Can You Spray Paint Particle Board? (Easy DIY Guide + Ideas)

When looking for a way to update your home furniture, “Can you spray paint particle board furniture?” is likely to be one of your first questions.

Not only can you spray a paint particle board furniture, but it is also one of the best ways to create beautiful furniture that looks brand new. 

Painting particle board is one way to transform your home decor and create a fresh new look with your furniture.  

Spraying  paint is an aerosol paint product that pushes paint through a pressurized can in order to “spray” or scatter the paint over a surface.

Can you spray a paint laminated particle board?

You can use spraying paint for painting particle board furniture, including veneered particle board, papery cardboard panel, laminate furniture, all the drawers, lighting fixtures such as lamps, hardware, clay pots, canvas art, and ceramic pieces 

One of the reasons why painters prefer to use this paint sometimes is because of the ease of the painting process. Spray painting the furniture is specifically designed to be easy and quick. 

Not everyone wants to spend time preparing and brushstroke painting surfaces.  

It can also be difficult to get a smooth coverage look with brush strokes unless you are an experienced painter or DIY homeowner.

A particle board is generally a cheap piece of a larger product, and paint adheres really well to the particle board surface. As a result, you can quickly paint the particle board product with little to no prep with lacquer based paints.  

Many homeowners wonder whether or not they can use spraying paint on a laminate particle board product and painting particle board furniture. Yes, you can do both of these things. Particle board tables, cabinets, walls, and even dressers can be spray painted. Spraying paint is an easy way to spruce up your home and make old furniture look brand new.  

Laminate furniture, in particular, tends to be cheaply made, and the right spray bold paint color can instantly transform each furniture piece into a beautiful decor statement piece.

This paint comes in a variety of colors, including oil based paint, oil based primer (or solvent based primer), oil-rubbed bronze, water based paint, silver, and gold for metal pieces such as handles on cabinets that can also create a luxury decor look.  Two in one primer contains oil-based primer and oil based paints should be available at your local hardware store.

Can Spray Paint Be Used On Particle Board

How To Spray Paint Particle Board Step By Step

Ready to paint your particle board furniture? This step-by-step DIY tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do.  

  • 1
    Before you begin spray painting furniture, you need to gather your supplies and materials. Every project is different, but there are a few things that we recommend for all projects: Paint cans. We also recommend both fine grit sandpaper and primer if you want your finished product to be as high-quality as possible. 
  • 2
    Now that you have your materials, you need to prep your spray painting furniture. It is best to disassemble pieces that should not be painted the same color. For example, we recommend removing dresser handles or cabinet knobs before painting the cabinetry. We also recommend doing a light dusting and then a light cleaning of the cabinetry (damp rag over the entire surface). 
  • 3
    Many people prefer to move to spray painting their furniture immediately after cleaning, but if you want the highest-quality furniture, then we recommend taking the extra step to first light sanding particle board and then applying a thin layer of the primer coat.  However, if you have primed the wood with an oil-based primer, you should be able to use water-based paint without the particle board absorbing any water.
  • 4
    Next it’s time to spray chalk paint! Spray paint all surfaces with a thin layer, smooth coat. Work quickly and keep your hands steady as you move along. You will need one or two coats to properly cover the particle board. We recommend waiting for 24hrs between each coat of paint.
  • 5
    To seal paint on particle board, use a clear sealant that is acrylic based. You can add this over any part of the furniture that you think might come into contact with moisture. Moisture can ruin particle board, and a sealant can help your paint job last for years to come. This is especially important if the piece of furniture is a kitchen table or work surface where liquids will frequently be present.  

You can now enjoy your particle board furniture with its new aesthetic! 

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Is It Better To Paint Or Spray Paint Particle Board?

There are benefits to using spraying paint and to using traditional paint when painting particle board. Spraying paint is often the preferred choice for homeowners painting boards because it is a more straightforward painting process. 

For example, while you can sand a particle board pieces before you paint, you don’t need to do that. Spray paint also dries faster than traditional paint and is easier to create full coverage (no brush strokes visible).  

If you have furniture with plastic components, however, then you may want to consider traditional paint. Plastic is a tricky material for spray paint, and the paint tends to bubble, flake, and generally not adhere well to the plastic. If you paint the plastic pieces with traditional paint, however, you can minimize this problem. 

While painting, watch the edges for any paint drips and use a brush to wipe them away before the paint begins to dry.

Traditional painting is best for people who want to create cool effects with the paint, such as a glazed look, sponge paint look, or another creative paint effect. Both paint options work well with particle board, and the decision is a personal one.  

Tips & Tricks

When painting your particle board furniture, there are a couple of tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to ensure a beautiful finished product.  

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    Disassembling furniture pieces makes the spraying paint wood particles easier. If you remove handles or light bulbs from the piece of furniture that you want to paint, then you can separate the pieces and use different colors without fear of using the wrong paint color. For example, if you want to spray a paint your cabinet black paint and paint the handles a silver or gold, then doing that in two different spaces will be easier than trying to spray the paint everything while it is still assembled.  
  • 2
    Make sure that you allow the spraying paint wood to dry for a full week before using the furniture again. It can take a full week for the paint to dry, and you do not want to risk bubbles, chips, or cracks that will prevent the spray paint job from looking good. 
  • 3
    Although it is not necessary to sand the particle board surface or to apply primer, doing both can help you make the paint last on a particle board. This is a more time-consuming step, and many people will choose to skip it. However, if you want the highest quality result, we recommend lightly sanding block or sand particle board (and solid wood pieces if applicable) and applying primer to solid wood.   You can use the same process to repair loose veneer chips and scratches present on the surface of your particle board.
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Spray Painting Particle Board FAQs 

How long does it take for paint to dry on particle boards? 

It typically takes a full week for glossy paint to dry on finished particle board material. We recommend waiting one week before moving your spray-painted particle board piece back to its location in your home.

What type of projects do you use particle boards? 

Particle boards tend to be part of cheap furniture and are often used in mass-produced furniture pieces. We often see these boards used in cabinetry, tables, and countertops.  

How do I get a smooth paint finish on a particle board? 

The best way to get a smooth paint finish on a painted particle board project is to use a roller brush. These brushes can cover a lot of surface area while easily smoothing out the paint. This will also help you catch dripping paint before it hardens and creates blotches on your furniture.  


Painting particle board is an excellent way to refresh your home and give your older furniture a new look. 

You can create a modern or contemporary finish or go for something unique, but whatever you choose, you’ll have a great new aesthetic for your home.