Fuji 2893-T75G Q3 GOLD T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System Review

The Fuji 2893-T75G Q3 GOLD – T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System is by far the most quiet 3-stage HVLP turbine on hand on the market these days. Utilizing a patented noise reduction system, the noise levels have been minimized to a considerable 50% of the average HVLP turbines.

All the other specs are the same to the Mini Mite 3 model. Currently provided with the all new Fuji T-75G Gravity Non-bleed Spray Gun with Pattern Control Knob, the fan size is very adjustable from small size to big and all else in the middle.

The advantage of the non bleed is that the air simply passes through the Spray Gun whenever the trigger is is being pulled which results in reduced blowing throughout the shop dust and lessened build up on paint on its fluid nozzle tip. Get a professional output with all the known coatings.

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The Spray Gun involved with this package is the Fuji T-75G with 600cc cup. The typical air cap is the overall purpose number 3 for fine finishing with enamels, lacquers, latex, water-based and polyurethanes coatings and much more.

Another benefit of this is that it is very easy to maintain. This is perfect for both newbies and professionals. This machine is industrial-rated that comes with an unbeatable cost.

This is a heavy-duty metal case with gun holder. This item is handy as well as powerful. Its complete system includes the 25ft hi-flex hose, viscosity cup, the Q3 GOLD Quiet Turbine, T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun with 600 cc cup, wrench, and 20 page user manual and cleaning brush.

Product Features of the Fuji Q3 Gold Model

The Fuji Q3 Gold is possibly the quietest HVLP sprayer on the market. With increased noise reduction, stainless steel paint cups, and a 3-stage turbine, the T75G is an ideal professional sprayer for detailed work.

The Fuji 2893-T75G Q3 GOLD – T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System has the following features:

  • 1
    It has a Quiet Turbine. It has patented noise reduction feature which is very convenient
  • 2
    It includes a Professional Spray Gun boasts of a convenient side Pattern Control Knob that makes it very handy to adjust the size of the fan pattern from small to big.
  • 3
    It has Metal Turbine Case with a portable Handy Gun Holder.
  • 4
    It includes a non bleed lightweight Spray Gun that comes with ergonomic stay cool handle.
  • 5
    It also has a 25 ft hose that involves air control valve in order to lessen the overspray and bounce back.

How It Works

The three-stage turbine produces a 6.5 PSI pressure rating to mix and pressurize the paint. Siphoned from a stainless steel paint cup with a moderate capacity level, the paint is atomized at the air cap, and the spray is released onto the painted object.

The noise reduction is noticeable from just 15 feet away, where the machine produces 62dB of noise. At 20 feet, the decibels drop to under 60. At 15 feet, the sound is less than that of a hairdryer at 5 feet, which is pretty impressive for an electric HVLP sprayer.

The industry average, in case you want to compare, is about 68 to 72 dB at 25 feet. This is a reduction of about 50% overall.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Fuji 2893-T75G Q3 GOLD T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System Review

The noise reduction isn’t the only advantage the sprayer system has, but it isn’t without its disadvantages, either.

One of the largest problems with the T75G system is that is isn’t made for portability.

All of the components are stand-alone, meaning you can’t store or wrap hoses and guns to the power box. 

All of the parts must be bundled and carried separately. To avoid this, you can purchase a rolling cart, but for the price of the unit, Fuji should have included one.

A benefit to the machine, though, is the stainless steel cups and 3-stage turbine system. Both together offer unparalleled professional results and smooth operation. Add in the smooth-pull trigger, and you have a machine that is simple to use and comfortable enough to last all day.

You also get a 2-year warranty against parts and construction, which goes a long way to show you how much Fuji stands behind their products.

What Is The Fuji 2893-T75G Q3 GOLD Good For Painting?

The best application for this professional sprayer is in refinishing, small projects, and detail painting. Cabinet makers, kitchen refurbishing, and other tasks that require an expert paint job will benefit the most from this sprayer.

It isn’t designed for the average home DIYer but should be a part of any professional painter’s arsenal. When details matter, the finish is important, and the job needs to be done quickly, there isn’t a better option available.

Comparisons with Other Paint Sprayers

HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max Extra Fine Hvlp Sprayer

When looking for a paint sprayer, you have a lot of options. And as much as I can rave about the T75G, it isn’t for everyone.

For the hobbyist, there are more economical options to choose from. For example, the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 is a highly capable machine that has a much lower price point. While it does have issues with some thicker paints, for the DIYer looking for a leg up, it is an optimal choice.

If you want to take it a step further and still save money compared t the T75G model, the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 offers better coverage and can handle thicker paints better than the 2202. While it still doesn’t compare to the professional level of the T75G, most homeowners doing small projects around the home won’t notice.

Who Is Best Suited To Buying This Expensive Model?

Commercial painter’s that do refurbishing work, touch up kitchens and bathrooms, or those who want to put the professional touches on larger jobs should buy this model.

DIYers can also buy the Fuji T75G, of course, but unless you use it constantly, some less expensive models will perform well enough for your needs.


For the pro painter that needs a versatile HVLP sprayer, the Fuji T75G Q3 is hard to beat. While not designed for home use, the DIYer with deep pockets can enjoy a professional paint job at home, too.

Working on cabinets, furniture, or in small, delicate spaces, the Fuji T75G is an ideal paint sprayer that won’t disappoint.

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