complaints about packaging

3. Graco Magnum 262805 ProX7 Hi-Boy Airless Sprayer

On Sale Today
Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston...

This airless unit is ideally suited for the heavy-duty do-it-yourself enthusiast and light-medium professional painter’s work. It gives fantastic coverage on all interior walls and ceilings, exterior furniture, decks, sheds, and fences. If you’re as impatient as I am, you’ll be glad to know that assembly is quick and simple.

Lots of other people have also commented on how well this sprayer handles bigger, tougher jobs. If you’re wanting to get a big project done without getting any help in, this sprayer is the best investment buy you’ll make all year! With one sprayer, you can work on a variety of jobs around your home and garden, all by yourself. The hose is nice and flexible, meaning you can reach further and deeper into all those awkward nooks and crannies.

The actual machine is extremely durable and lightweight – it feels suitably sturdy while you use it, without weighing you down or tiring your arms, neck or back. When you’re finished using it, simple collapse the fold-down handle and store it away. The handle is actually great while you’re using it, too – you can move the sprayer around easily, rather than lugging a bulky machine after you!

In terms of actual painting, you can get started whenever you’re ready. You won’t need to need to use a primer and you don’t need to thin the paint down before you start. You can paint straight from the tin itself – this sprayer can hold up to 5 gallons of paint in one go, so you’re already well-prepared for a multitude of tasks.

There’s a special filter in the tip which prevents any build-up or clogging of paint. If you’re new to painting, managing the paint-flow is one of the most stressful aspects of it all! You can have a beautiful, even surface suddenly ruined by spurting paint or clogging. This filter minimises clogs by ensuring a steady flow of paint, ensuring a much better, smoother finish. You can also reverse the paint tip if clogging does occur, which means you don’t need to undertake a big, messy job to get the sprayer up and running again.

The sprayer itself can deliver 0.34 gallons of paint per minute – impressive, right? Despite the speed it works at, overspray is really kept to a minimum with this tool. The paint gun is incredibly easy to use and ideal for everyone, for the novice who has never used one of these devices before all the way to an industry professional. The machine come with sturdy legs as well as manoeuvrable wheels, so you can choose how you paint.

Even better, cleaning this tool is also really easy. I hate getting to the end of a big project, feeling really satisfied and then realising I need to spend hours cleaning out the sprayer, so this product is perfect for me. It’s a pretty easy tool to look after, with maintenance really kept to a minimum.

The tubes used are made from stainless steel, so they’re relatively resistant to wear and tear. If you look after it, this paint sprayer will last you – it may be an investment buy but it really delivers.

For a comprehensive review of the x7 just click here


  • Great for commercial & professional painters
  • Very durable and will last quite a while
  • Unused paint in pump is recycled back into the can
  • Very fast and efficient painting
  • Power flush for easy cleaning


  • Hose isn’t very long
  • Fairly expensive compared to most models

4. ControlMax 1700 PRO Airless Sprayer

On Sale Today
Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 w/ Cart High...
  • AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER: The ControlMax 1700...
  • HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? This ControlMax sprayer...
  • VARIABLE SPEED PUMP: Has a 0.60 horsepower...

This lightweight and portable sprayer is easy to take anywhere. Offering the new High-Efficiency Airless technology (HEA), it can decrease overspray up to 55% over other airless sprayers. This is fantastic news, especially if you’re new to paint sprayers and worried about wasting paint. We’d still recommend you cover up any areas you don’t want to get covered in paint, just to be on the safe side while you get the hang of it!

This tool is perfect for gardeners or DIYers who fancy tackling their great outdoors. It can accommodate a hose up to 80 feet long, so you have free range of your garden and can get a number of jobs done in one go. The coverage is still great when painting from a distance, with no horrible edges or stripes in your paintwork.

For me, one of the best features is the durable pump – it lasts up to 3 times longer than most other competitor sprayers. Replacing fluids is really easy, too, which works to maximise the life of the sprayer. This is one of the only maintenance tasks you’ll have to carry out, but it’s well worth doing if you want to keep this machine running well long-term. In fact, one of the best perks is the 2-year warranty – you can really trust this machine to deliver the results and the customer service, too.

Worried about priming? The Sureflo Pusher Valve primes for you! It really is simple to use and is an upgraded version of the Titan Control Max range – it offers a softer spray for a more consistent finish. This is more important than it sounds, especially if you’re new to painting or are tackling a large, indoor job.

If you normally struggle with sustained efficiency, you’ll love this sprayer. It offers a 0.60-horsepower motor capable of pumping up to 1500 PSI and 0.33-gallons per minute. That might not mean much to you if you’ve not used a sprayer before, but that’s a lot of paint. The pressure it comes out at determines the coverage that the paint can provide. This level will help improve the quality of your painting job and give it a really professional, polished look.


  • Lightweight
  • Low-cost
  • Durable pump
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can accommodate hose up to 80-feet long


  • Will need to thin thicker materials before use
  • Not intended for ongoing commercial use

5. Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 Airless Paint Sprayer

On Sale Today
Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint...
  • Fastest Way to Finish Small Jobs - Proven by...
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed - Without...
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life

This latest release from Graco is a new and improved version of the popular True Coat Plus II. I love this for the fact that it’s handheld without compromising on performance. It’s also an electric model, offering power and precision despite its size. Just plug it in and go!

Most smaller models of this style are HVLP and run on low pressure. The Ultra Corded (and cordless model, too) are airless sprayers and incorporate the quality Graco technology, meaning it delivers fantastic results, consistently.

With a triple piston pump, the coverage of this mini machine is great. It reaches a max pressure of 2000 PSI, which is impressive for any sprayer, let alone such a small, handheld one. The level of paint you’re using doesn’t suddenly dip, either, as it does with some sprayers when you ramp up the pressure.

You can use this for a range of jobs, but I love having it on-hand for indoor DIY tasks. I like having it around for emergency jobs and quick fixes – it’s much easier to use this than have to drag out a bigger machine, especially given how quick and easy the set-up is.

The coverage is really great and there’s a reversible spray tip to prevent clogging and to help ease the flow of paint. This means that you can paint, uninterrupted, for longer. You won’t need to keep stopping to unclog this machine, just flip the tip backwards and clear any lumps of paint out of the way.

This little gem paints with the professionalism of larger models but is portable and easy to set up. It’s great if you want to get a number of jobs done in one go thanks to its light weight. Contractors and home owners alike use the 17M359 for smaller areas like interior walls, decks, doors and fences.

It’s really easy to clean and maintain so is perfect for regular use and speedy jobs that you want to get out of the way. If you want a smaller, handheld system that packs power then this is for you.

For a comprehensive review of the Graco Ultra just click here.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with latex paint


  • Needs frequent refilling
  • Not designed for bigger projects

6. Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Stand Electric...
  • ProConnect -Fast and easy on-the-job Pump...
  • MaxPower Motor-designed to produce the most...
  • Endurance Pump- lasts 2 times longer than the...
  • Easy Out Pump Filter- Vertical design helps...

I love this machine for its ease of use. Getting down to basics, this is an electric sprayer with sturdy legs for stability while painting and fantastic coverage. You can probably tell by now that I love Graco products, and this one is no exception. It delivers the same, brilliant performance of their other products and is ideal for DIY beginners.

The pump is nice and powerful, offering a consistent painting level as you move across surfaces. It’s great for use outdoors as it can cover large areas quickly. The Max Power Motor lets you really rev it up while you’re painting, meaning it’s ideal for use on a huge variety of materials and surfaces. If you’re already painting as a pro, you’ll really enjoy using this sprayer – it’s built to handle a variety of materials across a lot of different surfaces. In fact, it can spray up to .54 gallons per minute, meaning it can be used for heavy-duty tasks, too. If you’re using it for a long time, you don’t need to worry about it cutting out or over-heating due to the fan around the motor.

If you’re worried about that power running out, let me put your mind at rest. The pump has been designed to be resilient, lasting up to 2 times longer than other competitor products thanks to its Endurance Pump. While you’re painting, you don’t need to worry about spills or wastage, either. This paint sprayer features a handy vertical design on stable legs to prevent it from falling over or leaking.

I love that this machine has what’s essentially a built-in computer – it helps you monitor your usage and figure out what settings suit your paint-style best. In terms of maintenance, you can easily keep the machine running smoothly with its FastFlush technology. It might not sound all that elegant, but it helps keep the tubes clean and free from any build-up or clogging.

7. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus

On Sale Today
Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston...
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Annual use recommendation is...

This Graco Magnum paint sprayer is great for anyone from beginner-level to professional-level painting. It’s built to deliver amazing results, and you won’t be disappointed. Set-up is really easy, with Graco offering a handy DVD to make things even simpler.

First up is its stainless steel piston pump – this allows you to spray un-thinned paints at a high pressure. This cuts down preparation time as you can spray directly from the paint bucket without thinning or priming.

The suction, intake tube itself is flexible, so you can thread it into paint buckets of between 1- and 5-gallon capacity and move around while you do so. There’s also a pail hook to keep the sprayer in place while it’s lifting paint.

If you’re a pro, you’ll know what pressure you want to be using for each type of job. New to things? Don’t worry! The pressure is fully adjustable, so you’ll be in complete control of how you’re painting.

You can easily alter the pressure between different jobs, from your kitchen to garage to outdoor wall. It’s surprisingly lightweight, so is often recommended by women or older individuals who don’t want to be lugging around a hefty machine while they work!

In terms of clean-up, this paint sprayer’s Power Flush adapter connects to a garden hose for a speedy and simple clean. Maintenance is kept to a minimum with this machine, putting the focus on pressure, consistency and pristine finish – just what you want! In fact, keep looking after it for to fulfil its recommended usage of up to 50 gallons per year.

In addition, the 515 (0.015) RAC IV SwitchTip allows you to reverse it when it gets clogged so that you never have to stop spraying. With its 3/8-horsepower motor and 2800 PSI, you can easily paint up to 0.24 gallons per minute. The coverage you’ll be getting even at this rate is brilliant, so you can deliver proessional-looking results on your own.

I’d really recommend this tool for large jobs. If you’d normally turn to a brush or roller, this sprayer is going to revolutionise DIY for you. It comet with a 25-foot hose as standard but can support a 50-foot hose if you want to tackle larger jobs. If you’re working outdoors, its sturdy base will really come in handy and keep you stable while you paint.

For a comprehensive review of the Graco Project just click here.


  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Flexible suction tube to spray from 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket
  • Great for homeowners
  • Lower cost than many airless sprayers


  • Comes with a 25-foot hose
  • Not intended for daily usage

8. Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

On Sale Today
Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: ProX Stainless Steel...

The ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump on the Graco ProX makes this a great option for property maintenance professionals, general contractors, and remodelers. This allows you to spray unthinned paints at high pressure. You can even hook your garden hose to the PowerFlush Adapter for a fast and simple cleanup.

The unit comes with a 50-foot DuraFlex hose, but it can support up to a 150-foot hose so you can have that extra reach needed to get the job done. In addition, you can enjoy the flexible suction tube that allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket.

The ¾-horsepower motor combined with the 3000 PSI will allow you to paint at 0.34 gallons per minute. The annual use recommendation on this unit is up to 300 gallons per year.

The 515 (0.015) RAC IV Spray Tip will allow you to pump numerous materials easily, but it can also support up to a 0.017 spray tip. Using the reversible tip allows you to keep spraying even when you are dealing with a clog.

The ProXChange Pump Replacement System gives you the flexibility to replace the pump with no tools. This eliminates downtime while on the job.


  • ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • PowerFlush Adapter for quick cleanup
  • ¾-horsepower motor
  • Can be used up to 300 gallons per year
  • List Element


  • Cost more than lower line models
  • Not intended for sporadic household use

9. Titan Impact 440 Airless Sprayer

This compact and easy to handle sprayer is a great option for contractors and professionals. You can use it for trimmings, gutters, and doors as well as some larger projects. In fact, they claim it is suitable for up to 100 gallons per week. This workhorse features a 7/8-horsepower motor with 3300 PSI and up to 0.54 gallons per minute!

It comes complete with the LX-8011 Spray Gun, a Tri Reversible tip and a 50-foot hose. In addition, the bonus painters pack includes a 415-SC6 Titan Tip (0.015), but it can accommodate up to a 0.023” tip. The pack also has a ProSource 12” extension, 5 pack of ProSource filters and a 4-ounce bottle of Piston Lube.

This Titan also offers the electronic pressure control and rapid clean features. Use this sprayer to apply stains, lacquers, latex, enamels and most any other low to medium viscosity coatings.


  • Sprays up to 100 gallons per week
  • 7/8-horsepower motor
  • Sprays up to 0.54 gallons per minute
  • Reliable


  • Setup time can be lengthy
  • Can be more expensive than other models

10. Kit Krause & Becker Sprayer

This Krause and Becker sprayer features a built-in filter right inside the gun and simple pressure controls for the perfect finish. With the stainless steel paint pickup, you will avoid corrosion down the road that could develop from heavy usage.

The spray gun also features a built-in trigger lock. This is perfect for a quick cleanup. It does come with a 517 tip (0.017) but will work great with a finer finish tip as well. You can use this to spray latex or oil paints. The sprayer can pump directly from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket for quick cleanup. With its 5/8-horsepower motor and 3000 PSI piston pump for high pressure, you’ll be able to achieve up to 0.3 GPM on most any project.

It also features an easy twist knob pressure control and a 12” to 16” fan width for the ultimate in control over your job. This is best used for outdoor projects due to the possibility of overspray. You could use it for the fence, garage doors or give a touch up to your house’s exterior paint.


  • Stainless steel paint pickup
  • Trigger lock on gun
  • Paints from 1 or 5-gallon bucket
  • 5/8-horsepower motor
  • Easy to use controls


  • Can be hard to find spare parts
  • Only comes with a 25-foot hose

11. Graco 243012 (Spray Gun Only)

Graco 243012 Airless Spray Gun, SG3
  • Full 4-finger trigger with light, smooth pull...
  • Thumb engaged safety lock allows you to lock...
  • Maximum operating pressure of 3,600 PSI
  • Includes built-in Hose Swivel, RAC IV 515...

This full 4-finger trigger on the Graco 243012 Airless Spray Gun features a light and smooth pull to provide optimal control and comfort. The thumb engaged safety lock allows the handle to be locked when not spraying. This is a great safety feature.

The maximum operating pressure of 3,600 PSI and includes a built-in hose swivel. It features an RAC IV 515 (0.015”) spray tip with a 50 mesh gun filter and RAC IV Hand-Tight Guard. You can use this with your Magnum Graco paint sprayer.

The replaceable in-handle paint filter will help you reduce tip clogging and can improve your finish. The replaceable gun needle will keep the maintenance simple. This is a great gun for DIY homeowners, handymen and all professional painters who need to spray a variety of coatings. It works great on primers, stains, latex, and varnishes. It also includes a 1-year warranty.


  • Light and smooth
  • Can be used with a Magnum or Graco sprayer
  • Replaceable in-handle paint filter
  • Replaceable gun needle


  • Requires the use of other equipment
  • Pricey considering it is just the gun

12. DUSICHIN DUS-036 (Spray Gun Only)

DUSICHIN DUS-036 Airless Paint Spray Gun,...
  • Reversible 517 Tip(Yellow or Black),...
  • Inlet fitting 1/4 Inch Thread, Swivel Joint
  • Forged Gun Head, 100 mesh gun filter inside
  • 3600 PSI Maximum Pressure, four-finger...

This Dusichin paint spray gun features a reversible 517 tip (0.017”) and a universal tip guard. It has an Intel fitting ¼-inch thread and swivel joint. The forged gun head and 100 mesh gun filter inside set this gun above the rest.

It is lightweight and easy to hold. It can offer up to 3600 PSI maximum pressure and has a four-finger trigger with a soft pull. Use this with most airless paint sprayers to complete your jobs quickly and efficiently.

Many people who have reviewed this gun appreciated the low cost. It was surprising to see such high quality out of such an expensive spray gun. Use this to complete most household painting projects with a variety of materials.


  • Reversible tip
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Offers up to 3600 PSI


  • Requires use of other equipment
  • Has been reported to leak at times
Wagner 0525032 Power Painter Max Airless Paint Sprayer

Different Spray Gun Types Explained

There are many different types of paint spraying guns on the market and this can be a little confusing for the consumer. So what are the differences between them?

Now, it's not too complicated, but it's more complex than answering “What is red and smells like blue paint”. Oh, you want the answer? Red paint 🙂

These are the main types of paint guns (not to be confused with a paintball gun) and spray systems on the market.

Spray Gun Machines Vs Spray Gun Only

Understanding if you need a complete spray gun machine or just the spray gun can be a little confusing. Let me try to make the decision a little easier for you.

When you purchase a spray gun machine, everything you need is included. You won’t need to find an additional source for the air; the machine will have it combined. This is great if you want a portable system to take anywhere with you. 

When you purchase just the spray gun, you can attach it to an air compressor that you already own. The gun works by using the compressed air flow to create a siphon effect and pull paint from the container.

This air flow allows the paint to gain energy and speed so it can spray onto your painting surfaces. When purchasing just the spray gun handle, you will most likely save some money, but you need to have the appropriate equipment to use it.

Purchasing an all-in-one system will be more expensive overall, but all the materials are with the sprayer. They are also many great brands available to purchase a complete system from. Consider one of the leaders such as Graco, Wagner or Titan if you want a reliable machine. 

Airless Paint Spray Machines

Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Are used predominantly in the residential and commercial painting industries. They use a compressor to mix the paint and produce a fine mist in doing so.

However, although this type of sprayer can be used for painting absolutely everything the overspray can be difficult to control. The machine is often large and heavy although newer models are becoming smaller in size.

HVLP Paint Sprayer

Rockler HVLP Spray Gun

This stands for High Volume Low Pressure.

With this delivery method paint is delivered at a much higher volume but while using lower pressure meaning that more paint ends up on the surface than in the air. 

HVLP paint machines are extremely popular because of their versatility which makes them the best paint sprayer for painting small objects, trim, doors, and shelving.

Hand-Held Cup Sprayers

handheld spray gun

These are much smaller and the paint container, known as the cup, is attached directly to the gun.

This type of sprayer runs on electricity, not air so they are also classified as ‘airless’.

This type of gun is best for the homeowner and Do-It-Yourself enthusiast can range in both quality and price.

LVLP Paint Sprayers

lvlp paint sprayer reviews

An LVLP Paint Sprayer stands for low-volume, low-pressure. It is designed for interior or exterior household usage. The LVLP spray gun can produce up to 40% less air consumption than your standard HVLP paint sprayer.

This means you can use a smaller air compressor to get the job done. Overall, you’ll notice that an LVLP sprayer has less waste and greater material transfer.

Conventional Spray Guns

Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

A conventional spray gun will pressurize the paint and the air. It generally consists of a large cup for materials as well as hoses for the air and paints to travel through.

The air mixes with the paint and atomizes out through the nozzle opening to create a fine mist.

They are mainly used with solvent-based paints or when the job requires a high-quality, fine finish.

Which Painting Projects Are Airless Spray Guns Suited Towards?

Airless spray guns are suitable for a lot of various projects. Because they can use most types and viscosity of paints, there is a lot you can do with them. Airless models tend to be the best choice when working on large, exterior, or interior painting projects. That’s because an airless paint sprayer will shoot out the paint at high pressure while applying an even coating.

Airless models are a better for the following jobs.

Interior Walls

Airless paint sprayers are louder than most other types of paint sprayers and are generally used outdoors because of it. However, painting large interior walls is made easier by the more compact, faster airless sprayers. There is more work to be done to prep the area to prevent overspray and messes, but the actual spray job can be completed quicker.


As long as you select the right nozzle and have patience (as well as control), an airless spray gun can be used to do door, window and baseboard trim pieces. It is still recommended to do these pieces by hand, or with an HVLP spray gun, which is better suited for detailed work.


Since airless spray guns create a lot of pressure, the spray of paint they produce is fine and consistent. This makes them ideal for larger areas of cars and trucks. When you get into detail work, of course, you will want to swap to a different style, but for the primary application, clear coats and door panels, an airless gun will suit you well.


Some furniture can be painted effortlessly with an airless spray gun. If the entire piece will be painted the same color, and there isn’t any detail work you want to do, a quick once over with an airless gun will have most paintable furniture ready for use in a few hours.

Exterior Applications

Airless paint sprayers are the go-to choice for commercial and outdoor applications. Siding, sheet metal, and large structures needing a fresh coat will see less painting time with an airless gun. Depending on the size of the job, you can generally have two layers done on a vast outdoor area in just a couple of hours.

Quality Airless Paint Sprayer Brands

When choosing your next airless paint sprayer, it is essential that you pick one of the top brands. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that your sprayer is made of high-quality materials and will last the long-haul.


Graco logo

Graco offers a full line of impressive airless paint sprayers for all needs. That’s what makes them my top choice as an airless sprayer. 

They offer the TrueCoat series and Magnum Project Painter Plus geared toward the DIY home user.

Handymen who tackle small-to-midsize household projects will do best with the Magnum X5 or Magnum X7 sprayer.

Professionals, on the other hand, will find that the Magnum ProX17, ProX19, ProX21, TC Pro or the Pro210 will suit their needs the best.


Titan logo

Another leader in the industry, Titan Tools offers a wide variety of airless paint sprayers to fit any need. Some of their electric airless sprayer models include the Impact, PowrBeast,

Multi-Finish and the AirCoat. If you prefer to use a gas-powered airless sprayer, the Titan brand offers the PowrBeast, Powrtwin, Advantage and the Hydra Series. 

Aside from their full-line of airless sprayers, there is also a wide variety of other products that Titan sells. They offer fine finish sprayers, pavement markers, texture sprayers and air-powered sprayers. Finally, you will be able to find a nice selection of accessories for your Titan airless sprayers.


wagner logo

Wagner has been a market leader in painting projects for a long time. Their attention to detail and ability to make a high-quality product have set them apart from the rest.

When looking for an airless sprayer, you’ll want to examine the Control Pro line.

Wagner is much more known for the HVLP sprayer line. These consist of the Flexio, Control Spray and Studio series.

In addition, they offer a full range of heat guns, rollers, and surface prep tools. If you are a fan of Wagner products, it is easy to use their brand to complete every painting need you have.


dusichin logo

While Dusichin makes a great airless paint sprayer, they are better known for their pressure washing equipment.

With a full line of nozzles and accessories for pressure washers, they’ve been able to figure out how to properly spray materials.

Using this same technology, they are able to offer a superior paint sprayer tip and nozzle compared to some other brands. When you are looking for a brand that is outside the box and slightly unconventional, you’ll want to check out their line of products.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Airless Models

As with any product, there are always pros and cons and the same is true of these machines.

You need to carefully consider what method of delivering paint is best depending on your chosen surface size and where you intend to paint. Here is a list of some of the pros and cons.


  • Can cover wide areas inside or outside the home
  • Minimal effort required
  • Cost-effective & extremely convenient
  • Spray painting can cover imperfections such as gaps, cracks, and bumps which a paintbrush has difficulty with
  • It produces an even coat
  • You have more control over the painting process
  • Less equipment is needed to get the job done and it is less messy
  • Can be used inside or outside the home


  • Not suitable for all projects
  • Best for use on smooth surfaces
  • More preparation time is needed before you can start to paint
  • Overspray is a major problem – you need to cover EVERYTHING that you do not want to be painted. So this includes any nearby furniture, windows, and floors
  • Not really suitable for small jobs as the preparation time and cleaning up the overspray afterward is not worth the effort, traditional brushes are best for those smaller jobs
  • The machine can be heavy and difficult to maneuver

How to Use a Spray Gun Efficiently?

There are a few things you can do to make your paint job look more polished and finished without a lot of effort. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most efficient use from your spray gun.

  • Thin your paint. Latex paints and thicker paints will need to be thinned with water or paint thinner before they can be pushed through the nozzle. Start with a small batch and test before using it on the walls.
  • Cover your strokes. When spraying, it is best to pull the trigger only when the gun is in motion. Using solid, straight back and forth lines, it is ideal to overlap the paint lines with each motion.
  • Clean the paint filters. A clogged screen can lower the pressure and cause the spray to be more erratic, bubbly, or splatter.
  • Don’t leave the spray gun loaded overnight. You should take the time to clean the spray gun and flush the lines after you are done using it for the day. If the paint cures inside the lines or the gun, it may not work properly the next time you pick it up.
  • Use a roller. When you are applying a primer coat, after you spray, it is best to go back over the area with a roller. This will ensure the primer adheres to the surface and prolongs the life of the paint that will be applied next.

Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Do you know what to do if your airless sprayer won’t work? There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to diagnose and fix the problem. Always check with your owner’s manual or contact your sprayer’s manufacturer for detailed assistance in the event your sprayer malfunctions.

Clogged Tip

When the tip gets clogged, it is relatively easy to fix. Find the turn dial adjustment on the tip with the arrow and turn it to the backward-pointing arrow. In a trash can or into a discarded piece of cardboard, point the gun and press the trigger. The clog should be blown out. Return the dial to the proper spraying position and resume painting.

Trigger Doesn’t Pull

If you find that the trigger doesn’t pull, the most likely culprit is that the safety is engaged. Look for your trigger safety and disengage it to start painting. If the safety is off and the trigger doesn’t pull, there is an internal problem, and the gun needs to be replaced.

Lack of Pressure

If you lose pressure while painting, your sprayer could have lost the prime. You can attempt to reprime the machine to see if it returns to working order. If not, the other most likely issue is a clogged screen or filter. Check the suction screen and gun filter screens for clogs.

Paint Running

Paint running down the walls or cracking on the surface is caused because you are too close to the working surface. Once the runs dry, you can sand them down and wash them off. A new coat may be required.

Nozzle Flutters

If you are spraying and the tip flutters or the spray sputters, it is usually because the tip isn’t secure enough. Make sure it is adequately tightened before resuming painting.

No Power

If you go to turn the machine on and nothing happens, first check that the power cord is plugged in. If it is, there is most likely an electrical issue that can easily be solved, such as a loose connection at the outlet or extension cord, or a blown fuse in the circuit breaker.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can anyone use a paint spray gun?

Yes. Anyone that can read the owner’s manual and understand the warnings as well as hold the device while squeezing the trigger can use a paint spray gun. There isn’t any technical training involved in the operation of a spray gun. However, proper control and painting techniques will need to be practiced before you become comfortable and adept at an airless paint sprayer operation.

How difficult is it for a beginner painter?

They smaller handheld models with be easy to set up and use. Larger models will require you to follow the manual strictly or watch any accompanying dvds before using.

How much should you spend on a paint sprayer?

A lot will go into how much your paint sprayer should cost. For example, if you only plan to use it one time for a single project, you may want to go with a less expensive model. Larger projects, multiple uses, or commercial grade applications will require more expensive units. Your budget, knowledge, and projects you want to use the sprayer for will all play a part in which price range you shop.

Will A cheap model work well for me?

Less expensive models can work well for most projects. The key will be figuring out which cheaper model will suit your needs, have the right adjustments for you, and is in the PSI range for your particular use. In general, the “you get what you pay for” adage applies to paint sprayers.

Why would I buy an expensive model?

Expensive models are priced like they are because of the quality they offer. Usually, a well-established brand, high-quality parts, and expert craftsmanship will cost more. You will also have a better warranty, customer service experience, and overall performance of the machine when you spend more. You might even get more accessories, so you won’t have to spend more buying extra parts.

Where is the best place to buy spray guns?

Amazon.com is great because it has the largest range of spray guns at the lowest prices.

Do they come with a warranty?

They seller usually offers a warranty both from stores and on Amazon.

Do I need to purchase any extras?

Some jobs require extras such as tips, hoses, extension devices. Also safety equipment should always be used.

Will my home, car or furniture look like a professional did it?

With a little practise and by following the instructions closely you can have your home or car looking fantastic.

Is it better to rent or buy an airless paint sprayer?

Your needs determine this. If you only plan to use the sprayer for a single project or to test one out to see if it suits your needs, then renting is the best option. However, if you plan to use the sprayer multiple times for various projects, it will be more economical to purchase your own airless paint sprayer.

Does an airless paint sprayer need a compressor?

No. Airless paint sprayers use the fluid pressure to produce the spray while the tips atomize the paint when it sprays from the gun. Airless paint sprayers generally have a lower quality finish compared to an air sprayer; however, they are more portable, faster, and can use a broader range of paints.

Do I have to flush an airless paint sprayer after each use?

Yes. Flushing your airless paint sprayer after every use is recommended. Paint cures quickly, and anything longer than a meal break can cause clogs, dried paint in the lines and hoses, and end up clogging the gun and tips. If you are going to put the gun away for the day or be gone for an extended period, it is best to flush and clean the system.

What tip do I use for my airless paint sprayer?

Different spray tips are needed for various projects, different types of paint, and different applications. The first thing you need to note is the 3-digit code printed on the tip. The first number refers to the width of the fan produced by the tip (multiplied by 2, and from a range of 1 foot). The next two numbers are the orifice size, or how much fluid leaves the tip. These numbers will correspond to which one you need. Thicker paints need larger tips, and thinner paints, finishes, and lacquers need smaller tips. As an example, a tip marked 315 will have a 6-inch fan at 1 foot from the painted surface and orifice size of 15-thousandths of an inch. A tip with the marking 515 will spray the same amount of paint (because the orifice size is the same, 15-thousandths of an inch) but will have a 10-inch fan. This tells you that the 515 will cover a larger area but have a thinner application.

How to winterize an airless paint sprayer?

Winterizing is a process of prepping the paint sprayer for storage, generally over the winter months, when it won’t be used for a while. After a thorough cleaning and maintenance, you should add oil to the sprayer with a few cap fulls of mineral spirits. Place throat seal liquid to the cup and the rod and run the pump to cycle everything through. Shut the unit off with the rod in the down/fluid position. Store the unit until it is ready to be used again in the spring.


Finding the best airless paint sprayer for your needs can be tricky. There are models from so many different vendors; it can be hard to know what you are getting and if it will be the right one for you.

If you are in doubt and have home projects to complete, I highly recommend the Graco Magnum X5 262800 Airless Paint Sprayer. The lightweight, powerful sprayer is ideal for home use, first-time users, and those that want a product made by a great brand. Regardless of which model from this review list you go with, you won’t be disappointed.

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