7 Best Epoxy Resin For Wood: Reviews & Comparisons

People nowadays love to paint furniture, but there's another way to transform the wooden things in your home. Epoxy resin for wood is valued by DIYers and professionals alike for its strength and long-lasting adhesion. 

There’s a range of epoxy resins on the market that work wonders on a range of wooden furnishings, especially for tables, floorboards, and wooden worktops.

Our comprehensive guide will go through all the information you’ll need so you choose the right one for your DIY project.  

What Exactly Is an Epoxy? 

Epoxy resin, also known as polyepoxide, is known for its adhesive qualities and can be used in a variety of applications and industries. From fabric, glass, china, metal, and of course, wood, there’s a wide range of epoxy resin sealers and paints that protect and repair these materials.

 Not all epoxy resins will work on every surface or material as they are mixed differently. The most popular epoxy resins on the market are formed in ratios of between 1:1 and 3:1 resin to hardener. 

It’s perfect for DIYer’s and professionals alike on wood as it has a strong and durable bonding power. Some epoxy resins have a waterproof sealant, so they can be easily cleaned or sanded for years to come. These qualities make it ideal for use on wooden furnishings like tabletops, chair sets, drawers, and more.  

For something more simple and easier to use - see our guide on spray paints suitable for wood.

Best Epoxy Resin For Wood

What are the Various Types of Epoxy Resins for Woods? 


Bisphenol A (BPA) is the most common type of epoxy resin on the market as it has the lowest molecular weight. These epoxy resins are used for consumer and industrial applications because of their toughness, strong adhesion, and chemical resistance.  


This type of epoxy is created by a double bond epoxidation with cycloaliphatic epoxides and epoxidized vegetable oils. They have a low viscosity compared to aromatic epoxy resins. This type of epoxy resin has great weather resistance and improves tensile strength.  


When phenol and methanol (formaldehyde) become in contact, it creates a reaction of epichlorohydrin, and novolac resin is made. This epoxy doesn’t contain any solvents or VOCs and is extremely safe to use. They have a high level of adhesive strength and chemical resistance to high temperatures. 


Halogenated epoxy resins are admixed with special properties. The most common epoxies used to make Halogenated resins are brominated bisphenol A and fluorinated resins. They have a high molecular weight and are used as flame retarding agents for thermoplastic polymers. 

Glycidyl Amine 

GAER, also known as glycidyl amine epoxy resins, are high-performing and multifunctional epoxies. They are created by reacting a range of aromatic amines with epichlorohydrin.

With the majority of GAER epoxies, you should expect a low-medium viscosity when being used at room temperature. 

Epoxy Resin Diluents 

Diluents are created for low-molecular-weight with low-viscosity compounds. They are used to minimize the viscosity or increase the solubility of a resin or a hardener.

They can be either reactive or non-reactive. However, out of the two, reactive are more expensive and desirable as they combine chemically with the main resin during the curing time. 

Best Epoxy Resin For Wood

How to Choose an Epoxy Resin for Wood: Buying Guide 

Hardener & Durability 

All of the epoxy resins on our list come with a second bottle of hardener. This is for you to add to the epoxy resin, and it helps to harden the wooden surface.

It also helps the surface to cure with better a higher level of durability and strength. By purchasing an epoxy model with a separate hardener, it can save you on time and effort than pure resin. 

Level of Gloss 

It’s important to check what the level of gloss is like before you purchase an epoxy resin. Some are semi-gloss and will leave a little shine, whereas others are super-gloss and can leave a wooden surface with a glass-like finish.

As the gloss refers to the clarity and brightness it leaves, be sure it matches the result that you’d prefer before buying.  

Time to Cure & Dry 

The drying and curing time is an important factor in your choice of epoxy resin as they can vary quite a bit. If you hope to be eating or working from a tabletop or storing groceries in your wooden kitchen cabinets in 2 or 3 days, then you’ll need a fast-drying epoxy resin.

Some brands take up to 30 days to fully cure, which doesn’t suit everyone's needs. Bear in mind; faster drying epoxy resins may not deliver as much strength as those that take longer to dry.  

Self-leveling Ability 

This feature allows the epoxy resin to dry without the need of streaking the epoxy paint into a surface. Self-leveling often creates a coating that seeps into the wood to provide a smoother wooden surface.

It's a feature in some but not all epoxy resins, yet it can save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort, so be sure to check if your preferred epoxy resin features it.  

Pour depth & Coverage  

Epoxy resins with deep pour depths will fill vessels and molds by casting the epoxy formula on top of the wood. Some will penetrate 1/2 an inch deep, whereas others can go as deep as 2 inches.

If your wooden surface has deep pores, you'll need to get an epoxy resin that can effectively penetrate the wood. You’ll need to consider these deep pours when you’re calculating the square foot coverage.  

Protection Features 

Not all epoxy resins have the same formula. Some companies have created epoxy resins to protect your wooden surfaces against the following. 

  • Water Resistance: Not all epoxy resins are resistant to water damage. We recommend going for options that specifically clarify that it is water-resistant. 
  • Abrasion Resistance: Scratches and high/low impact damage can happen over time. There are epoxy resins that can protect the wood from these common problems. 
  • UV and Anti-yellowing Resistance: If you are hoping to apply an epoxy resin to wood that’s outdoors, then be sure it has resistance to UV rays. Not only will this stop yellow spotting from forming on the surface, but it will also protect the wood that’s underneath the epoxy resin.  

Anti-bubble features 

A common problem that DIYer’s run into when applying an epoxy resin is the bubbles that form after they pour the mix. Buying a resin with a bubble-resistant formula allows the air to rise to the top so it doesn't become trapped.

You can then remove any air bubbles that sit on the top of the surface with a hairdryer or heat gun if they don’t pop themselves. Watch this video to learn more.

7 Best Epoxy Resins for Wood Reviewed 

1. Pro Marine Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating

Our #1 Choice

Sizes Available 

2-Quart Kit, up to 60-Quarts Kits 

Working Time 

35 minutes 

Curing time 

12-14 hours 

Max Pour Depth 


Whether you’re working on tabletops, bars, chairs, or any wooden finish, the Pro Marine Crystal Clear epoxy Resin will work wonders for you. We’ve chosen this 1-gallon kit as the best epoxy resin for wood as it’s formulated for minimal bubbles, and it eliminates fish eyes, craters, and various other imperfections. The application is smooth and easy; Pro Marine has set out some simple instructions for you to follow on their YouTube channel.  

With this kit, you’ll get a half-gallon of tabletop epoxy and a half-gallon of hardener. Once you mixed them both together, you will have a full gallon to work with. If you do not need a full gallon, simply mix 1:1 and keep the rest of the epoxy resin and hardener separate until you begin another project. Keep in mind, a full gallon will cover approximately 37sq. ft. and will add about an 8th of an inch of thickness to the wooden surface.  

As this epoxy resin goes on and stays clear after the drying time, it will allow you to use it on a range of projects. You can use it on tiles, corks, porcelain, concrete, and more. It’s also self-leveling, so you won't have to worry about it being thicker in certain areas. Furthermore, this high-gloss epoxy resin and hardener takes approximately 12-14 hours to dry to the touch, and then it leaves your wooden surface UV resistant, water-resistant, and anti-yellowing.  


  • Many sizes available, from 1 gallon to 30 gallons 
  • Compliant with FDA requirements 
  • Uv and water-resistant formula 


  • Follow the instructions exactly to get the mixture perfect. Otherwise, bubbles will form. 

2. RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin

Best For Table Tops 

Sizes Available 

1-Gallon Kit, 2-Quart Kit 

Working Time 

45 minutes 

Curing time 

Up to 24 Hrs. 

Max Pour Depth 


Our pick for the best epoxy resin for table tops is by RTG Supply Company. Their Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin is also a 2 part mix. Part A is a durable, clear-gloss resin, and part B is the hardener. You can choose between a gallon kit or a 2-Quart kit. Both sizes have the same formula and are compatible with colorants, so you can add this to your epoxy resin. 

We believe this formula is perfect for tabletops for its versatility and strength. You can customize your bar or tabletop by embedding objects beneath the crystal clear surface, such as photographs, seashells, coins, or glitter. You can also create a 3D effect by pouring multiple thin layers of this epoxy resin onto tabletops and adding objects in each layer.  

The RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy is easy to use, especially if it's your first time using an epoxy product. Once you pour the 1:1 mix onto a tabletop, the bubbles will rise to the surface and pop on their own. You can also remove any stubborn bubbles by waving a heat gun or hairdryer back and forth over the surface. It has a self-leveling formula, and it’s anti-yellowing, waterproof, and it resists UV rays very well. However, RTG doesn’t recommend using this product if it's for outdoor surfaces with prolonged exposure to sunlight.   


  • Tough and versatile formula 
  • Color-safe and anti-yellowing 
  • Bubbles will rise to the surface 


  • It’s UV resistant but not suitable for outdoor use 

3. Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin

Best Self Levelling Epoxy 

Sizes Available 

16oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, 1-Gallon, 2-Gallons, 10-Gallons  

Working Time 

45 minutes 

Curing time 

16-20 Hrs. 

Max Pour Depth 


If you’re looking for an epoxy resin with the best of the best self-leveling properties, then it’s worth checking out the Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin. This 2-part epoxy resin has a mix ratio of 1:1, and it demoulds in 24 hours. Once the 1-part hardener is mixed with the 1-part resin, simply pour the Epox-It 80, and you’ll get a 45-minute working time. This allows you to take your time on a project, but you won’t need to wait long for it to cure enough for a second layer. 

Not only does this formula have exceptional self-leveling properties, but it’s also resistant to a ton of damaging factors. It is blush-resistant, water-resistant, impact-resistant, and UV-resistant. So, you can use this epoxy resin on wood inside or outside of your home.  

This high-gloss and crystal clear finish epoxy resin kit can be used for artistic and functional projects like coating bar tops, tabletops, and countertops. You can also use it on a variety of other projects like resin painting, resin art, coating clear models, prototypes, fiberglass laminating, figurines, jewelry, and more. Once it’s fully cured, it’s food-safe, and it has a virtually odorless formula. We highly recommend this epoxy resin kit for its multifunctioning capabilities.  


  • Multi-functioning formula- works on wood, paintings, even jewelry 
  • Demoulds in 24 hours 
  • Food-safe once it’s fully cured 


  • Customers have reported some issues with the resin hardening- follow the instructions carefully 

4. East Coast Resin Super Gloss Coating EPOXY Resin

High Gloss Finish Epoxy 

Sizes Available 

1-Gallon Kit 

Working Time 

30 minutes 

Curing time 

18-24 Hrs. 

Max Pour Depth 

1/6 “- 2 ” 

East Coast Resin focuses on creating a safe and odorless epoxy resin formula that has a super-glossy finish, and we have to admit, they’ve nailed it. The Super Gloss Coating Epoxy Resin also comes with Part-A polymer-based resin and a Part-B epoxy hardener. The mix is 1:1 and you’ll get about 30 to 35 minutes of working time with this product. 

The self-settling formula goes on easily, and we highly recommend it for first-time resin painters and hobbyists. With each 1-gallon purchase, you’ll receive detailed instructions with each kit. As the company focused on having the formula as safe as possible, you can even apply it without wearing a mask. It cures incredibly quickly, so you never have to stress that your wooden surfaces will be ruined during the fishing process.  

With this epoxy resin, you’ll get a self-leveling and water-resistant formula that's suitable for wood inside your home. You can cover about 25 square feet per single gallon. This may not seem like a lot, but the cost and outcome are amazing for the price you’ll pay. Be sure to purchase enough of the ECR Super Gloss Coating before starting your project, as an inadequate pour is difficult to repair. 


  • Odorless and safe formula-  you can apply without a mask 
  • Self-leveling and water-resistant 
  • Super-glossy finish 


  • Does not cover a ton of square feet. Be sure to buy enough for your project. 

5. TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy

Best Thick Pour Epoxy 

Sizes Available 

1.3-gallon kit, 1.3-quart kit, 4-gallon kit, 8-gallon kit 

Working Time 

45 minutes 

Curing time 

48 Hrs. 

Max Pour Depth 

Up to 2” 

The next epoxy resin on our list is the best thick pour epoxy as it has a 3:1 mix ratio. You add 3-parts resin with a 1-part hardener, and it’s perfect for thick casting, encapsulating objects, and molding applications. This formula can work on every surface, but it’s our choice for the best epoxy resin for wood cracks as it fills voids in wood and has a max pour depth of up to 2”.  

This clear, high-gloss, and non-yellowing epoxy resin has a scratch-resistant finish, leaving your tabletops or kitchen counter surfaces glass-like. Furthermore, you can change up the finished result by adding a tint or color to the formula. Simply add mica powder, alcohol ink, or concentrated liquid pigments for spectacular effects.  

Once the TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy is fully cured, it’s BPA-free, so it's safer to use on tables that come into contact with food. The company recommends this product for garage use, restaurant & indoor use. As it doesn’t have UV resistance, it’s not the best choice for wood that sits outside all year round.  Finally, this product has low VOCs and a small amount of odor, but for your safety, wear disposable gloves and be sure your work area that’s well ventilated.  


  • Resists scratches, stains, and yellowing 
  • Great for almost every surface 
  • No harsh chemicals used for a thicker formula 


  • Not suitable for outdoor use 

6. EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

Glitter Pigment Compatible 

Sizes Available 

750ML, 1.5L, 3L, 6L, 12L, 30L, 60L 

Working Time 

8 Hrs. 

Curing time 

72 Hrs. 

Max Pour Depth 

1.2” - 1.5” 

EcoPoxy conducted a ton of research to create their new clear-casting epoxy resin. FlowCast is an eco-friendly, bio-based epoxy that’s made with renewable sources. It has no VOCs, almost no odor, and it has an extremely low viscosity. If you’re a customer hoping to support a company that is conscious of its carbon footprint, then EcoPoxy is the brand for you. 

Flowcast offers user’s a range of versatility with their crystal clear epoxy resin. You can create river tables or ocean tables by adding one of EcoPoxy’s colored pigments. You can also add glitter pigments to the mix to jazz up a wooden surface in a playroom or bathroom. Or simply pour on the crystal clear, high gloss epoxy to a wooden surface so a glass-like effect. The choice is yours to make. 

The formula is 100% solids and it comes with 2-components. The first component is resin, and the second is a hardener. With a 1:1 mix ratio, it’s hard to make any mistakes in the preparation process. It has a self-leveling and anti-bubbling formula. Another benefit of this epoxy resin is that you won’t need any special tools during the application process. FlowCast can be worked using the same tools you already have for woodworking, and the results will be as professional as ever.  


  • Environmentally friendly product 
  • Perfect for color and glitter pigments 
  • Low odor with no VOC’s  


  • Long working time- may not suit everyone 

7. Stone Coat Colorable 2-Part Epoxy Resin

Best For Beginners 

Sizes Available 

1/2 Gallon, 1-Gallon, 2-Gallons 

Working Time 

45 minutes 

Curing time 

72 Hrs, up to 30 days 

Max Pour Depth 

1/8 “ 

The last 2-part epoxy on our list is by Stone Coat and it’s the Art Coat 1/2 Gallon Epoxy Kit. You’ll receive 1/4 gallons of 1-part resin and 1-part hardener within this kit; mix them with a 1:1 mix ratio to get a smooth consistency of epoxy resin. If a 1/2 gallon doesn't fit your needs, there are also 1 and 2-gallon options available.  This formula has zero VOCs and is food safe once it’s fully cured.  

Add alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, oil-based paints, and more to this mix and create colors and ocean effects with ease. We believe this is the best beginner epoxy resin as it has an extended working time compared to its competitors. You also get simple step-by-step instructions so you can renew worn, old wooden surfaces or create stunning new countertops without the use of harmful chemicals.  

With the Stone Coat 2-Part Epoxy Resin, you should expect maximum UV resistances as well as scratch resistance. Messes and drips are easy to clean and the coating is strong and durable once it's completely cured. Bear in mind, the complete curing process takes its time. It’s dry to touch in 24 hours. You can do light kitchen work on the wooden surface in 3 days, but it’s not fully cured for about 30 days in total.  


  • Easy to mix, and simple instructions to follow 
  • Maximum UV resistance 
  • Mix in a variety of pigments to change the finished color 


  • Extremely long curing time- can take up to 30 days to fully cure. 

People Also ASk (FAQs)

Why use epoxy resin on wood? 

DIYers use an epoxy resin on wood to seal and protect it from any cracking or peeling that may occur over time. Many epoxy resins also offer waterproofing and UV resistance which can help for wooden surfaces that are left outdoors all year round.  

Is there a difference between a casting resin and an epoxy resin? 

There is a difference between a casting resin and an epoxy resin. Epoxy resins are used for coating applications like wood, concrete, and more. At the same time, casting resins are meant for casting applications like molds, figurines, & jewelry.  

How do you prepare wood for epoxy? 

You must remove any contaminants like paint, oils, grease, or wax from wood before you apply an epoxy resin. These contaminants will stop the bonding abilities from taking place, so be sure they're fully removed, and the wood is completely dry before applying any epoxy resin. You can use 120-grit sandpaper to remove any tough stains to make the process faster.  

How do you keep epoxy from soaking in wood? 

To prevent an epoxy resin from soaking into a wooden surface, you can add a sealer to the wood first. There are many sealers on the market that are suitable for epoxy resins. We recommend checking with the brand you are buying the resin from to see if they offer a sealer compatible with the epoxy resin. 

How long does an epoxy table last? 

If you’ve applied the epoxy resin as recommended by the manufacturer, and you've followed each instruction, your epoxy table will last for years to come. The exact timeframe will depend on the epoxy resin you choose, so we recommend checking this before buying your preferred resin.  


As you can see, many epoxy resins are suitable for wood on the market. There might be a lot of similarities between them, but they all have features that set them apart.

Our top pick, the Pro Marine Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Coating is a great product without being too difficult to use. We hope you have found all of the information you'll need and you've picked the best epoxy resin for your needs from our guide.  

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