Home Gym Paint Colors To Inspire Your Next Workout

When it comes to deciding a color scheme for painting your at-home gym, you may run into some trouble.

Like your living room or bedroom, you want your workout space to represent you and be inspiring. But inspiration comes with an array of color options.

If you want to delve deeper and choose the best color scheme and ideas for your workout environment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why the Right Colors Can Be Beneficial to Home Gyms

Setting the right mood is crucial, and the type of workout space should be considered too.

If your at-home gym has little natural light, then a brighter color scheme and spotlighting could be a great choice.

At the same time, a work out gym with large windows looks great with a pop of color to grab your attention.

Whatever colors you choose to paint your walls, be sure they motivate you and keep you inspired to work out.

Buckets of Bright Colored Paint

Which Paint Colors are Best for Home Gyms?


Red is known to be a motivating color and is commonly associated with strength and resilience. It’s no surprise a lot of athletes choose to incorporate this color into their gyms.

Having a deep red accent wall along with a white or gray color scheme is a great way to have a bold yet motivating color in your gym. Brands such as Bowflex feature red in all their products and this is why.


Go bold with an orange and blue color palette, or create a calming space by matching orange with leafy green plants.

Orange is a great option because you can focus on the boldness of red or the calming elements of white and yellow. A weight room or yoga space would work wonderfully with a versatile orange.

Neon Blue

Feel energized from the moment you walk in your home gym with a neon blue color scheme. You may think it’s crazy, but neon blue is an excellent choice for high energy workouts or pilates alike. It’s stimulating and boosts energy. Match it with some neon yellow, and you'll feel like your back in the '80s.

Pink Peach

If you have a very light color palette throughout your home, but you want to add a bit of color to your workout space, then pink peach is a great alternative.

It’s light, airy, and isn’t a drastic change from a white or cream color palette. Pink peach is also a great choice for creating a zen space for meditation, yoga, or pilates.


Lavender may not be associated too much with weight rooms but pair it with a bright neon green and a steel gray, and you’ve got yourself a killer space for lifting weights.

You can, of course, use it to create a space of tranquility. Lavender is commonly linked with calming and natural feelings. It’s also associated with feeling calm and with happiness.

Harbor Haze

Harbor haze is a beautiful classic color that’s has a hint of blue and gray in one. Pair this color with a deep red and dark gray, and you’ve got a gym that’s great for Muay Thai, kickboxing, or any mixed martial art training.

Another great alternative for harbor haze is to pair it with navy blue and look for some bright accessories.

Silver Feather

Silver feather is an excellent choice if you have a small space with little light. It has an amethyst undertone and looks to be an off white. It’s another easy color to pair to match alongside a bolder hue.

Silver feather and neon blue would compliment each other perfectly, matching perfectly with black sporting equipment.

Glow Worm

You’d never think a bright green color could work well in a gym, but glow worm proves otherwise. This deep, key lime green with a parrot green undertone pairs beautifully with others to create a happy and warm space. It also pairs well with silver so your weight room won't be lost in a sea of white.

Jamaican Dream

Jamaican dream is a dreamy dark, muted tone of aqua blue, and it’s a perfect color to create a cool, energizing feel. Pair it with dark wooden flooring and with a finished painted trimming around the walls, and you've got yourself a sophisticated base for your at-home gym.

Paint Color Idea’s for Different Types Of Workout Rooms

  • Full Home Gym
    If you’ve got a ton of exercising equipment, the first step is to see if there’s already a starting color palette. For example, all of your equipment could be black and you've got a white matt and therapy ball; these colors will be your starting point. Bright energizing colors like red, orange, neon blue, or glow worm green are all perfect for an accent wall.
  • Basement Gym
    As you’re limited on light, it could be a great option to add colors in accessories rather than on walls. Keep the space bright and use bright blue lighting if you’re using the space for high impact workouts. If you’re planning on using the space for yoga, pilates, or martial arts, consider a deep red, green, and yellow color scheme. It will allow this space to feel warm and inviting.
  • Yoga Room
    Lavender, harbor haze, silver feather, and pink peach are perfect natural tones for a yoga room. They’re great base colors and can be worked into a ton of color schemes. Our favorite has to be the silver feather. We paired it with bamboo accessories and large green plants to create a perfectly zen space.
  • HIIT/CrossFit Room
    This high impact workout is paired perfectly with orange and red tones. Use a bright warm tone on an accent wall and pair it with a sunkissed-white to feel inspired for a hard workout. Otherwise, neon blue is complimented well with a white/gray undertone and will also help you feel energized.
  • Weight Training Room
    Lifting weights requires a lot of focus and determination, so having a room painted in the most motivating color is a no brainer. A deep red looks great with silver weight bars in a weight room and matches really well with black equipment, too. Paint an accent wall if you find red to be too daring all over.  
Home Gym with Painted Laminate Floor

Home Gym Color FAQs

What color is associated with exercise?

According to a recent study, green is most commonly associated with exercise. It brings a feel-good feeling to a lot of athletes. Some other colors worth mentioning was aqua blue and purple.

What are some examples of home gym color schemes?

A simple cool gray with a hint of blue helps you focus on your workout while still being an inviting and attractive color for both high and low impact sports. Green and orange are also paired together quite frequently, along with a rich red and steel white.

Where can I buy paints to do this job myself?

You can check your local hardware store to see which colors they have in stock. You could also order the color you want directly off Amazon. You can read reviews on each paint color to see if it’s the right shade you want.


From electric greens to vivid blues, there’s a lot of colors to consider before your favorites. Remember to consider more than just your paint color when decorating.

The lighting, floor space, air quality, and ceiling height are important to factor in when planning your at-home workout area. It could save you redecorating in six months.