Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed

Both handymen and homeowners know that it is easy to save time and money when using the Graco Magnum X7. It has proven itself to be an asset to interior work, fences, decks and more.

Let’s take a peek at what the Graco X7 has to offer and see how the competition stacks up.

The Graco Brand

The Graco Brand has been a leader in the paint spraying industry since 1926.

Since then, they’ve been supplying products for the Automotive, Woodworking, Construction and Aeronautic industry. Some of the many products they offer include painting solutions, fluid transfer materials as well as gluing and sanitary applications.

When it comes to paint sprayers, Graco is best known for their extensive line of airless sprayers. They are used by homeowners, DIYers, handymen, property managers and professional contractors.

Very few brands come with as many positive reviews as Graco does.

Quality Features of This Sprayer

There are many features to the Graco Magnum Pro X7 that are worth mentioning, but here are the best.


The Graco Pro X7 is available with two sturdy frame designs. Either the cart or hi-boy cart design offers a quality design and durable workmanship. The hi-boy design is no longer available through Graco, but the cart offers two wheels and handle for easy maneuverability.

At only 23 pounds, this Graco is the perfect size for taking to various jobs.


The setup of the Graco X7 isn’t much different than the Magnum X5 model. It is simple to do and only requires a few steps. In fact, it is easy enough that a beginner would be able to follow the Graco X7 airless paint sprayer manual for directions.

Piston Pump

This sprayer is made of high-quality Graco Magnum X7 parts including the stainless steel piston pump. This piston material allows the sprayer to work even harder while producing reliable results. It is going to be more durable than similar units and will have a longer lifespan.

You can save money by purchasing a brand that doesn’t offer the same high-quality parts, but you might end up paying for it later when the pump breaks.

Suction Tube

Instead of filling paint containers and then refilling them again during a project, the Graco Magnum X7 Airless paint sprayer offers a flexible suction tube. This allows you to use both a 1 or 5-gallon paint container with the sprayer.

If you are using a bigger bucket, simply place it on the pail hook located above the suction tube. Then, it can be carted around the project site with you.

RAC Spray Tip

This Graco Paint Sprayer X7 comes with the 515 RAC IV Spray Tip. This is a reversible tip that will help you keep moving during the unfortunate clog. Simply reverse the tip and the backed up material will be flushed out quickly. The Graco X7 will allow you to use up to a 0.017 spray tip, so you can upgrade later down the road.

Pressure Control

The Graco X7 paint sprayer offers a 5/8-horsepower motor which can supply up to 3000 PSI. It comes with a 50-foot hose and adjustable knob to keep that pressure under control. To receive the best finish, you need to be able to adjust the sprayer accordingly and that’s what the Graco Magnum X7 allows.

You can adjust the pressure to go stronger if needed, like when you need to push paint through a 100-foot hose.


Just like with setup, the Graco Magnum X7 manual gives clear instructions on how to clean up the machine after painting. Thankfully, it is just as simple as the setup process and takes far less time than with using brushes and rollers. The process is so simple that even a beginner would be able to figure it out.


One of the reasons I’ve come to trust the Magnum brand is because there is such a large selection of accessories that can be added. As I told you earlier, you can upgrade to the RAC IV 517 spray tip for a variety of projects.

Some other Graco Magnum X7 airless paint sprayer parts include the longer 50-foot hose and the tip extension for reaching those high places which are hard to paint.

What About the Negative Aspects?

It is clear that I personally recommend the Graco X7 Pro, but there are some downsides that should be addressed. While it is capable of spraying most materials with ease, there are times that thicker substances could clog it. You can avoid this by properly thinning your materials according to the directions. In addition, the reversible tip will help when you do experience a clog.

As with most airless paint sprayers, this model can produce some overspray. This might be difficult for some beginners to deal with. To avoid costly mistakes, make sure everything in the area is properly taped and masked off.

You’ll also notice that this machine isn’t geared for professional contractors. It excels at general household projects and makes for a good machine for the DIYer. Some homeowners might think that the price is a little extravagant for an airless sprayer, but I feel that it’s been worth every penny.

Finally, I might be a little picky, but I wish the hose that came with the unit were longer. For the amount of money being spent and the fact that it can handle a 100-foot hose, I would have like to have seen a 50-foot hose come standard with the machine. Thankfully, the larger hoses are available for purchase so it can always be upgraded in the future.

Who can operate this sprayer?

  • Home Handymen & Women
  • Professional Painters
  • Property Managers

What is This Graco Model Made for Spraying?

The X7 Graco is a great machine for a multitude of projects. Here are the tasks you will notice it excel at.

Interior Walls

When dealing with new construction, it is much easier to paint the interior walls with a quality airless sprayers.

You could also paint walls in your home, however, you’ll need to be sure that everything is either removed or you properly protect your furniture.

The overspray on an airless sprayer can be difficult to control at times.

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed

Ceilings are a task that most homeowners dread to paint.

Using a roller and extension can make this project downright exhausting.

Using a top-notch sprayer like the Graco Magnum X7, you will be able to accomplish this job with ease.

Consider investing in the extension tip to make the job go smoother.

Man painting ceiling with earlex paint sprayer

Applying paint or stains to your fences has never been easier than when you use the Graco X7.

Between the ability to spray a multitude of materials and the long hose, you will have this done in a fraction of the time as before. Ditch those rollers and paint brushes and do it the easier way.


We all know how important it is to care for our deck properly. This includes ensuring that it is stained and protected from the elements.

This job can be accomplished with your Graco Magnum airless paint sprayer. There is no reason to get on your hands and knees anymore or use those rollers, just spray it and be done.


Whether you need to paint the front door, back door or garage doors, the Graco sprayer has you covered.

Complete this job in a breeze with the ability to spray a multitude of materials. 

With the easy setup plus clean up, even a beginner can give the door a fresh new look.

Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

What Shouldn’t It Be Used for?

While I believe that the Graco airless sprayer should be used on most anything, there are a couple of projects I would have to recommend against.


Most auto enthusiasts find that an airless paint sprayer will not suit their painting needs. A lot of the reason has to do with the overspray that they produce.

In situations such as these, an HVLP paint sprayer would be a better choice. It offers the attention to detail that is needed to complete a vehicle’s paint job precisely.

setting up to spray paint a car

There are plenty of quality HVLP paint sprayers on the market to help you complete your job. If you need some ideas on the best paint sprayer to purchase for your automotive work, check out our Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews.

Furniture & Cabinets

As we’ve discussed multiple times, airless paint sprayers tend to offer more overspray than an HVLP sprayer.

The airless sprayers are specifically designed to deal with larger-scale projects such as fences, walls and exteriors.

Because of this, they aren’t made to deal with the detail aspects which come with the cabinets and furniture paint jobs.

Woman painting furniture outside with bosch sprayer

A quality HVLP paint sprayer that offers a detail gun would be a far better option. This is especially true when dealing with furniture that has ornate detail work to be done. If you are having trouble finding the right model, you could reference our Best Spray Painter for Furniture list or the Best Spray Painter for Cabinets reviews.

Graco Magnum x7 Compared With These Sprayers

Sometimes the Graco Magnum X7 isn’t going to meet your particular needs. Here are some other sprayers that can be considered comparable.

Graco Magnum X5 vs X7

When looking through the Graco line, you are going to notice that the Graco Magnum X5 vs the X7 have minor differences from one another.

The X5 and the X7 are both geared to the home user and have a recommended annual usage of 125 gallons.

In addition, they both come standard with the 25-foot hose, but the X5 can only support a 75-foot hose.

On top of that, the X5 only offers a maximum tip size of 0.015. You are also taking a small step down in the motor from the 5/8-horsepower to ½-horsepower.

The X7 can spray at 0.31-gallons per minute while the X5 can only handle 0.27-gallons per minute.

They both offer 3000 PSI and tend to be lightweight when compared with other models. With all that in mind, the X5 is over $100 cheaper, so if these differences won’t matter to you, it makes sense to save the money.

Many homeowners that are looking for decent Graco model will debate between the Graco X5 vs X7 units.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Pro X17

You are taking a major step up when you go from the Graco Magnum X7 vs ProX17. The horsepower goes from 5/8 to ¾-horsepower.

They can both produce 3000 PSI and handle up to a 0.017 tip size, but that is about all they have in common.

The Pro X17 can handle a 150-feet hose for reaching far away places and even the second story.

It also has a recommended annual usage of 300 gallons which is more than double the X7. Both units weight about the same, but the Pro X17 doesn’t feature the cart with wheels for portability.

The ProX17 does feature the ProXChange which makes it simple to change out the pump in just a minute. 

This means less downtime if something goes wrong. It is obvious to see that with these additional features, the ProX17 is geared more for the professional user than the average homeowner.

For all the additional features, you would think the price would jump up dramatically, but that isn’t the case. It will only cost about $100 more.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro

For about $50 less, many people will consider the Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro paint sprayer.

It has a lot of the same features including a maximum spray tip size of 0.017, a comparable amount of horsepower and a cart with wheels.

The Titan sprayer may only produce 1500 PSI but it can apply up to 0.33-gallons per minute. It also comes standard with the 50-foot hose, which is 25-feet more than the Graco model.

Keep in mind that it can only accommodate an 80-foot hose which is far smaller than the Graco.

The Titan model also wins in the annual recommended usage which is 300 gallons. 

This is more than twice as much for less money. Personally, I still would spend the extra for the Graco model. It supplies the larger hose, more PSI and offers the cart for portability.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Graco Pro X19

If you are a professional contractor, then you need top of the line machinery. That’s where the Graco Pro X19 sprayer comes in.

This is the big dog of Graco sprayers and well worth the extra $200+ if you will utilize the features.

It has a recommended annual usage of 500 gallons which is 4 times as much as the X7. In addition, it can support up to 0.019 tip sizes and 150-feet of hose.

The Pro X19 also sprays 0.38-gallons per minute and features a 7/8-horsepower motor.

The Pro X19 also offers the ProXChange which allows you to quickly change out the pump quickly if there is a problem.

In my opinion, this model is a great value for the money. It works well on larger-scale household painting projects such as siding, garage doors and walls. If you aren’t personally in need of a professional paint sprayer, then there isn’t much reason to purchase this model.

If you are a homeowner, DIYer or small property manager, the X7 is going to be plenty of machine for your needs.

How to Prepare & Set Up a Graco Magnum X7

Setting up your Graco Magnum X7 is a straightforward process. You must first realize that you will need to do a proper setup and first-use without paint to clean out the system. As with most sprayers, residual oils, manufacturer’s debris, and dust are going to be in the machine, lines, and gun. The first-use will clean these out, so your paint doesn’t mix with impurities.

Graco doesn’t cut any corners with their machines or helping you use them. You will find detailed information on proper use, setup, storage, and even troubleshooting all in the owner’s manual. If you need ore, you can also visit the Graco website and find detailed information about your machine and its use.

To get you started, I have outlined the basic procedure for preparing your Graco Magnum X7 for the initial setup and use. Be sure to read all literature that comes with your machine for all warnings, suggestions, and cautions.

  • Remove tip and guard from the gun.
  • Attach the hose to gun and sprayer.
  • Ensure the power switch is off.
  • Turn the pressure control knob to the minimal setting (counter-clockwise).
  • Place the prime tube (bigger one) into the waste pail.
  • Place the suction tube (smaller one) into water or solvent pail.
  • Plug the sprayer into a grounded and approved power outlet.
  • Turn the pressure control knob to the prime setting and switch the machine on.
  • Once the solvent begins to flow, let run for 60 seconds to clear all air bubbles and debris.
  • Power off machine.
  • Move the suction tube to the paint bucket and power on the unit.
  • Once the paint begins to flow from the primer tube, point the gun into the waste bucket and pull the trigger until the paint comes from the gun.
  • Place the prime tube into the paint tube and clip the prime and suction tubes together.
  • Install the tip and guard onto the gun.
  • You are ready to paint.

Clean Up, Maintenance & Storage

Your clean up method is determined by how long it will be until you use the machine again and by what type of paint you used. Oil-based paints will need to be cleaned and purged using mineral spirits, while water-based paints can use warm water for cleaning.

If you plan to use the gun again later that day (gun off-period between 1 hour and 48 hours), a dunk and purge can be performed. For anything longer, you will need to disassemble and clean after purging the tubes.

Purging is the same as priming and setup (see the section above), with the exception that you are placing the suction tube in a pail of water (or mineral spirits/solvent cleaner). Once you have removed the tip and guard and sprayed the gun into the waste pail until the solvent runs clear, you are good to go until you need to use the machine again.

For long-term cleaning, after you perform the initial primer purge, you will need to remove the hose, gun, and all filters, cleaning each in warm water or solvent/mineral spirits. Once everything is clean and dry, you can reassemble the sprayer and store it in a cool, out of the way area of your garage, closet, or shed. Covering the unit is recommended to prevent dust and debris from getting into the system.

For long-term storage, you will need to follow the setup and priming guide (mentioned in the section above) before you can use the sprayer again. Short-term storage (less than 2 days) just needs a priming cycle to be ready to go.

Where Can You Buy This Sprayer At Its Best Price?

If you are looking to purchase the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, the best price is normally from Amazon at just around $400. You can also choose to purchase it directly from Graco for about the same price, but Amazon offers Prime Members 2-day shipping.

The only other reputable manufacturer that often offers the Graco X7 for sale is Home Depot. Their prices are also generally relative to Amazon, but I prefer the support that comes with Amazon should something go wrong with my package.

If you are interested in finding the Graco Magnum X7 Hiboy for sale, you might have some trouble as it is currently discontinued. Sometimes, when a product is discontinued, third-party sellers will offer it for sale on Amazon, so that is something to watch for if you are interested.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What do I receive in the box?

You will receive the SG2 Metal Spray Gun, RAC IV 515 SwitchTip, 25-foot Duraflex paint hose, Pump Armor storage fluid, PowerFlush adapter, Quick Start-Up Guide and Operation Manual.

I am a beginner. Can I use this product?

Yes! This product is made to be used by anyone. The simple startup and cleanup make it easy for anyone to operate.

Is this a heavy or light machine?

At only 23 pounds, this is a lighter machine than many on the market. Plus, the stand offers wheels for easy portability.

Which type of paints can be used with the X5?

The X5 is capable of spraying a multitude of materials including oil-based paints, stains, lacquers and latex-based paints.

How long does it take to clean it after I am finished?

The Graco X5 is made to be easy to operate and clean. By following the simple steps found in the manual, you’ll find that cleanup is a breeze.

Does Graco provide a warranty?

Graco offers a year warranty against any mechanical defect.

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what some of the Graco Magnum X7 reviews say from real customers.

I've had this almost a year now and I've had continuously good results with it. I have used this to paint the inside of houses and done several exterior walls and the end results have been very impressive. When I purchased it I considered getting a longer hose, but I'm glad that I didn't as it would get in the way inside most of the houses I do. Cleanup is super easy and the product quality is very good. With the amount of use that it gets it holds up as well as units that cost a thousand dollars or more. Runs or drips in the paint are non existent unless it is because of operator error. Considering the percentage of work that I do involves painting I would buy this unit again to expand my business.

 E. from Amazon

My dad painted my sisters house with a small handheld sprayer and recommended that I get a more suitable sprayer to do my house. I hit the local Lowes and this was the one that caught my eye. The price was right, setup was easy, instructions were thorough, it came with everything I needed to get started and cleanup was easy. I wanted to keep going! (probably would have painted my neighbors house to!.

 Mike Jones from Graco

I purchased Graco X7 to replace my Wagner, which I have had for 17 years. It served it's purpose. Now to the Graco. Primes much easier and faster. Sprays evenly. The cleaning process is easy and fast. Cleaning is easier than opening up the old unit to lubricate it, all you do is put suction tube in the Pump Armor and your done. One more item I like is the sprayer hose gets pressurized and pump turns off.

 John Henrich from Amazon


After reading through the comprehensive Graco X7 review I hope that you’ve found the information needed to make a decision on your next paint sprayer.

Between reviewing the features that the Graco X7 offers and comparing it to other models, you are more informed about what each unit’s pros and cons are.

Whichever model you decide to use, you’ll be grateful you invested in a quality paint sprayer. They get the jobs done faster and more efficiently than with rollers and brushes.

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