Drylok Concrete Floor Paint Reviews: Compared For Garages

When you require concrete floor paint, it’s essential to find a brand that you can trust. The paint should be resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, and scuffing, and all brands simply don’t offer this level of protection. One brand that seems to conquer these problems and more is DryLok.

This guide will give our readers all of the information needed on Drylock so that you can buy their concrete floor paint in confidence.

Drylok Concrete Floor Paints Compared





Cure Time


Drylok Concrete Floor Paint, 1 Gallon, Gull

Drylok 21313 


400-500 Square Feet


UNITED GILSONITE LAB 23813 Drylok E-1,...

Drylok 23813 


300-400 Square Feet


Drylok Concrete Floor Paints Reviewed

1. Drylok 21313 Concrete Floor Paint

Our Top Pick

Container Size


Color Options

Dull, Dover, White, Perisian Red, Bamboo Beige


400-500 Square Feet

Drying time


No. of Coats

Max 2 Coats

Our top pick for the best concrete floor paint by Drylok is the 2 in 1, latex-based Concrete Floor Paint. This scientifically formulated paint and primer will protect and decorate interior and exterior masonry floors to your liking. You can also use this on wood surfaces, so you can paint the wooden steps to your concrete driveways without a problem.

We’ve picked the color Gull Gray as the best option, but all 5 ready-mixed colors are created from the same formula. Choose from a white (with a light tint base), Gull (light grey), Dover (darker grey shade), Perisian Red, or Bamboo Beige. All of these colors have a drying time of 4 hours, and DryLok recommends applying a maximum of 2 coats for the most protection and color pay-off.

DryLok’s concrete floor paint is an excellent choice for covering up imperfections, and it’s resistant to hot tire pick-up. Furthermore, it’s GreenWise Certified, and it complies with all of the current VOC requirements. This means it’s safer to use in areas that may not have great ventilation (like your basement, for example).

Each 1-gallon tin will cover approximately 400-500 square feet. This will depend on the color you choose. Lighter colors will cover more square feet compared to darker shades, so keep this in mind when you’re deciding on the amount of paint you’ll need.

2. Drylok 23813 E-1 Part Epoxy Floor Paint

Runner Up

Container Size


Color Options

2 Colors: Platinum & Gray
11 tints: Arctic White, Chestnut, Dark Gray, Harvest Brown, Natural Sand, Sage, Sky Blue, Stone Blue, Terra Cotta, Platinum, Gray


300-400 Square Feet

Drying time


No. of Coats

Max 2 Coats

This concrete floor paint utilizes an advanced 1-part epoxy ester resin, along with 1-part latex. This allows this formula to deliver a high level of durability with greater protection compared to standard concrete floor paints. It applies to garage floors, basement floors, brick patios, and poured concrete and block patios smoothly and easily.

There aren’t any complicated mixing instructions with this paint, unlike 2-part epoxies. Simply apply the paint or stain with a brush for the first coat. Then you can use a roller for the second coat. There’s a 4-hour drying time that you’ll need to adhere to, and don't apply more than two coats, or else you might see bubbling and streaks forming.

As this is a part epoxy formula, you’ll get some fantastic resistance and protection after the application process. Its semi-gloss finish is UV resistant, and it resists hot tire pick-up, chemicals, oil, grease, and gasoline spills and stains.

There are 2 ready mixed colors available in platinum and gray, and 11 tints in various colors, from green, blue, red, and brown shades to choose from. Each color and tint will cover 300-400 square feet per gallon and you can calculate the amount of paint needed on their website. We’re sure you’ll love the tints and colors DryLok E1 has to offer.

UGL Drylok 21613 Vs 23813 (Major Differences)

Both of the DryLok paints listed above have many similarities, like their drying times and maximum 2 coats, but there's one major difference between the two, their bases. As the 21613 concrete floor paint has a latex base, it has lower VOCs, and it’s GreenWise approved.

The 23813 paint is 1-part epoxy and 1-part latex, so it has more of an oil consistency and isn’t as environmentally friendly as our top pick.

Part-Epoxy paints are a lot more durable to weather elements, and the 23813 concrete paint is no exception. It can resist a lot more spills and stains and is UV resistant, unlike latex-based concrete paint.

We recommend DryLok’s latex-based paint for interior projects and smaller concrete projects outdoors. Whereas, the part-epoxy concrete paint will work wonders for driveways, patios, and sidewalks as it’s better for outdoor, heavy-traffic areas.

Pros & Cons Of Drylok Concrete Paints


  • One of America’s leading paint brands
  • Many concrete paints by DryLok have an all-in-one formula: paint, prime, and seal with just two coats
  • DryLok’s concrete paint leaves an attractive, flat, non-slip finish.
  • Long-lasting, even when the paint is subjected to high traffic, washings, weather, acids, and alkalis.
  • The paints can be used on interior or exterior masonry floors in homes or commercial and industrial spaces.


  • The cost per gallon is a lot higher than competitors
  • Cracking and flaking will become an issue if there’s built-up moisture in the cement.
  • DryLok’s formulas are partially food sourced chemicals and can make mold grow.
  • The curing times are considerably long.

Rust-Oleum’s Vs Drylok for Concrete Paint

One of DryLok’s biggest competitors is Rust-Oleum. Both brands have similar concrete paints on the market that are targeted to the same audience. I know what you’re wondering, which concrete floor and garage paint is better?

DryLok’s direct competition for their 1-part epoxy concrete paint is the Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield. It has all of the resistance that DryLok offers (resistant to fading, chipping, and staining). It can also withstand many of the same weather elements, chemicals, and even hot tire pick-ups. However, Rust-Oleum's product requires at least 5 days to cure, whereas DryLok’s 1-part epoxy paint is cured in 3 days.

As for the all-in-one concrete paint by DryLok, it's’ directly in competition with the Acrylic Paint+Prime Concrete and Garage Paint by Rust-Oleum. Both products are great and beloved by users. However, the finishes are completely different, and so are the color options.

DryLok’s product dries with a semi-gloss finish, whereas Rust-Oleum's is a satin finish. There are more color options with Rust-Oleum's line of garage paints, but they lack bright and fun colors.

Overall, both brands are rated highly among professionals and homeowners. They both have outstanding durability and adhesion properties, so the final choice is yours to make.

All About Drylok Paints

UGL Company is a home improvement company based in Scranton, PA. It was founded in 1932, and they released a range of products before introducing Drylok onto the market in 1953. At first, nine products were released with a unique formula to waterproof basements, protect and beautify interior and exterior masonry walls, and paint masonry floors.

Now, Drylok offers sealers, paints, crack fillers, cleaning agents, and more. The brand is America’s number one selling masonry paint manufacturer. It’s equally popular with homeowners and professionals as its product can be used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.

Benefits Of Using Drylok Paints

Waterproofing Concrete

DryLok has created all-in-one concrete floor paints that are designed to seal, paint, and prime concrete surfaces. This allows the surface to be waterproof, stainproof, and sometimes even slip-proof. Each paint or tint locks out moisture and stands the test of durability and long-term effectiveness.

Fill the gaps and pores within masonry

If you’ve got some fine, hairline cracks or you're working on bare and porous concrete, picking up some DryLock paint will be a great asset to you. These paints will penetrate within the concrete and will protect your surfaces from any further damage. 

Wide variety of ready-mixed colors

Whether you’re looking for red, blue, green, or beige, DryLok has a great range of ready-mixed colors and tints to suit their diverse target audience. If you’re hoping to stick with a gray color that your concrete is already, then there are no worries! Most of their masonry paints will offer at least one shade of gray for you to choose from.

Specialized Formulas

DryLok takes pride in their products, and their scientifically formulated paints correspond perfectly to this. They put a lot of thought into complying with all current VOC requirements, and many of their latex-based paints are Green Wise Certified. If you’re a customer who wants the best and eco-friendly paint for their home, then DryLok is an excellent match for you.

Easy to Use

DryLok paints are easy to use on new or previously painted surfaces. If you get paint on any unwanted areas when you’re applying the paint, simply use some soap and water to clean it up.

With every DryLok paint available to purchase, the brand has added a ‘How to’ video on their site. These videos will give you some tips for an easy and informative application process.

How To Use Drylok Concrete Paint Effectively

One of the most critical steps when painting concrete is preparing the surface. If there’s any dirt, wax, dust, mildew, or scaling material, you’ll need to remove these particles with a scraper and a vacuum cleaner.

Then, you’ll need to clean the concrete with a heavy-duty detergent and warm water. The final step in the preparation process is drying the concrete completely before you even think of applying a drop of DryLok paint. If you paint over trapped moisture, the paint can bubble or even delaminate from the surface.

Once you have your concrete surface completely dry, it’s time to paint. You’ll need:

  • Paint tray and brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Protective clothing

Start your painting project when the air and surface are at 50°F or higher and, for outdoor projects, wait for a dry and rain-free period. Apply your first coat with a 3/8 inch napper brush and allow the first coat to dry for 4 hours.

The second coat should be applied in a cross direction to the first coat, and you can use a roller for the second coat to speed up the process. Allow up to 3-4 days for the paints to fully dry. If you’re working in an area with high humidity, then the curing time may take longer.

Drylok Paint FAQs

Can I use Drylok paint for basement floors?

Absolutely. The two paints that we’ve reviewed in our guide are perfect for painting your basement floor. They’re both formulated with low VOCs, and they're without any strong odors. You can, without a doubt, use these DryLok paints for indoor or outdoor concrete flooring projects.

How many coats of Drylok should I do?

DryLok recommends a maximum of two coats during the application process. Be sure to apply the second coat in a cross direction to the first coat to achieve color uniformity.

Does Drylok cause mold?

As DryLok uses less harmful chemicals than some of its competitors, the chemical makeup is a particular food source. Mold can thrive from and grow if applied to an area where mold is present.

If this is something you’re worried about, you can add DryLok Extreme (a mildewcide additive) to your paint mix to further prevent the potential for mold/mildew growth.

Does Drylok reduce humidity?

Some products are produced by DryLok that can help reduce moisture and humidity from the atmosphere. The DryLok Extreme Masonry Waterproofer can be applied to help tackle this issue as it serves as a vapor barrier under adhesive or painted floors.

Can you use Drylok over old Drylok?

You can recoat DryLok paint easily with another DryLok product. If there are any cracks, bad staining, or leaks present, then we recommend fixing these problems before applying a new coat of DryLok paint.

Where can I buy Drylok concrete floor paint?

The best place to buy DryLok products is directly off Amazon. There are dozens of professional and homeowner reviews you can read before you make your purchase. Another option is to buy from your local hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.


It’s clear that UGL has put a lot of love and thought into their brand DryLok. Their paints are not only made to work; they are proven to work.  

We do not doubt that the DryLok 21613 Latex-based paint will improve the appearance of unattractive cinder blocks, concrete floors, or masonry walls.