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Rustoleum Chalk Paint Reviews: Color & Painting Guide

Shabby chic furniture is a popular interior design trend that is easy to make without spending an arm and a leg. With so many types of paint out there, getting the right type makes all the difference; chalk paint is no exception. Rustoleum chalk paint is a fantastic and affordable option for anyone looking to paint […]

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PPG Paint Reviews: Color Comparison & Painting Guide

Right now the real estate market is hot. If you’re currently getting ready to sell (or if you’ve recently purchased), you already know the benefits of repainting your home’s exterior/interior surfaces. Using the right brand of paint can make all the difference, and we know choosing can be tricky. This article will introduce you to the […]

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Rustoleum Countertop Paint Reviews: Color Comparison

A sleek looking countertop is enough to make or break any kitchen, but not everyone has the budget or time to make a mess and start renovating. Well, let us tell you a little secret. There’s a rather ingenious solution in the form of small of a small, do-it-yourself kit. One of the better-known brands in […]

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