7 Best Diamond Painting Kits: Reviews For Kids & Adults

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Diamond painting is the new thing in creative hobbies. More and more people are ditching those so-last-season paint by numbers kits and cross-stitching patterns for diamond painting kits instead. For up-to-date info on the best diamond painting kits for kids and adults and where to buy them, check out this complete guide.

So you know that diamond painting is the new trend in creativity, but what exactly is it? TODAY explains it perfectly:

“It's essentially an upgraded version of ‘paint by numbers.’ Each set comes with a canvas covered in numbers and letters, as well as tiny gemstones that correspond to those numbers and letters. To create your own diamond painting, you simply use the included applicator tool and apply each gemstone to the canvas.”

Once you finish the painting, the final result is a shimmering, glittering work of art that you'll want to hang on any wall of your home.

How to Do Diamond Painting Successfully

Aside from the fact that the best paint with diamonds kits leaves you with a stunning homemade masterpiece, the main reason this craft has become so popular is that anyone can do it. In other words, you don't have to be a creative genius to enjoy this craft. Even kids can take part in custom diamond painting.

Once you've found the best place to buy diamond painting kits and purchased one that looks good, open up the kit and lay out all the tools. Make sure everything is there before you get started, and if nothing’s missing (it shouldn’t be), set your canvas on a flat surface that’s suitable for crafting.

Right away, you'll notice that the canvas is divided into small areas labeled with symbols and numbers. These represent the diamond color, and you'll refer to the included chart to match the color with the symbol/number. To keep things simple and organized, try to work in small areas.

When you’re ready to start painting, peel back a section of the canvas’ protective covering and find the colors that correspond with that section. Then, using the diamond painting pen, dip it into the sticky wax (this will be included in the kit), pick up a diamond dot, and place it in its corresponding color code.

Continue this until the entire painting is complete. Once finished, place a plastic protective film on top and use a roller (a kitchen rolling pin also works) to gently press the canvas and secure the diamonds firmly into place.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Painting Kit

Many people who are new to diamond painting focus only on the canvas image, but this is the first mistake in choosing a kit. Of course, you do want to pay attention to the picture, but there are other things to consider as well, like:

Difficulty Level

If you’re new to diamond painting or purchasing this for your child, pay close attention to the kit's difficulty level. Not all kits will explicitly say "best for beginners" or "for advanced diamond painters," but it should be fairly easy to tell by the number of pieces and the picture of the finished product.

Canvas Size

Diamond paintings come in various sizes, ranging from a few inches to a few feet. You'll definitely want to consider this, especially if you plan on hanging the finished painting up or you’re limited on crafting space.

Square vs. Round Drill

Some kits use round diamonds, and others use square-shaped ones. Although the finished product looks more uniform with a square diamond drill since no canvas shows between the diamonds, a round drill is better for beginners. It's easier to pick up and secure round diamonds, and most people don't mind the look of canvas peeking through.

Tools Included

Always check a kit before you buy to make sure all the tools are included. The diamond painting tools you’ll need to complete your masterpiece are a diamond painting roller, a storage box for diamonds, a set of tweezers, diamond pens, plastic trays, and glue. Some come with more, but these are the must-haves.

3D vs. 5D Diamonds

In terms of image quality and overall impressiveness, 5D diamond painting is a better choice than 3D. It’s fine to get started with 3D paintings, but 5D diamonds have more facets, which means that a 5D diamond painting kits end up with a lot more sparkle and shine than a 3D painting.

Crafting Budget

Most crafters love a good deal, so it’s easy to get excited when you come across a clearance diamond painting or a cheap diamond painting price that seems too good to be true. Just don’t let price be the determining factor for your crafting budget - low cost usually means low quality.

7 Best Diamond Painting Kits Reviewed

1. Suptikes 22 Pieces Tool & Accessories

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Suptikes 22 Pieces 5D Diamonds Painting Tools...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED- 1xdiamond painting...
  • DIAMOND PAINTING ROLLER- Specially designed...
  • 28 GRIDS STORAGE BOX- The box snap shut...

Out of all the diamond kits available, crafters’ favorite is the 22-piece kits from Suptikes. It’s a really great starter kit for both adults and kids since it’s affordable, easy to do, and has everything you need to make a sparkly painting. Some people even call this a diamond painting necessity.

Included in each Suptikes kit is 1 diamond painting roller, 1 storage box, a pair of tweezers, a transparent tool bag, 4 diamond pens, 3 diamond plastic tray, 1 label sticker, and glue squares for a total of 22 pieces. Even for the low price of this kit, the company doesn’t skimp on quality, especially for the diamond roller.

The roller is specifically designed for evenly flattening out and securing surface material, but it’s lightweight and easy to handle, even for young diamond painters. You’ll be able to effectively secure the diamond painting beads firmer to the canvas and without affecting the shininess of diamonds.

The storage box contains 28 grids, which helps you to keep everything neat and tidy. There are 4 different diamond pen configurations, letting you pick up a single diamond or 9 diamonds at a time. This is a really handy tool if you’re working with a large single-color area.

The only drawback of the Suptikes kits is that they just contain the tools you need, not the actual canvases or diamonds. You'll have to buy that separately, but this is still an excellent investment, especially for beginners. 

2. XPCARE 6 Pack 5d

Diamond painting kits for adults are easy to come by, but the finished product doesn’t always meet a painter’s expectations. You won’t have that problem with the XPCARE 5D diamond paintings. Each kit comes with 6 different paintings, each of a different moon scene, and each one better than the last.

You also get diamond sticky pens, adhesive clay, and rhinestone plates to stay organized for every painting. The canvas size for each image is 12" x 12”, which is a nice size for hanging it up in your home. The company also has larger sizes available, but you need to contact them directly if that’s something you’re interested in.

One of the main compliments of the XPCARE 5D painting kits is that the instructions are really easy to follow. It’s all laid out clearly - “According to the drill number comparison table on the canvas, select the correct color, pour the corresponding drill number into the dish, and use the pen to point on the plate. When you are done, you can press it with a book.”

This kit doesn’t come with a roller, which isn’t ideal, but as mentioned above, you can just flatten out the diamonds using a book. Also, there’s not a lot of variety with the pictures - they’re all moon scenes - but most diamond painters don’t seem to mind since each one uses different colors.

3. Neasyth Store DIY 5D

DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit, Round Full Drill...
  • 【Materal and Size】:Canvas Size...
  • 【Diamond Painting Kits With Round Acrylic...
  • 【DIY Life Educational and Relaxing...
  • 【Perfect Gift and Unique Decoration】:5D...

The Neasyth Store DIY 5D kit is the perfect choice if you're trying to stick to a low crafting budget but still want something nice to hang on the wall when you're finished. This painting comes in 2 different sizes - a 14x14 or a 16x16-inch - and says, "Because someone we love is in heaven, there’s a little bit of heaven in our home. The painting process is fun, and the final product is sentimental.

One thing that makes this the best value for money option is canvas quality. The material is eco-friendly and easy to work with. It’s waterproof, damp-proof, and wrinkle-free and has a texture that provides more hold for each diamond. Best of all, it lets you feel like a painter, even if you’ve never considered yourself one before.

Each round diamond has a 26-facet surface, which explains the extreme shininess. The more facets, the more three-dimensional and vivid a diamond painting turns out, and while some people don’t love the fact that the canvas peeks through the round diamonds, others actually prefer it that way.

Every kit from Neasyth includes a pre-printed oil canvas, round flat-backed diamond beads, a tray, a pen-like tool, and a packet of gel for securing the diamonds. It does not come with a roller, but for the value, that’s an easy flaw to forgive.

4. XPCARE 6 Pack 5d Canvas

XPCARE 6 Pack 5d Diamond Painting Kits Round...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES:6 sets 5D full drill...
  • CANVAS SIZE: 30X30CM/12 X 12Inch.NOTE:The...
  • HOW TO OPERATE:According to the drill number...
  • ENJOY YOUR TIME:Diy diamond painting can...

XPCARE has a lot of different paintings to choose from, like this next 6-pack of 5D canvases. The last one from XPCARE featured 6 different moon pictures, but this pack is filled with sentimental phrases - things like "A house is made of walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams" and "Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day." 

This company believes that diamond painting can do a lot of things for personal growth, like let you experience a sense of achievement, reduce stress, enhance self-confidence, and learn to be patient. “Finishing a DIY diamond painting is a process of constantly adjusting yourself and sharing happy time with your family or friends,” says XPCARE. That’s exactly what this painting kit can do for you.

Each of the paintings comes on a 12x12 canvas and includes a diamond painting pen, adhesive clay, diamond plates, tweezers, and instructions. All you have to do to use it is select the correct color according to the drill number comparison table on the canvas, pour the corresponding drill number into the dish, and use the pen to point on the plate. It’s suitable for every skill level, both for adults and kids.

5. COLEEY Full Drill Custom

Custom Diamond Painting Kits Full Drill for...
  • 1. Personalized this diamond painting by...
  • 2.Custom your own diamond painting from this...
  • 3. Warning:This is Diy Full Round Diamond...
  • 4. Each of our diamonds art has been...

If you’re new to diamond painting, it’s normal to assume that you have to settle for the images set by the brands. But that’s actually not true. If you have a specific picture or image in mind that you’d like to recreate as a diamond painting, you can do that with a kit like the Coleey Full Drill Custom set.

This customized diamond painting kit lets you upload your own photo, whether that’s a picture of your family, your wedding day, or a landscape that you’ve always admired. You can choose from a variety of different sizes, ranging from 12x12 to 32x40-inch. Just keep in mind that a detailed image will look better on a larger size canvas.

The other cool thing about the Coleey kits is that you have the option for both round and square diamonds. Square ones are a bit harder to handle, making them a better choice for more advanced diamond painters, but you’ll love the look of the uniform diamonds on the canvas.

Since this is one of the only brands that offer customized painting options, there’s a greater risk of missing stones or colors that aren’t exactly right. It’s still unlikely for this to happen since Coleey uses a special procedure for calculating how many diamonds for each color are needed, but it does happen. The good news is that the company will reship the painting kit for free if you encounter any trouble.

6. KISSBUTY 4 Pack 5D Full Drill Christmas

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4 Pack 5D Full Drill Christmas Diamond...
  • Product comes with 4 Pack Canvas, Diamond,...
  • DIY diamond painting can experience a sense...
  • Perfect to decorate your living room or...
  • DIY- Diy diamond painting can enhance your...

When Christmas is right around the corner, there’s no better way to spend the holidays than try out a new hobby. You might even get a nice holiday-themed work of art out of it, like with the Kissbuty 4D Christmas diamond painting. This kit includes a 4-pack of 5D Christmas paintings featuring Santa, snowmen, and falling snowflakes.

This kit is slightly more expensive than the others, but the quality is high. Each canvas is about 10" x 10", and hanging them side by side is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. The kit includes all the diamonds and tools you need to complete each one, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The description says, "for adults and beginners," but it's also suitable for kids ages 6 and up.

Of course, the holiday theme isn’t ideal for everyone, but Kissbuty has a lot of different paintings to choose from. Take your pick from Disney princesses, horses, flowers, and Halloween-themed images. There have been some complaints that each painting takes too long to complete from impatient crafters, but most people agree that it's an easy but fulfilling craft.


FIGHTA 5D Diamond Painting Kits for Kids Full...
  • ✔ PAINTWORKS FOR: Paint by number kits for...
  • ✔ Kids Diamond Painting by Number Kits -...
  • ✔ GIFT CHOICE: Perfect gift for Christmas,...
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If you’re looking for a fun kids craft that’s great for the whole family, the Fighta 5D diamond painting is a perfect choice. It’s easy to do and specifically designed with kids and beginners in mind. Kits like this one have been proven to improve children's hands-on ability, color matching ability, develop concentration, and teach joyful self-discipline.

The instructions are easy to follow, yet another reason why this is a go-to choice for parents. The entire painting can be completed in a few steps and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Here’s what you do according to the company:

  1. 1
    Find the corresponding crystal rhinestone based on the symbol list and pour it into the plastic tray.
  2. 2
    Put the clay on the diamond sticky pen.
  3. 3
    Use the diamond sticky pen with the clay to paste the diamond and then stick it in the corresponding diamond color number
  4. 4
    Use a book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure it's stoutness.
  5. 5
    Tear off the sticker and paste it where you want.

The canvas image is of a small rhinestone pony that any little girl will love. There are also a few more boy-friendly options from this company, like a panda bear and a narwhal, but the pony seems to be the biggest hit among most kids. Aside from the cutesy image, the larger-than-average diamonds and the small canvas area make this a great choice for children.

Examples & Inspiration for Quality Diamond Painting

Because this is a growing trend, it’s really easy to find inspiration for your next diamond painting kit. Just start browsing Pinterest pages (like this one) and follow crafty Instagrammers and bloggers. The main thing to remember about choosing your next kit is to pick one that features an image that speaks to you.

If you like floral designs, go with a flowery diamond painting kit. If you prefer seascapes, find one that features an oceanside view. There’s a diamond painting kit out there for everyone, even kids who would love nothing more than a diamond painting Disney kit featuring Olaf from Frozen or a Harry Potter diamond painting kit of a quidditch scene.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is diamond painting difficult?

Diamond painting instructions might seem overwhelming at first, but the steps are pretty much the same as a paint by number craft. All you have to do is pick up a diamond and stick it on the canvas in the corresponding color code. It’s really easy, which is why more parents are choosing this craft for their kids.

Should I seal my diamond painting?

It’s not completely necessary, but it’s a good idea. By sealing your painting, you’ll lock all the diamonds in place and ensure a long-lasting finished project that can hang in your home for years. Use a brush-on sealer and just paint it on with a high-quality brush. 

How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

This depends entirely on the kit you’ve chosen. Some of the best custom diamond painting kits take more than 50 hours to complete while smaller kits can be done in an afternoon of crafting. If you have a short attention span or this kit is meant for a child, try to avoid large diamond painting kits.

What else do you need for diamond painting that is not in the kits on our list?

Other than some patience, time to craft, and a steady hand, there’s nothing else you really need to buy for diamond painting. All the best quality diamond painting kits come with everything you need to complete the project, including a diamond painting drill pen, canvas, and the diamonds. However, if you do choose to seal the painting, you might need to buy a brush-on sealer.

What is the difference between 5D and 3D diamond painting?

It all has to do with the shape of the diamonds you’re using, but more specifically, the number of facets lining the diamond surface. The diamonds in 3D kits have a max of 9 facets, while 5D kit diamonds have more (usually 15). The more facets, the more dimensional the painting.

Where can I buy diamond painting kits at a good price?

Before you buy, the first step is to look for answers on who makes the best diamond painting kits. Once that’s figured out, then you can start browsing. It’s easy to find the best diamond painting kits on Amazon from the best brands, but you can also shop at Walmart, Michaels, or any craft store.


Hopefully, you got what you needed from these best diamond painting kits reviews so that you can start getting crafty ASAP. Just remember that there’s no right or wrong DIY diamond painting kit since the one you choose depends on skill level, age, and picture preferences.

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