10 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers: Reviewed & Compared

Top of the Range 
  • 0.47 GPM
  • 66 pounds
  • Max Tip Size - 0.021 
Best HVLP Option
  • Varies
  • 25.2 pounds
  • Max Air Cap - 2 mm 

Are you searching for a commercial sprayer or at least something resembling what a professional painter would use?

There are many makes and models on the market. The best airless sprayers or High-Volume Low-Pressure systems for homeowners aren't suited to commercial, professional or industrial jobs.

Choosing what is right for your needs is an important decision. These spray guns below are specifically picked for those needing high quality and high volume work.

Differences Between Commercial & Home DIY Paint Sprayers

There is a world of difference between a professional paint sprayer and ones designed for home or DIY projects. One of the most important factors is the durability. A commercial spray needs to be able to handle a daily workload not often seen in home sprayers.

Below, we outline some of these differences covering a variety of aspects, so you know what to look for when shopping for a professional or commercial paint sprayer.


When choosing a sprayer for a particular job, the portability will be important. Commercial jobs can include a lot of stairs, working in harsh conditions, or even on scaffolding. The portability of the commercial units is not as viable as a home sprayer.

The most mobile of the commercial sprayers are wheeled or carted. The weight isn’t as much of a factor because you can wheel the entire unit around where you need it to be. Stand sprayers, on the other hand, are designed to be carried from one place to another and set up in a solid, secure area.


A commercial sprayer will also be more versatile than a home sprayer. This is important because you need to dispense a wide variety of materials based on the job that needs to be completed.

While many home sprayers can handle a variety of liquids, they usually need to be thinned for proper spraying. With a commercial unit, this won’t be the case.


Whether you choose an electric, fuel-powered, or cordless sprayer, you will find that the majority of commercial sprayers tend to offer more power than a home sprayer.

Some commercial jobs may include areas where there isn’t a power supply. For these types of jobs, an alternative fueled machine is warranted. Otherwise, you can make use of a generator, but add the cost and mobility of that into the mix. The better option would be a cordless model or a fueled unit.

Clean Up

Another difference between many home models and professional paint sprayers is ease of clean up. Home sprayers require you to disassemble the entire unit and clean each piece by hand.

Many commercial sprayers offer garden hose connectors that allow you to flush the system without a complete disassemble and reassemble. This also makes it easier to switch liquids, paint types, or colors.

Size of Project/Project Requirements

Professional sprayers are built and designed to take on large jobs, constant projects, and work for hours on end. With a home sprayer, you will need to stop often to refill the cup, and big tasks can take some time to complete.

With a commercial sprayer, you can put the suction hose into a 5-gallon bucket of paint and work until it is empty. The ability of the machine doesn’t limit the scope of work, and it will keep up with the workload as long as you maintain the system properly.

Type of Paint Substance

One of the downfalls of a DIY style sprayer is they are limited in the types of paints they can use. Most home systems aren’t capable of handling really heavy, thick, or high-viscosity paints.

On the other hand, professional spray guns have adapters, tips, and nozzles that allow you to spray epoxy paints, thick primers, and lacquers with ease.

Volume/Capacity of Paint Storage

Another big difference is in how much paint the machines can handle at a time. Most DIY sprayers will have a paint cup with a half-quart or 1-quart capacity. Professional and commercial sprayers will also have a cup, even some with quart-sized capacities. However, they also have hoses and attachments that allow you to submerge the suction line into gallon, 5-gallon, and larger paint buckets.

Pressure Rating

Commercial paint sprayers have larger motors, more powerful guns, and high-capacity nozzles that will require more air pressure or liquid pressure to operate correctly. A home sprayer can operate with lower PSI ranges and between 9 and 15 CFM of air pressure.

You should always check with the owner’s guide or manufacturer to determine the flow rate, pressures, and ranges your sprayer needs to operate within to maximize paint atomization and application.

Tip Size Rating

When it comes to the tip sizes, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between commercial and home sprayer ratings. The biggest difference will be in the thousandths of inch rates. Most DIY systems will have a maximum of .013. On the 3-digit code stamped on most tips, this will be represented by the last two numbers (a 513 tip, for example, is rated at 13 thousandths of an inch).

Commercial sprayers can go much larger to disperse more paint at a higher rate. However, even when using a commercial sprayer, unless using a special paint, you will generally stick between 0.021 and 0.015 (a stamp of 521 and 515, for instance).


With commercial spray guns, you have the flexibility to do more projects and in succession. With a quick garden hose clean out, you can change paint colors, paint types or even switch applications completely and go from painting an interior wall to coating a floor.

While these changes are available in a home spray gun system, it takes a lot longer as you will have to manually clean the entire gun and assembly, by hand, each time you want to change paints or styles.


Home DIY paint sprayers will generally have a longer warranty. Because they don’t go through the paces like a commercial sprayer, the manufacturers can extend the warranty time. A commercial sprayer will most likely carry a 12 or 24-month warranty (some only 90 days).

Home sprayers will also often carry 1 or 2-year warranties, but a lot of brands and models come with a 5-year or longer warranty period.

10 Best Professional Paint Sprayers Reviewed 

Here are my top 10 choices in high-quality paint sprayers from Graco, Wagner & Titan. Each model is suited to different painting types so be sure to read the reviews and find out which is best for you.

1. Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: ProX Stainless Steel...

This type of airless paint sprayer can conquer any painting or re-painting job you may have. Graco is the leader in Airless paint sprayers and this is an example of their high-quality range.

It certainly performs tougher than usual paint-yourself types of jobs both in the exterior and interior of your home. It has a capacity to deliver 300 gallons of paint per year although I have been told it can easily exceed that number.

ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure which is excellent for many tasks. Additionally, you can spray directly from a 1-5 gallon paint bucket and the built-in 50ft hose makes moving around extremely easy.

And this paint sprayer is seriously powerful; it has an expected output of 0.34 gallons per minute, and the size limit for the paint tip is 0.017. This can turn a three day painting job into a task that takes half a day, so this is ideal for professional painters and people who are repainting their homes.

If that is not enough then it also supports a 150ft hose extension. This Graco model is excellent for maintenance professionals, remodel gurus and general contractors. Spraying becomes easy as the X17 is capable of a wide variety of coating from stains to heavy latex.

It is also worth noting that you can buy a wide range of different sized paint nozzles for the sprayer, so it is easy to customize the device to suit lots of different paint jobs, from repainting a house to painting the bannisters.

I have this as my most recommended for professionals is because its lightweight and portable without sacrificing any power or paint flow. I consider this a huge help when navigating a home or other large surface.


  • Great for commercial & professional painters
  • Paints very large areas
  • Very fast and efficient painting


  • Hose isn’t very long but extension can be purchased
  • Pricey compared to most models
5 Reasons Why this is my Number 1 Professional Spray Gun
  • 1
    ProXChange pump can be changed easily and without tools
  • 2
    Fast flow of .34 gallons / minute
  • 3
    Stand system - easy to carry and move around a building
  • 4
    Supports up to 150 ft hose  
  • 5
    Value for money - costs around $500

2. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

On Sale Today
Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: ProX Stainless Steel...

If you’re after a paint sprayer, let me introduce you to a great little all-rounder. This sprayer from Graco comes with adjustable pressure valves, allowing you to be in total control of the paint flow, and therefore the speed and accuracy that you’re painting with.

The piston pump on this sprayer means that you can even use unthinned paint and still paint at a high pressure – impressive! This sprayer comes with a long, flexible suction tube, meaning you can have it resting in any size of a paint bucket and still get a steady stream of paint coming up.

This will really help in making the coverage look professional as there’ll be next to no fluctuations in your paint flow. Worried about cleaning up afterward? There’s no need to stress as this sprayer easily attaches to your garden hose to help clean out any excess paint or leftover liquids. 

For anyone attempting a big project, have no fear – this little thing is surprisingly strong and works with up to 150 ft of paint hose, allowing you to freely roam around if you’re painting a large or tall area. This is why it is particularly well suited to large, flat areas (such as shipping containers, trailers and cars).

My favorite thing about this sprayer?

The SwitchTip! Not sure what it is? You need to know, as this will save you plenty of time and effort while you paint. The SwitchTip essentially reverses itself if it gets blocked or clogged with paint, so you don’t need to stop to clean it out and can simply carry on painting.

That said, it doesn’t really tend to clog at all – the spray gun comes with a handy filter to prevent any clogging issues. This drags the water back through the sprayer in the opposite direction, which is super easy for you – as well as being a super effective way to remove clogs.

This may not sound that important, but it means that you’ll always be getting a steady flow of paint, and you won’t have to keep stopping to clean out clogs. So you should be finished in a decent amount of time!

Steady flow also means even coverage, so you can expect a high quality finish every time. All of this technology can be yours for just around $600-700 – an absolute steal…

Why is this number 2 on my list and not in first place? I prefer the stand style rather than the cart. For a commercial painter the cart may be more useful though so it is more of a personal preference.


  • ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • PowerFlush Adapter for quick cleanup
  • ¾-horsepower motor
  • Can be used up to 300 gallons per year
  • Reversible tip


  • Cost more than lower line models
  • Not intended for sporadic household use

3. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus

On Sale Today
Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus...
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston...
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Annual use recommendation is...

Another great paint sprayer from the gems over at Graco. Again, they’ve given you complete control over how much paint you’ll be using at any one time thanks to the adjustable pressure.

They’ve also included the handy piston pump, meaning you can use unthinned paint at high pressure if the mood strikes you. This sprayer is nice and compact, meaning you can easily transport it around depending on where your next project takes you.

The Power Flush technology means that you can easily connect the sprayer to your hose to clean out any excess paint in one easy go. If you’re after more accurate coverage, you can also purchase narrower nozzles as the tip is compatible with most hardware store goods.

As with many Graco products now available, this sprayer features their USP – the SwitchTip, which reverses the spray tip if any paint gets clogged up, allowing you to keep painting to your heart’s content without pausing to clean it out.

This paint hose maintains great pressure, whatever size paint bucket it’s drawing up from. The reason this product made my list, however - I just really love that it comes with storage compartments!

Given its portable design, it only makes sense that you can store all your sprayer accessories and power cord in the same place. Convenient, practical and efficient – and all for around $250.

One of the only downsides to this model is that the recommended annual usage is fairly low at 50 gallons per year. This is okay for homeowners who are only planning on painting a few rooms per year, but it isn’t ideal for professional painters who want to use the sprayer every week.

So, if you are a homeowner who is planning on repainting downstairs this could work – but if you are a professional or even a hobbyist it may not be the best option. However, it does come with a 25 foot hose, so it is very easy to move around the house!


  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Flexible suction tube to spray from 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket
  • Great for homeowners
  • Lower cost than many airless sprayers


  • Comes with a 25-foot hose
  • Not intended for daily usage

4. Graco 17C305 Pro210ES Cart Pro Connect

Graco 17C305 Pro210ES Cart Pro Connect Paint...
  • Easily swap out the worn pump within minutes...
  • Sprays .47-Gallons per minute and supports up...
  • 1-HP DC motor can run on longer extension...
  • The endurance pump with exclusive V-Max...

I know, I know – another Graco product. I’m not even sorry. This is the most expensive product of theirs to make my list, but it is well worth the money, trust me. Coming in at just over $900, it may seem a little steep. It’s an investment buy, however, and will last you a lifetime.

This sprays an impressive .47 gallons per minute – think about your next project and do the math. That’s a whole lot of paint in a very short space of time! This is a sprayer built for long-term use. The whole machine is made to last, but you can easily swap the pump out for a new one when it eventually gets to that time.

Luckily, they’ve made this a super easy process involving no loose parts at all, so you won’t be hunting around the garden for a lost screw! If you’re working on a big project, this model is compatible with long extension cords, just in case you need a bit more flexibility.

The model also has a handy pre-connect system that means it is super easy to replace the pump, so if you want you can customize the sprayer so that it is even more efficient. This can save a lot of time if you are completing a professional job that requires different nozzles (such as painting a car).

As I said, it’s a product built to last, with its Endurance Pump offering reliable performance for as long as you need it. Wondering what else your money is going toward? Graco is giving you the full shebang with this sprayer – spray gun, spray tip, a 50ft paint hose and a DVD with a handy guide to getting set up as quickly as possible.

Whatever your project, this is the ultimate sprayer and will happily take on any task! Whether you’re painting a car, walls or working with heavy latex materials, you can trust this Graco sprayer to get the job done for you and leave a professional, even finish.

Due to the large spray range and the durability of the product, this paint sprayer is best suited to professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Sure, you could use it for one quick paint job – but it isn’t as easy to use as other models, and it is really designed for daily or weekly use.


  • The speed of this thing is incredible – plenty of paint flying out to give you nice, even coverage
  • This sprayer is built to last and is the most reliable, durable piece of kit you’ll find for the job


  • The price is pretty high, I know, so people are often hesitant to splash out. It’s so worth it though!

5. Titan Impact 440 Sprayer

Another product from Titan – this time an airless sprayer. If you’re looking for a paint sprayer that will make your life easier and your paintwork flawless, this is it.

Put down your roller and let the kids take a break – you can do it all on your own with this fantastic paint sprayer. This product works hard to provide you with a lovely, even finish. The sprayer is designed to pump out 100 gallons of paint per week, so you’ll really be getting your money’s worth with this one.

Speaking of money, this model will cost you around $1000. I know, I know. That sounds like a lot of money for a paint sprayer. The thing is, this product will absolutely last a long time. It will truly make your DIY projects so much easier and will stay in your garage and be ready to be used again and again.

Another 50ft hose, as per most sprayers currently on the market, giving great flexibility of the types of projects you can work on. This product also comes with inbuilt AutoOiler technology – essentially lubricating the packings at the push of a button so you get a nice, even coverage without any clogging or splattering.

You also get handy electronic pressure control, meaning you can paint at a high quality, whatever pressure you’re working at. We all know that the painting is the fun, exciting part and the cleaning up is the boring part. Don’t stress, however, as this model is super quick and easy to clean!

You can load this baby up with pretty much anything, from lacquer to unthinned paint, and can get to work on a huge range of materials, with the same, professional finish each time.

Another great thing about this paint sprayer is how light it is. While many paint sprayers are bulky and heavy to hold, this model is designed to be lightweight and compact – so you don’t need to worry about your arm starting to hurt if you have a long project to complete.

This sprayer is best suited to part time contractors and hobbyists, as it is fairly durable and it has a large spray range. It is also fairly easy to set up the paint sprayer as it comes with very clear step by step instructions. So you shouldn’t have a problem setting it up, even if you’ve never set up a paint sprayer before.


  • Sprays up to 100 gallons per week
  • 7/8-horsepower motor
  • Sprays up to 0.54 gallons per minute
  • Reliable


  • Setup time can be lengthy
  • Can be more expensive than other models

6. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Spray Gun

Fuji Spray Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray...
  • Professional non-bleed Spray Gun with...
  • 1.3mm Air cap set installed
  • 1Qt Bottom Feed Cup
  • Metal Turbine case with handy gun holder

This professional, non-bleed spray gun offers a completely adjustable pattern fan control. In addition, it can accomplish a variety of tasks thanks to the included 1.3mm air cap set.

The 25-foot hose includes an air control valve which will reduce overspray as well as bounce back. The Fuji brand offers the most powerful 2-stage system available on the market. It is one of the lower priced Fuji models and works best for serious household or basic commercial users.

The Semi-PRO 2 system is capable of spraying most any material as long as it is properly thinned. It also includes the 1-quart bottom feed cup and the metal turbine case that has a convenient gun holder.

You’ll find that the 1400-watt 2-stage bypass motor is just what you need to get the job done. As with any Fuji sprayer, you can expect a quality product that will withstand years of spraying.

One of the best things about this model is how easy it is to set it up. You don’t need to have much knowledge about paint sprayers to set it up; all you need is the manual, which provides lots of useful information about turbine systems and how they work.

And you don’t need to prepare anything before you get started – you just need to assemble the necessary parts and then you can get going. So it is a great product for beginners who are spraying their first item!

The item is quite expensive though, so it is best suited to beginners who plan on picking up paint spraying as a hobby.


  • HVLP system gives it great efficiency
  • Good handle for comfort
  • Long and flexible hose


  • Trouble with thicker paints
  • Nozzle may have a tendency to clog up

7. Fuji 2803-T75G Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM Sprayer

Fuji Spray 2803-T75G Mini-Mite 3...
  • Professional Gravity Spray Gun features...
  • Non-bleed lightweight Gravity Spray Gun with...
  • PLATINUM Turbine featuring The Heat...
  • Featuring with all Mini-Mite PLATINUM models...

When you are looking to go slightly more professional than the Semi-PRO 2, you would jump up to the Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM edition Fuji sprayer. Yes, it is more money, but it also offers more features.

The professional gravity spray gun has a convenient side Pattern Control Knob so you can adjust the size of fan pattern from small to larger. In addition, the non-bleed, lightweight Gravity Spray Gun offers an ergonomic stay-cool handle. This keeps you comfortable no matter how long you are spraying.

This sprayer also offers the heat dissipation box not given with other many other models. It is portable and easy to transport to any job. The 6 PSI is enough to spray most known coatings as long as they are properly thinned. This includes the newer water-based coatings as well.

This sprayer comes with a 600cc Gravity Nylon Cup and a standard 1.3mm air cap set. This is ideal for most general purpose fine finishing projects. In addition, you’ll receive a 25-foot Hi-Flex hose, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, wrench and user manual.

This makes the clean-up process very simple and easy, even if you haven’t used this type of paint sprayer before. This is very important to most people, as the sprayer will need to be cleaned after every use.

This paint sprayer also works well with water-based enamel, which can be used to paint handrails and balusters. However it can be difficult to get the spray perfect with this hose, so it is best suited to professionals. But is great for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, as it is possible to adjust the tip, the calibration and the thinning to alter the spray!


  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Suited to different types of paint


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Quite bulky

8. Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet Sprayer

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment 2895-T75G Q5...
  • The extra power allows for less thinning of...
  • Quiet turbine - Patented noise reduction...
  • Professional Spray Gun features convenient...
  • 25ft hose includes air control valve to...

When you want the top of the line, it doesn’t get much better than this Fuji Q5. That’s because it is the most powerful Fuji Spray System available to purchase.

The powerful 5-stage turbine produces 9.5 PSI. It also features a variable speed control dial which allows you to adjust the motor speed. The quiet turbine also features a patented noise reduction feature and Heat Dissipation Box.

As with many of the other Fuji sprayers, you’ll still receive the professional spray gun with side Pattern Control Knob. In addition, it comes complete with the standard 25-foot hose and 1.3mm air cap set.

The additional 5-for-5 Bonus Kit with this unit offers the 6-foot Whip Hose, Wet Film Gauge, 19-piece Spray Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Kit with Lubricant, Extra Turbine Filter and the "Always Measure" Booklet.

One of the main benefits of this sprayer is how lightweight it is; there is a whip hose to help keep the weight of the hose off the gun when you are using it. It is also very easy to adjust the sprayer, and the spray pattern knob is very effective and accessible when you are holding it. This means it is a joy to use, so it is suited to long tasks that will take a few hours to complete.

The Fuji T-75G also contains a 600cc Gravity Cup. It is also possible to purchase additional air caps that you can just to make further customizations to the model. This sprayer is ideal for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, latex, polyurethanes, water-based coatings and more.


  • Comes with a gravity cup
  • Very lightweight and easy to hld
  • Additional bonus kit


  • Very powerful – not suited to small jobs
  • Clogs up fairly easily

9. Fuji Spray 5175G-T75G (Spray Gun Only)

Fuji Spray 5175G Fuji 5175G-T75G Gravity...
  • Professional Spray Gun features convenient...
  • Non-Bleed Spray Gun for less blowing around...
  • New sleek lightweight design.Stay-cool nylon...
  • High-Efficiency Air cap installed for even...

The Fuji Spray 5175G-T75G Gravity Spray Gun is a HVLP (high volume, low pressure), turbine-powered paint sprayer that is designed for small residential-type jobs. It is just under 2 lbs., and it has an easy-to-grip handle made of material that tends to stay cool to the touch; these features make it suitable for non-professional and professional painters alike.

It has several improvements over previous Fuji products: the pre-installed air-cap makes it less prone to paint leaks and unintended spray directions; the pattern control knob makes it easier to shift from one spray pattern size to another (it can adjust over a “small” to “medium” size range); the 100% stainless steel parts make it easier to clean and maintain.

Another benefit over earlier models is how lightweight this design is; in fact, it only weighs a mere 1.9 pounds! This means that it is easier to move the gun faster, and you will also have more control over the flow.

So this Fuji gun is well-suited to large tasks that will take a while to complete, as you can run it faster than you could with a heavyweight model. It also works with a wide range of Fuji accessories, so you can customize the model if you want to.

The paint ejects from the gun with a pressure of 9.5 psi. At this pressure, the gun is ideal for any paintable household surface, such as wood or metal furniture, and it is highly effective on motor vehicles, as well. It works well with a variety of paint types and can be used to apply lacquer, which means that it is also well suited to painting bannisters and stairs.


  • Especially suitable for relatively small projects
  • Smooth adjustment to different spray pattern sizes
  • Runs cleanly, making it good for in-home projects
  • Easy to work with—less cumbersome than other sprayers
  • Works with any Fuji brand turbine


  • Not so good for large projects
  • Not appropriate for all spraying needs
  • Cannot be used with a compressor - must be used with turbine
  • Some reports of paint leaking after the product has been used for a while

10. Tekna 703517 ProLite (Spray Gun Only)

Tekna 703517 Prolite 1.3mm and 1.4mm Fluid...
  • The included DeKups Adapter makes this gun...
  • Optimized performance in climates varying...
  • Three air caps developed using advanced fluid...
  • Packaged as a solution with multiple...

There are a substantial number of paint sprayers on the market today. This can make the job of finding the right model for your project quite a harrowing task.

The Tekna 703517 ProLite Paint Sprayer model weighs only two pounds. It comes with a special adapter to allow for the use of DeKups disposable gun cups. The gun cups make cleanup a quick and simple process; further, using this system prevents the need for using a gun cleaning solution. There is a protective coating covering both the internal and external areas of the gun, giving it a strong safeguard against corrosion.

This paint sprayer includes three air caps that were created with cutting-edge fluid dynamics technology, ensuring superior atomization. The Tekna 703517 ProLite Paint Sprayer is near the higher end of the medium price-ranged paint sprayer products currently sold.

One of the best things about this paint sprayer is that it is ideal for beginners. This is because it is very easy to set the air flow using the air pressure gauge, so even if you have no previous experience you should have no problem getting a perfect finish.

The paint gun is also easy to clean using the Dekups system. It also means that you spend less money on gun cleaning solvent, which is ideal for anyone on a budget! So if you are a beginner with a budget, this could be the paint gun for you.

The Tekna 703517 ProLite Paint Sprayer is definitely a great choice in this product line. It leads the pack when it comes to its ability to be used in any type of climate. The negative aspects of this sprayer primarily relate to the cost leaning towards the higher end of its category.


  • Great for use in any climate (cold, hot, humid, dry)
  • Excellent for both waterborne and solvent-based coatings
  • First-rate transfer capability which saves money on materials.


  • Not suitable for using latex paint
  • Price-point.

Types of Paint Sprayers & How They Work

When the professional is involved, there are only three basic types of sprayers to consider. The first and most common type is the airless paint sprayer. Airless sprayers use a piston to mix and pressurize the paint that atomizes at the nozzle. The resulting spray is highly susceptible to overspray and misting.

If you are looking for detailed work, an airless sprayer is not the best option. However, in a commercial setting, no other sprayer can compete with the speed and size of the projects an airless sprayer can complete. In a matter of minutes, you can spray an entire interior room, an outdoor wall, or even a fence.

For a more detailed approach, you will want to look for a High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer. While the similarities between an HVLP and an airless sprayer are abundant (both can use various nozzle and cap sizes, fans, and airflow are adjustable, etc.), they aren’t designed for large-scale work.

While it is possible to paint an entire wall with an HVLP system, it isn’t practical. Detail work, small tasks, and those needing a thicker coat of paint in less time will benefit the most from an HVLP sprayer.

Finally, we have the gravity feed sprayers. For the most part, these can handle a lot of work, are highly durable and long-lasting. The best application for a gravity sprayer is in automotive work. The overspray is minimal compared to an airless sprayer, and the fan spread creates an easy to apply line, perfect for large panels or smaller detail work.

Gravity systems are also capable of spraying most types of paints, including primers, bases, and clear coats.

Best Commercial Paint Sprayers

Airless Vs HVLP Commercial Sprayers

When you are on the hunt for the best professional sprayer you will most likely find various types to choose from. Sometimes, figuring out which one is needed can be tricky and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Airless sprayers pump the materials at a high pressure. Then, the paint fans out in small droplets to provide an even coating over the surface. Most people find that this is an ideal option for interior painting on a large scale or exterior projects such as fencing, decks and siding.

Another available option is the HVLP paint sprayers. HVLP sprayers tend to provide an even and more consistent paint job. That’s due to the lower overspray. Often, people who work on automobiles find the HVLP sprayers to be handy. In addition, anyone doing detail work or spraying thinner materials prefer this variety.

For the most part, HVLP and Airless sprayers work on completely different surfaces best. That’s why most professionals find that having one of both available to them at all times is best. It allows them to complete the larger, exterior projects as well as the smaller, detail work with ease.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What are the major differences between commercial grade and regular paint sprayers?

These machines have increased power, paint flow and also come with extras, including longer hoses, more tip options, and greater usage capacity. The entire systems are also generally larger, weigh more, and have less portability.

Can you use a high-powered spray system to spray a house?

Yes. These can be used by homeowners who want to get the job done faster. They are not necessary as they are more expensive than the mid-range spray guns, such as the Graco x5. However, if you already own a professional spray system, there is no reason you cannot use it as a home DIY tool, as well.

What is the price guide for professional quality spray gun systems?

Depending on your specific needs, you can find a commercial spray system in your price range. Most top-end models will cost you between $1000 and $1500. However, lower end and budget models can start as low as $200.

Should I choose Airless or HVLP or Turbine?

Choosing a high-quality commercial spray gun should depend on the surface you are planning to spray. As a general rule, airless sprayers are best for large surfaces, HVLP for finer, more intricate wood finishes, and gravity sprayers are great for spraying cars.

What types of paint are used by professional paint spraying machines?

Professional paint sprayers can use a lot of different paint types. The most common will be your primer, enamel, and acrylic paints. However, sprayers can also be used for latex, lacquers, high-heat, vinyl, or even epoxy paints. You should always check the owner’s manual for your sprayer as it will list which paints can and cannot be used with your model.

How do I use a spray gun extension?

If you get a pole extension, you will attach the pole to the airless nozzle. Using the spray gun, like usual, the paint will travel up the hollow pole and get applied wherever you are aiming. If you opt for a telescoping extension, the spray gun is extended up, and the trigger is connected to the pole. You will use the trigger just like you would on your spray gun, except your gun will not be in your hand.

How do I know what tip size I need to choose for my job?

Depending on the type of spray gun you have, there will be various sizes of tips you can choose from. Different paint types require different tip sizes. For example, a primer or lacquer paint is thick and will require a larger tip to atomize and spray correctly. Likewise, a single-stage paint or clear-coat will need a smaller tip to fan out and atomize properly. Your spray gun should come with a tip guide to help you decide the best size for your particular application.

Should I clean my sprayer after each use?

Your sprayer should be cleaned after every use, when changing paints, or when you will be away for an extended time. Paint cures and can cause clogs, damages, or malfunctions if not cleaned out. Most professional and commercial spray guns will have a hose attachment that allows you to fill the cup with mineral spirits and flush water from a garden hose through to clean it out. If your sprayer does not have a hose attachment, you will need to read the owner’s manual for specific cleaning steps for that model.

What are some safety precautions professional painters should always take?

Safety should always be the first concern. Eye protection, as well as gloves, shoe covers (to prevent tracking paint), and coveralls should always be worn. For air compressor models, when working indoors, you may also want to wear hearing protection. Airless sprayers use a lot of pressure that can cut, slice, or puncture the skin. Always make sure your tips are secure, and any finger guards are in place. Finally, make sure you have complete control of the gun at all times and never leave the gun lying, pressurized, unattended.


There you have my top picks for professional quality paint sprayers. These products have been tried and tested as I believe they are top rated sprayers on the market. 

Each has some unique features so be sure do your research before making a decision. Good luck and Happy Painting!

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