Can You Rent A Paint Sprayer? (Here’s How Much It Costs)

Complicated as it might seem at first, using a paint sprayer instead of traditional brushes and rollers can provide the same or higher quality paint job in far less time.  

While there are plenty of affordable paint sprayers on the market to purchase, you can also rent a paint sprayer for quick renovations, one-off projects, or simply try this time-saving method out before investing in your own equipment.

In this guide, learn the advantages of renting a paint sprayer, the difference in cost versus owning one yourself, and the best places to find paint sprayer rentals that fit your renovation budget.  

Why use a paint sprayer over the much cheaper brushes or rollers?

The main advantage is that sprayers save time. You can paint an entire room in half the time (or less).  

The paint job itself often turns out better, as well.

Paint sprayers, when used properly, avoid paint drips or splatters you might get with rollers and brushes.

You can also easily paint trim and other detail work without leaving brush strokes behind.  

Graco Paint Sprayer

The main disadvantage of paint sprayers, of course, is the cost. While brushes and rollers cost a few dollars, even the cheapest paint sprayers can cost twenty to forty times that.  

This is where renting a paint sprayer instead can be beneficial. You can select simple models or high-end professional versions and choose a few hours' rental time, an entire day, or even longer.

Where To Rent Paint Sprayers? (+ How Much They Cost) 

Most places that sell paint sprayers will also carry versions of those models that you can rent. Below, you’ll find rental information for some of the more well-known and widely available places in America where you can rent a paint sprayer.  

Keep in mind that these prices are just averages and subject to change over time. They include ranges for both basic airless sprayers and large pro-quality options.  

Home Depot  

  • Rental Cost Per Day: $36 to about $100, depending on type 
  • Rental Cost Per Week: $150 to $400 a week on average 
  • Minimum/Maximum Rental Period: 4 hours to 4 weeks 
  • Main Advantages: Good selection, widely available locations 


  • Rental Cost Per Day: $36 to about $100, depending on type
  • Rental Cost Per Week: $150 to $400 a week on average 
  • Minimum/Maximum Rental Period: 4 hours to 4 weeks 
  • Main Advantages: Good selection, widely available locations 

Sherwin Williams 

  • Rental prices, terms, and other options: Vary by location
  • Main Advantage: Locations specialize in painting.  

Ace Hardware 

What To Consider When Renting A Paint Sprayer

Choosing the right paint sprayer to rent can seem as challenging as purchasing one. Keep these aspects in mind when you search for the best sprayer to rent:  

Learning Curve/Difficulty Of Use

If you’ve never used a paint sprayer before, consider how easy or hard a particular model is to operate. The more basic options will probably suit you better than a complicated sprayer.  

Appropriate For Your Project

There are three types of sprayers you’ll choose from when selecting your rental: high-pressure, HVLP, and airless.

High-pressure sprayers are also called “conventional” sprayers and are still in use for many commercial applications—but they’re less efficient than newer models.  

HVLP (“high volume, low pressure”) paint sprayers allow more control and better paint application. They're great for large areas and very precise work.  

Finally, airless sprayers allow for thicker coverage (eliminating the need for many coats) in a very short amount of time.

The only downside is that they’re not as easily adjustable as HVLP or high-pressure models, and you need to have the sprayer tips changed out if you want a wider or more precise mist.  

Vonhaus Paint Sprayer

Consider The Size, Pressure, And Weight

The best paint sprayer for your project is the model that can provide adequate coverage and pressure in a reasonable amount of time.

A too-small or low-pressure sprayer might not be enough to cover your entire house in a weekend. Likewise, that pro-quality, bulky sprayer could be overkill for a simple bathroom reno—and blow your budget.  

Another factor is how easily you can move with the unit. Spray painting requires steady, even motions across the surface. If you’re having trouble moving because the unit is too bulky or heavy, the struggle will definitely show in your finished paint job via drips or streaks. 

Store Rental Policy And Conditions 

Different stores have different rental programs. While some will allow you to rent a unit for just a few hours, others might require a 1-day minimum.

Others can tack on steep fees for late returns, while some are pretty lenient.  

You also want a store with a history of quality customer service. Another pro is if the company offers basic training on how to use the sprayer you’ve selected.  

Paint Sprayer Shop Rental

Is Renting A Paint Sprayer Worth It? (Rent Vs Buy) 

As helpful as it is to have the option to rent a paint sprayer versus buying one, there are some instances where purchasing makes more sense. For example, if you need a sprayer longer-term (say, over a month), the rental fees will almost always outweigh the cost of owning.  

Another instance where you might prefer purchasing your own paint sprayer is if you know you'll be using it a lot in the future and don't want the hassle of having to re-rent a sprayer each time.  

Overall, however, renting can be the wiser option for many DIYers and homeowners. Renting a paint sprayer is worth it if any of the following are true:  

You’re Working With A Limited Budget 

Renting a paint sprayer is almost always cheaper than buying one. Again, the exception to this would be if you’ll need a paint sprayer multiple times, or for several weeks.  

You’re Using It For A One-Time Project 

Unless painting is part of your job or a regular hobby, you probably won’t need a paint sprayer often enough for it to pay for itself in a timely manner unless you're painting the entire house 

You Want The Opportunity To Try Various Models 

Maybe you’re looking to purchase a paint sprayer to own but aren't sure which model would best suit your needs.

Alternatively, you might have it narrowed down to 2 favorites, and would like to test those out before committing to such a big purchase. Renting provides a risk-free “try it before you buy it” benefit.  

You Want To Use Higher Quality Tools 

Many rental locations offer a vast selection of paint sprayers, from lower-end "hobby" models to mid-range options, to professional-grade sprayers only trade painters would typically own. While purchasing the latter would cost thousands, renting one is doable for many budgets.  

As a result, you'll get a professional paint job for far less money without having to permanently commit to such heavy-duty equipment.  

You Want or Need Less Maintenance Work 

When you own a paint sprayer, you’ll need to learn it inside and out to take care of it properly. This is especially true when you need to store it. Most models have to be filled with special fluids for longer-term storage, then flushed out and re-primed before use.  

Additionally, if something goes wrong on your paint sprayer, you’ll either have to learn how to troubleshoot and fix it yourself, or pay someone else to. With a rental, these burdens are off your plate entirely.  

Renting A Paint Sprayer FAQs

How much does it cost to buy a paint sprayer? 

The cost of purchasing a paint sprayer can range from as little as $50 to $3,000, depending on the brand and type. A simple airless sprayer meant for hobby projects, for example, will be far cheaper than a large contractor-grade paint sprayer.  

Do paint sprayers use more paint than brushing? 

In many cases, yes: paint sprayers use anywhere from 30% to 50% more paint than if you used a brush or roller. The trade-off, of course, is that you spend much less time painting. Coats often dry faster, too.  

Can you rent a paint sprayer for a month? 

Many rental locations offer the option of month-long rentals. While the cost can sometimes exceed the sticker price of that unit, renting for a month versus buying can still be worth it in many cases.

Remember that owning a paint sprayer also requires maintenance and storage of that unit.  

What other painting tools can you rent aside from paint sprayers? 

Depending on the store and its individual rental policy, you can rent almost any kind of construction or DIY equipment that you could also buy at that location.

Drills, sanders, and even ladders are just some of the rental options you’ll find at many hardware stores.  


Paint sprayers can dramatically reduce painting time, but they also come with a hefty price tag not all budgets can afford.

Renting a sprayer gives you the benefits of fast, even coverage and convenience at a much lower cost. You also don't have to worry about storage or maintenance and can try out different paint sprayer models before committing to a purchase.