Clare Paint Reviews: Color Comparison & Painting Guide

Repainting your home or the odd piece of furniture can really breathe new life into your home. With all the different types, colors, and brands out there, picking one can be overwhelming.

Choosing the correct paint brand will help you liven up your décor and make the painting job more manageable and last longer.

Clare paint is a modern paint company that wants to take the headaches out of choosing the right color. If you are stuck on what to choose, this Clare paint review will help you make the best choice for your home.

Interior Paints

With its focus being on interior paints rather than exterior ones, Clare focuses heavily on delivering quality throughout its range. Having been founded by an interior designer, each color and blend is designer-curated to give you the best options possible.

Each of their paints is zero VOC to prevent your home from becoming polluted with harmful gasses usually used in other paints. As proof, Clare’s paints are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning that they have passed rigorous testing to prove their commitment to low emissions.

These paints are also low odor and highly washable, with many being self-priming to save time and money. For those who need a helping hand, Clare has provided the Color Genius quiz to give some options based on your needs.

A paint calculator is also available to help you decide how much you need. Clare is so confident in their products that their Happiness Guarantee backs each one. 

These paints are great for any of the following:

Clare Paint Color Range

Clare provides wall, trim, ceiling, and primer paint in around 60 total colors. Some of the most popular colors include Fresh Kicks, Clare paint Whipped, Clare paint On Point, and Clare Current Mood paint.

Fresh Kicks, Whipped, and On Point are often used on walls while Current Mood is commonly used on furniture. Some other great colors include Clare paint Dirty Martini and Goodnight Moon. If you are unsure which color is right for you, you can use the Color Genius quiz to guide you.

4 Best Clare Paint Reviewed

1. Clare Classic Wall Paint

Clare Classic Wall Paint
Best Interior Wall Paint

Type of Paint


Type of Finish

Barely there sheen

Available Sizes

1 gallon, swatch

Coverage Area

1 gallon = 375 – 425 Sq ft

Other Features

Washable and scrubbable, resistant to mold and mildew, low odor, zero VOC, certified, warm undertone

Sprucing up your home can be as simple as adding a new lick of paint to your walls. Clare has a wide range of colors, tones, and styles to suit many tastes, including the Classic shade of greige.

The zero VOC paint range is washable, scrubbable, and durable, making them perfect for large families or high traffic households. If long term damage is your concern, these acrylic paints are self-priming as well as resistant to mold and mildew, preventing headaches in the future.

Low emissions are guaranteed with Clare paint, as proven by the GREENGUARD Gold certification. If you would like to try before you buy, the classic does come as a swatch to help you decide if it is right for you.

As with other colors in the range, the classic is backed by Clare’s Happiness Guarantee and can be returned if it is not a good fit. Overall, if you want your walls to have a clean and modern feel, try Clare’s Classic wall paint for yourself.

2. Clare Trim Paint Fresh Kicks

Clare Trim Paint Fresh Kicks
Best Interior Trim Paint

Type of Paint


Type of Finish

Subtle Semi-Gloss

Available Sizes

1 gallon, swatch

Coverage Area

1 gallon = 375 – 425 Sq ft

Other Features

Zero VOC, certified, ultra-low odor, scrubbable and washable, neutral undertone

Painting over your trim may not seem like the most important job, but it really can tie together a room’s design. If you are unsure which color is best for you, we recommend trying the fresh neutral white Fresh Kicks.

One of the most popular colors in both the wall and trim range, Fresh Kicks is an acrylic blend with a subtle semi-gloss finish. Like with others in the range, Fresh Kicks is zero VOC and GREENGUARD Gold certified for guaranteed low emissions.

This ultra-low odor paint is scrubbable and washable, which speaks volumes to its durability. It is available in a gallon or as a swatch if you would like to visualize your design before purchase.

Whether you need to spruce up your cabinets, trim, or doors, give Fresh Kicks a try and see if it is right for you and your home.

3. Clare Ceiling Paint

Clare Ceiling Paint
Best Clare Ceiling Paint

Type of Paint

Water-based acrylic latex

Type of Finish


Available Sizes

1 gallon

Coverage Area

1 gallon = 350 – 400 Sq ft

Other Features

High hiding color, non-reflective finish, minimal splatter, durable, stain and mildew resistant, zero VOC, ultra-low odor, certified

Painting the ceiling can be a frustrating and messy process. Clare's ceiling paint makes it a simple and even pleasant undertaking.

The water-based acrylic latex paint has a non-reflective finish to prevent harsh glare from disrupting your daily life. The smooth coverage of this bright white is excellent at hiding imperfections and blemishes.

This ceiling paint keeps the splatter to a minimum, which means less cleaning and potential headaches. Resistant to stains and mildew, the Clare ceiling paint is also zero VOC and GREENGUARD Gold certified like others in the range. Plus, one gallon is cheaper than standard paint, and one gallon goes a long way.

Overall, we wish that there were more color options to allow for statement ceilings but do appreciate the high quality of Clare's ceiling paint.

4. Clare Primer

Clare primer
Best Clare Primer

Type of Paint

Water-based acrylic latex

Type of Finish


Available Sizes

1 gallon

Coverage Area

1 gallon = 225 – 275 Sq ft

Other Features

Fast-drying, minimal splatter, zero VOC, ultra-low odor, certified, durable, high conceal, long-lasting bond

Our pick for the best Clare primer, Clare’s primer is a fantastic base to provide brilliant color. This fast-drying acrylic formula is zero VOC and ultra-low odor as well as GREENGUARD Gold certified.

This durable base coat has a high conceal formula that easily smooths over blemishes and creates a long-lasting bond to the surface. Unlike other primers on the market, Clare’s primer is perfect for a variety of surfaces, including drywall, wood, stone, aged alkyd, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

This primer provides a smooth application process with minimal splatter and easily conceals stains and blemishes. While Clare’s paints are self-priming, it is worth investing in this primer if your surface is especially blemished, glossy, or brighter than your color of choice.

This durable primer is the perfect base to help you improve your home décor. However, it is only available as a gallon and not in swatch form, so bear this in mind before purchase.

Comparing Clare with Other Paint Brands

Clare vs. Backdrop

While both Clare and Backdrop offer durable and low VOC paint, Backdrop’s paints are slightly more expensive upfront. At the same time, Clare’s are more costly once shipping and returns are added.

While Clare focuses solely on interior paints, Backdrop provides both interior and exterior paint options. In terms of colors, Backdrop has a broader selection of paint types, while Clare has more color options and essentials kits. Overall, if you are indecisive or a first-time painter, choose Clare, but if you want larger samples and to spend less, choose Backdrop.

Clare vs. Sherwin Williams

While both Clare and Sherwin Williams offer low VOC acrylic paint, Sherwin Williams paints are certified by GREENGUARD for both their Indoor Air Quality and Children And Schools awards.

Sherwin Williams paints are designed to provide long-lasting cover and remove emissions from other household products and pets, purifying the air in your home; plus, it is easier to access and view in person as it is sold at Lowe’s.

Clare vs. Behr

Both Behr and Clare are GREENGUARD Gold certified and provide self-priming paint products. That being said, Behr is available at Home Depot and is significantly cheaper per gallon than Clare’s paints.

Behr also has the SmartColor Preview feature to help you visualize how each shade will look in your home. This applies to both the interior and exterior paint options.

Clare vs. Benjamin Moore

Unlike Clare, who is relatively new, Benjamin Moore is an old and respected American company with plenty of experience providing both interior and exterior paint. In recent years, Benjamin Moore has expanded into stains and primers.

Both companies offer paint calculators, but Benjamin Moore goes the extra mile by providing information and services for industry professionals. That being said, Clare offers more regular discounts and savings than Benjamin Moore, making it possible to get a better deal.

Where Can I Buy Clare Paints?

Now, where to buy Clare paint? We recommend buying Clare paints from Clare’s website itself as there is not much from the brand on other sites like Amazon. The site is well designed and easy to use, providing a smooth and straightforward process from beginning to end.

From a quiz that helps you decide what colors to pick to a calculator that helps you know exactly how much you need to avoid overspending to the essentials kits, that mean you do not need to leave your home, there is plenty to love about Clare paints. Plus, if you spend over one hundred dollars, you receive free shipping, which is a lovely bonus.

For Claire Paint accessories like brushes and rollers, we recommended shopping Amazon for the best deals.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who owns and manufactures Clare paint?

Clare was started by American interior designer Nicole Gibbons and manufactured by an experienced American factory.

Do Clare paints provide color swatches for free?

No, paint swatches are two dollars each with free shipping.

How much is a gallon of Clare paint?

One gallon of Clare paint is usually $54.

How long can I store unopened Clare paints?

If stored in a cool and shaded place, a sealed can of Clare paint can last for three years.

Do I still need to use a primer on self-priming Clare paints?

While Clare paints are self-priming, it is recommended that you use a primer if:

  • Your surface is darker, glossier, unfinished or covered in imperfections
  • Your space gets very little ventilation

Otherwise, you should be able to just use the paint.

How long does Clare paint last?

Clare paint is incredibly durable and can last for years to come if applied and taken care of correctly.

What does Clare’s Limited Lifetime Warranty cover?

Clare’s limited warranty covers the following:

  • Cracking, chipping, blistering, or peeling from properly prepared surfaces; and
  • Wearing down to expose the underlying surface of adequately prepared surfaces


As you can see, Clare is an excellent choice for seasoned pros and beginners looking to breathe new life into their homes.

Overall, Clare is best suited for indecisive painters and home renovators and people who want to support POC business. If you liked this review of Clare paint, you can find more handy paint tips and reviews on our website.

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