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6 Best Paints For Bumpers: Reviews For Plastic & Metal

The car bumper is the structure that’s attached to the front and rear of your vehicle, designed to absorb any impact. However, over time, these bumpers can look worn and scratched, requiring a touch-up paint job. With the best paint for plastic bumpers, you can make your vehicle look like new again. We review the […]

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7 Best Diamond Painting Kits: Reviews For Kids & Adults

Diamond painting is the new thing in creative hobbies. More and more people are ditching those so-last-season paint by numbers kits and cross-stitching patterns for diamond painting kits instead. For up-to-date info on the best diamond painting kits for kids and adults and where to buy them, check out this complete guide. What is Diamond […]

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Nuvo Cabinet Paint Reviews: Color Comparison & Paint Guide

One way to freshen up your home is by painting the cabinets. Choosing the right brand of paint can make a big difference in the final outcome of your cabinetry. If you try to repaint your cabinets with regular paint instead of cabinet paint, then you’ll end up with a chipped finished product. To make sure […]

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7 Best Spray Paints For Glass: Reviewed & Compared

Revitalizing a living space can be done inexpensively with minimal materials and some spare time. Instead of spending outside of your budget on new glass home decor, consider upcycling the glass objects around your home with a coat or two of spray paint. If you’re looking for a new way to personalize your space, this review […]

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Best Spray Paint For Graffiti: Reviewed For Art & Artists

Graffiti has been an inspiring and unique art form for decades. Every city and town is home to a dedicated graffiti community looking to make their mark, but how do you get into graffiti art? To get started, choose a spray paint that best fits your desired work surface and design. Keep reading to discover the […]

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Clare Paint Reviews: Color Comparison & Painting Guide

Repainting your home or the odd piece of furniture can really breathe new life into your home. With all the different types, colors, and brands out there, picking one can be overwhelming. Choosing the correct paint brand will help you liven up your décor and make the painting job more manageable and last longer. Clare paint is […]

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7 Best Clear Coat Spray Paint: Reviewed & Compared

Clear coat paint contains no pigments, ensuring that the layer of paint simply offers protection, but no color to the car. Choosing the best clear coat spray paint helps you protect your car and repair minor damage. We review the best auto clear coat spray paint options on the market. Why Spray a Clear Coat?You can […]

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best paint brands

10 Best Paint Brands: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

When it comes to painting it’s important to use the right tools for the job. This includes choosing the most appropriate paint. You might think the only factor to consider is a matching color scheme, but paint selection goes far beyond that.Just like I wouldn’t recommend using a small artist’s paintbrush to paint an entire […]

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Spraying kitchen cabinets with earlex paint sprayer

10 Best Chalk Paints For Furniture & Kitchen Cabinets

When you are considering to paint furniture and kitchen cabinets, you might realize that there are so many different paint options. And, choosing the right one can be hard. One of the paint types that you can use is chalk paint. More and more people are starting to use chalk paint.If you are also considering […]

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best oil based primer

4 Best Oil Based Primers: Reviewed for Latex Paint & More

So, you have decided to tackle a painting project in and around the house, and you may be wondering what the best oil-based primer may be to suit your specific needs, and why you may need it.As the saying goes, ‘never ask a paint to do a primers job!’, and I will give you some ideas […]

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