Can You Spray Paint Leather? (DIY For Various Types)

Whether you have leather shoes, chairs, jackets, or other items made of this strong, durable material, you may be asking the question, “Can you spray paint leather?”

Using spray paint on leather is a simple and straightforward way to change the overall color of different items you own, including clothes, accessories, and furniture. However, you need to know how to do it correctly to avoid damaging your items in the process. 

Spray paint is a type of aerosol paint that doesn't require the use of a paintbrush or roller, much like other paint products do. It makes it even easier than ever to cover surfaces with color in less time, saving people a lot of time and energy when in the process of changing the color of an object.

People commonly use spray paint for do-it-yourself projects and touch-ups, when they need to add a bit of paint to something that could use a bit of extra color. However, you might not have known that it's commonly used on various leather surfaces. 

So, why are painters using spray paint on leather? Because it works. Now you know the answer to your question, “Can you spray paint leather?” But, is it a good thing? Absolutely.

Of course, if you’re going to use this type of paint on leather products, you need to know what you're doing and use the right type of spray paint to avoid running into any issues.

Painters often choose spray paint for leather surfaces because it's easy to work with, saves them time, and helps them complete a more precise job when completing touch-ups on different surfaces. 

When the spray paint gets applied correctly and in a step-by-step process, it will look fantastic and won't end up rubbing off. If you want to make sure your paint job sticks to the leather, spray paint is a great option. 

Can You Spray Paint Leather

Can you spray paint a leather jacket?  

Yes, you can spray paint a leather jacket. The best type to use is acrylic spray paint because it adheres well to the material and is easy to work with. 

Because the spray paint provides complete coverage, it’s best to use if you’re planning to change the overall color of a leather jacket.

If not, you can put a stencil on your jacket and use a spray paint can to add decals and decorations to it, depending on what you like best. 

Can you spray paint leather car seats?  

Yes, you can spray paint leather car seats to change their color to match your aesthetic. If you plan to do this, you'll need to choose a spray paint designed specifically for auto interiors, such as ColorBond. It works best and will leave your vehicle’s seats looking fresh, clean, and new. 

Can you spray paint a leather headboard?  

Acrylic spray paint works best when changing the color of your leather headboard. Be sure to give your headboard time to dry and air out in the backyard so that you don’t have an overwhelming smell of paint near your head when going to sleep at night. It can take a day or two for the headboard to dry. 

Can you spray paint leather furniture?  

You can spray paint different types of leather furniture, including chairs, sofas, and couches. If you're planning to do so, you'll need to start by deglazing the furniture.

Then, use vinyl spray paint to add color to the furniture. Be sure to work in small sections, adding one layer at a time until you've completely covered the furniture to give it a new look. 

Can you spray paint leather shoes or boots?  

Absolutely. If you want to change the color of your leather boots or shoes, you can spray paint, but you’ll need to buy a brand designed for footwear. If you choose the right product, you can give your shoes a total makeover in no time. 

How To Spray Paint Leather? (Easy DIY Guide) 

Different types of spray paint will be used on different leather surfaces, such as acrylic or vinyl paint. It all depends on the item you’re trying to add color to.  

Before you apply spray paint to leather, be sure to prepare the item that will get covered in the paint by taking a few essential steps. For example, you’ll want to clean your items and allow them to dry beforehand.

When you’re working with furniture, it’s best to deglaze it beforehand. You can use a spray paint primer, but you’ll need to work with one that is safe to use on leather.  

Some spray paint products for leather come with the primer already included, so it’s one less thing to worry about when completing your do-it-yourself projects. You can skip the sanding process and won’t need a lot of tools and supplies to get the job done. 

When you’re spray painting different leather surfaces, be sure to have protective gloves, a mask for your nose and mouth, and a plastic tarp to cover other surfaces that you don't want to get color on.

It's a good idea to use your spray paint in a large, open space, such as the garage or backyard, to avoid dealing with inhaling too much of the odor that comes from it. After you’ve applied the paint to the leather, allow it to dry before adding a waterproof coating for added protection. 

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Tips & Tricks When Spray Painting Leather 

When spray painting leather, always take precautionary measures to keep yourself protected. You should wear a mask on your face and gloves on your hand.

Be sure to wear old clothes that you don’t care about, just in case some of the paint gets on your shirt or pants. When you’re getting ready to apply the paint to the leather, add a primer so that it adheres even better.

Take your time and apply one coating of the paint at a time, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next one. It's the key to getting your spray paint to stick and last on leather. 

Why Spray Paint On Leather Surfaces? 

Some people may wonder why it’s a good idea to use spray paint over other types of paint, including regular tin paint in a can with a brush. The truth is that spray paint is a more straightforward solution that saves you time and requires a bit less effort with fewer supplies needed to get the job done.

It’s beneficial because you can do the job yourself instead of hiring someone else to paint these different surfaces for you. If you're looking for the most convenient way to save time and energy while still changing the look of your leather materials, such as leather shoes, jackets, or even cushions for your favorite chairs, spray paint is a great option.  

Common Spray Painting Leather Questions 

Is there spray paint for faux leather?  

Even if you’re dealing with faux leather, you can still use spray paint designed for leather materials. It will adhere to the faux leather and provide you with an excellent finish that leaves your leather products looking their best. 

How do you permanently paint leather?  

It’s easy to permanently paint leather by using primer and adding multiple layers of the paint to the leather material to provide full coverage.

If you seal the paint with a finish after you’ve applied the spray paint, it will last long and continue to look good for years. 

Is it better to dye or paint leather?  

Painting leather is a simpler and more feasible solution for leather. Attempting to dye leather could potentially cause damage to the material, compromising the overall quality of your belongings. If you don’t want that to happen, play it safe and use spray paint. 

How do you keep acrylic paint from cracking on leather?  

First, make sure you’re applying a thin layer of paint at a time. You don’t want to add too much paint at once because then it’s more susceptible to cracking.

Next, use a sealant to keep it in excellent condition. The sealant keeps the paint adhered to the leather while preventing cracks from forming. 


If you wanted to know if you can spray leather, the answer is YES! It’s a simple solution that will help you change the color of different leather products. Of course, you need to know what kind of spray paint to use on shoes and other products made with leather, such as sofas, jackets, and more.

If you have the right spray paint for the leather product, you can easily apply the paint, complete the job yourself, and give your items an entirely new look.