4 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers: Reviewed & Compared

Today, lightweight, portable consumer-grade sprayers are readily available. The problem is finding a good quality cordless paint sprayer.

This will benefit users who are not happy working with sprayers that have heavy extension cords and hoses of limited reach. Our aim is to provide details about the best possible machine for your job.

With the introduction of the paint sprayer, professional and novice painters are now offered a more convenient option in completing a painting job. Gone are the days of using air compressors to pressurize and atomize the paint.

Now, we have airless sprayers that perform better, cost less, and work faster. Alongside HVLP sprayers, there isn’t a job out there that can’t be accomplished without an air compressor.

In recent years, smaller and still extremely efficient paint spray systems have been developed; these include both cordless and handheld options.

Cordless Or Handheld? Is There A Difference?

The best option for you may not be what you think. There is a difference between a cordless sprayer and a handheld sprayer: the cord. Just because a model is marketed as handheld doesn’t mean it isn’t attached to an outlet somewhere. In the industry, these models are known as electric handheld sprayers.

A cordless sprayer, then, is like Pinocchio after Geppetto let him free; there are no strings to hold you down. Cordless sprayers rely on lithium-ion, rechargeable battery packs. Once you plug the battery up, you can take the sprayer anywhere without being tethered to an outlet or turbine pack.

What To Look For In A Cordless Spray Gun

  • 1
    Quality Battery
    When you’re looking for a quality battery, you want rechargeable. You want a battery that holds up under a lot of use, and different weather. Look for a battery, that has great reviews. You also want to look at how long the average charge time is on the battery, and how long the battery will run on that charge time.
  • 2
    Power Level
    You want to make sure, your sprayer has the power you will need for your project. You want to look at the output for the job you need. Look for an energy saver model. Finding the perfect match of power with the perfect price, makes it priceless.
  • 3
    When looking for a sprayer, keep in mind who is using it. Choosing a lightweight one, that anyone can use, could save tons of money. You want a sprayer that is easy to move around. The more lightweight your sprayer is, means simpler storage, and maneuverability.
  • 4
    Paint Flow
    You want to look at the output on the paint flow. Look for a sprayer that can do various types of materials. You want to make sure your sprayer can do a variety of projects, making it cost effective.
  • 5
    Tip Options
    Your sprayer will come with a selection of tips. When looking at these tips, you need to determine a great fit for your project. A variety of tips will make your sprayer versatile. You also want to look at how each tip works with the different materials, especially the ones you’re going to be using.
  • 6
    Spray Patterns
    Sprayers comes in a variety of spraying patterns. You want to look at what type of pattern you would like. Sprayers come in vertical with a range, horizontal with a range, and circular. Circular comes with a diameter range. You also want to look at the output of spray.
  • 7
    Ease Of Use
    You want your new sprayer to be available to be used by anyone. It must be easy to unbox, plug in, and use. You don’t want to have to assemble anything. You want it to be simple to store, and to clean up. Finding a sprayer that Easy to Use, is worth the money.
  • 8
    You want a warranty, that is a no hassle warranty. Meaning, there is no red tape, it is an easy process, to return your product, or get a refund. You want a warranty, that is a great length. A short warranty should send up red flags. A warranty that offers, replacement parts or replacement of sprayer, are great signs of a good warranty.

4 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers Reviewed

If you are still set on a cordless paint sprayer, the 4 best products in the market today are featured below. They were ranked according to our own experiences and also how others customers have reviewed them.

1. Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint...
  • Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed - Without...
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life

This Graco Ultra handheld sprayer was intended to make any spray paint job easy. It is undoubtedly the best cordless model on the market.

Built for both small interior and exterior projects, this is a rarity amongst cordless, less powerful models. 500-2000 PSI will get most jobs completed with ease. The reverse tips are another highly rated Graco feature, allowing for continued spraying without clogs.

The major advantages of the Ultra handheld sprayers are the airless finish it provides. It comes close to their premium range even being a battery power option. It is ready to spray immediately (once charged). Even though the 17M363 model is powerful, it is also extremely lightweight. This feature makes it easy to handle, allowing users to get a flawless finish on any small surface area.

The fact that it uses a DeWALT battery is another perk to this cordless paint sprayer. Many power tools run with Dewalt, mostly because it is the most reliable battery on the market. This battery provides a long lasting runtime before you need to recharge and a spare is provided.

Another impressive feature of the Graco 17M363 is its ability to spray latex, enamel, chalk, and oil-based paints with ease and without needing to thin them. This sprayer does not limit you to one type of paint; it gives you plenty of options.

This tool is perfect for contractors as it can easily spray those small jobs without having to start-up their larger airless sprayer.


  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Replacement tips available


  • Requires frequent refilling
  • Not suitable for lacquer paint

5 Reasons Why this is my Number 1 Cordless Sprayer

  • 1
    The DeWALT Battery is best battery ever produced for sprayers
  • 2
    The Graco Ultra range in airless spray systems
  • 3
    Reverse Tip means no clogs
  • 4
    Up to 2000 PSI for more power
  • 5

2. Graco TC Pro Spray Gun

Graco TC Pro Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Powered by DeWALT's 20-Volt MAX XR...
  • Triax triple piston pump built from durable...
  • Spray paint and stain - no thinning required;...
  • Includes: TC pro 514 reversible spray tip, 4...

Graco outdoes themselves with this cordless version. It’s powered by DeWALT’s 20-Volt MAX XR lithium-ion battery, so you know you can rely on it to get the job done. It’s even capable of spraying unthinned paints with the SmartTip technology. Use this gun from any direction, even if you want to paint with it upside down.

The triple piston pump is constructed with carbide pistons, so you can also count on the durability. Adjust the pressure easily from 0 to 2,000 psi to get the finish you want without too much overspray. You can change the pressure without switching nozzles, so you can keep painting without interruption. 

This is a pricey unit, but completely portable thanks to the battery power. The DeWALT 20-volt Lithium Ion battery provides long run-time and charges quickly. It allows you to easily move from room to room within your home without annoying cords or hoses getting in the way.

The TC Pro is ideal for handy homeowners as well as contractors. Anyone who has used this Graco model says that it is perfect for painting trims around doors, baseboards, and crown moldings. It tends to go through paint quickly in order to get that perfect finish, so it is not ideal for larger surface areas.

This unit comes complete with a TC pro 514 reversible tip, pump armor storage fluid, flex line bags, VacuValve caps, 60 mesh filter, plus the DeWALT battery and charger. It also comes with a one-year warranty and is recommended for up to 50 gallons of usage per year.


  • Powered by DeWALT
  • Sprays unthinned paints with ease
  • Can be used from any direction, even upside down
  • Durable triple piston pump made with carbide pistons
  • Easily adjustable


  • Expensive
  • Heavier than typical paint sprayers

3. Graco Ultra Max 17M367 Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld...
  • Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed - Without...
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life, Uses RAC...

The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 has a ton of features that make it a smart choice for anyone. This cordless paint sprayer comes with sturdy stainless-steel components, providing incredible durability in a light weight design.

It has a reliable startup and provides the perfect airless finish. Similar to the other Graco models, this sprayer has a wide PSI adjustment ranging from 500 to 2000. Changing the pressure is simple, so you can go from light to powerful spraying with ease.

It uses the DeWALT 20-volt XR Lithium Ion battery and comes with a spare. This battery is trusted by power tool users everywhere for its lightweight design and quick-charging features. You won't miss a beat since you can use one battery while you charge the spare.

When you purchase an Ultra Max Cordless it is basically ready to use straight out of the box with everything you need to start painting. All you need to do is add your paint of choice and it's ready to go. There is no thinning required and in most cases you only need one coat for smooth coverage.

Most paint sprayers come with just one tip and you are required to purchase supplemental ones separately. With the Ultra Max, you are given 2 spraying tips: the RACxFF LP 514 and RACxFF LP 210. These provide maximum coverage even at a low pressure.

Contractors all over the world swear by this paint sprayer. It is also suitable for homeowners, but the high price might not be a necessary expense for quick paint jobs at home.


  • Powered by DeWALT XR Lithium Ion System
  • No need for paint thinning and
  • 2 spraying tips provided


  • List Element

4. Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro II

Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro II Cordless Paint...
  • Sprays material as designed by the paint...
  • Achieve the best spray finish by simply...
  • 20V Lithium-Ion Battery Packs allow for...
  • Tilt-N-Spray suction tube allows for full...

This handheld, battery operated, airless paint sprayer comes with 2 20-volt Lithium-ion batteries that are responsible for its portability. It is perfect to complete your 1 or 2-gallon painting projects. If you want to accomplish a fine finish fast and easy, use this handy device. 

Just like the other Graco paint sprayers, it sprays materials as made by the manufacturer. This means you don’t need to do diluting or thinning anymore. To achieve your desired finish, simply adjust the sprayer’s pressure for an even, consistent coating. Maximum coverage should be possible with just one coat.

The TrueCoat Pro II model also features its very own technology called “Tilt-N-Spray suction tube,” which allows users to spray at 45-degree angle up or down. This feature lets you spray in a full range without losing a prime.

This sprayer from Graco is a good buy because you can extend its life by replacing any part with a simple and modular component. There is no need to invest in a brand new sprayer if something goes wrong, you just need to replace one component or part.

One major drawback is the battery. It only lasts around 15 minutes of spraying time, meaning it is suitable for smaller quicker jobs. If you are happy to wait and recharge the battery then it is a solid pick from a solid airless paint spraying brand.

Another negative aspect of this sprayer is the cost. Ideally homeowners could use it for quick paint jobs, but similar to the Ultra Max Cordless Model it might be out of some homeowners' price range. However, it is perfect for professional painters and contractors who want a powerful tool for efficient painting.


  • Highly portable
  • No need to dilute or use paint thinner
  • Tilt-n-spray pendulum allows all direction spraying
  • Very smooth finish


  • Requires frequent filling
  • Short battery life
  • Goes through quite a bit of paint
  • Expensive

What to Know About Battery Power

When it comes to battery power, you want one that will stand up to what you put it through.

Look for lithium-ion batteries. They have a bigger capacity when it comes to charging. You want to know about the runtime, how long will your battery run on a full charge.

What is the charging time, you want to know how long to expect it to fully recharged, and ready to use?

Best Cordless Paint Sprayers

Finding one that has similar charge and run times, are very effective.  It will also save your sanity.  You want to know how heavy it is.  You don’t want to add a bunch of weight onto your sprayer. 

The DeWalt Batteries have these great features. DeWalt is top of the game when it comes to batteries. They are changing the playing field, with revolutionary new steps. They have low weight, meaning you’re not going to be adding a lot of pounds to your sprayer.  

Their batteries have been made to hold a charge for the entire day. The DeWalt name is a known name around power tools, for quality, and durability.

Spray Gun Vs Paint Job - Which is Best?

In my experience, some cordless paint sprayers have a lot of issues where electric handheld models seem to hold up. The power or force of spraying is much greater in electric models, too, giving you more painting options.

Battery operated machines, except for our #1 choice below, usually do not last more than about 20 minutes before the battery needs to be replaced or recharged. Other issues commonly arise such as defects in design and uneven coats when spraying.

These issues can occur in handheld electric sprayers, too. Though we tend to see them less often.  In saying this, the newest Graco model featured below has achieved a step above any other battery operated sprayer ever produced.

Is a Graco cordless paint sprayer my best option?

When looking at paint spray guns it always best to consider the job you are choosing as different brands offer better-suited products for specific jobs. For cordless paint spray guns, I always go with Graco as my top pick. They have developed a top quality range of battery operated tools.

By using one of these Graco sprayers, small touch up jobs can be completed with ease, a smooth finish and simple cleanup.

Benefits Of A Cordless Paint Spray Guns

  • Fantastic finishing touch without leaving marks like a brush or roller
  • Different sizes readily available
  • Various types available at a reasonable cost
  • Easier and faster than Airless & HVLP Models
  • Can take it anywhere
  • Works on a variety of spray jobs

Handheld Paint sprayers are absolutely a must-have for every professional painter. If a painting contractor needs to finish small jobs, they are ready to do so in minutes, without preparing their larger sprayer.

Ultimately portability is what these products offer, and newer models feature pressure control technology to adjust the amount of pressure and cover a broader variety of applications.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the best material to spray with a cordless sprayer?

Thinner paints, top-coats, clear coats, and single-stage paints are ideal for cordless sprayers. You can spray any type of material that these paints cover, such as walls, furniture, and even your kitchen cabinets. As long as the project is smaller in size, a cordless sprayer should do just fine.

What type of maintenance is needed for cordless paint sprayer?

Cordless sprayers need less maintenance than airless or traditional models do. However, you still need to clean them after every use, keep the batteries in good standing and ensure that the o-rings and seals are in place and lubricated (when applicable).

How often should cordless sprayers be cleaned?

Just like any other sprayer, you will need to clean your cordless sprayer after every use. Any time the sprayer will be out of use for longer than about an hour, you will need to clean it. If you fail to clean it, the paint in the tubing and gun can cure, causing the gun to malfunction, break or need a serious repair, costing you money and valuable time.

How do I store a cordless spray gun when not in use?

After you do a thorough clean and inspection of your cordless spray gun, you should store it in a cool, dry place. Most cordless guns will come in a carrying case that you can use for storage as well. Even in the case, you should attempt to store the gun in an upright position.

What are some extra accessories needed for home spraying?

Besides the sprayer, you will need your paint, of course, and cleaning materials. Tack cloths for removing dust from painted surfaces and drop cloths to protect from overspray are also warranted.

Depending on your project scope, you may need to keep extra tips on hand as well as tools for making the job easier, such as sandpaper, mineral spirits, and, of course, personal protective gear.

Do all cordless sprayers come with a warranty?

Most brand named sprayers will come with a 12-month limited warranty. Some refurbished models or lesser-known brands may or may not have a warranty. You will need to check with the vendor or manufacturer of the specific model you have your eye on, prior to purchase, to ensure that there is a warranty.


Similar products compete through additional features they offer to consumers, such as the tilting capability of the top Graco sprayer, wasting no material and increasing productivity.

Choose the one you think is most durable and longer-lasting to make the most of your money.

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