How Long Does Behr Paint Take To Dry? (+ Tips To Speed Up)

Paint that does not dry completely can eventually clump, streak, flake off, or peel, creating an unsightly mess. Waiting enough time will ensure you avoid this problem.  

However, not all paint needs the same drying time. So, how long does Behr paint take to dry? This guide includes all types of paint and surfaces and their necessary time.

Behr Paints is a high-rated brand of interior and exterior paints, primers, decorative finishes, and stain and surface prep products for DIYers. It is available exclusively at Home Depot and is a popular choice for several reasons.  

Behr paint products are incredibly durable, have excellent coverage, and are often less expensive than alternative brands.

You can find Behr paints for interior and exterior projects around the home or office. They also have a line of wood stains and finishes for both inside and outdoor applications.  

Many may wonder how long does Behr paint and primer take to dry so they can finish a DIY project in their spare time. This curing time will depend on several factors: the type of paint products in use and the surface materials.  

Behr Hi-Gloss Enamel

Behr Dynasty  

This paint is one of the better choices for many indoor applications. Not only is it highly durable and boasts a one-coat hide, but it is also stain-repellent and scuff resistant. However, possibly the best aspect of the Behr Dynasty is its fast drying time.  

You may ask then, how long does Behr interior paint take to dry if you use the Dynasty paint line? This paint is dry in approximately four hours by incorporating early block resistance and fast-drying technology.  

Behr Exterior Premium Oil-Base Semi-Gloss Enamel  

One of the exceptional exterior paint products from Behr is their oil-based product.

This paint is best for aluminum, brick, cinder block, drywall, masonry, metal, plaster, primed wood, stucco, and other above-grade exterior vertical surfaces. 

How long does Behr exterior paint take to dry from the oil-based product line? Although it will take two to three hours to dry under ideal conditions, Behr recommends waiting 24 hours before reapplication.  

Behr Marquee  

The Behr Marquee paint products are a favorite for individuals who require exceptionally durable paint that will stand up to repeated cleaning.

This paint is a favorite for many homes and office spaces with superior stain resistance, one-coat hide properties, and an antimicrobial finish. But how long does it take Behr Marquee paint to dry on average? 

Although Behr Marquee paint will dry to the touch after only four hours, you should not apply a second coat until at least eight hours. However, if you use it on wood with tannins or areas with heavy staining, Behr recommends waiting 12 to 16 hours between coats.  

Behr Premium Plus  

Behr’s Premium Plus paint works both as a primer and paint to help save time. This highly durable finish stands up to regular cleaning and includes an antimicrobial finish for protection against mold and mildew.

Alternatively, one of the best features of Behr Premium Plus paint is its low odor and the ability to complete spot retouches to extend the time between repainting a space.  

The Behr Premium Plus paint will feel dry after four hours, but you should wait until eight hours before applying a second coat.

Consequently, using this paint on heavily stained walls or wood containing tannins will require you to wait 12 to 16 hours before starting a second coat.  

Behr Premium Concrete & Garage Self-Priming Paint  

The Behr Premium Concrete & Garage Self-Priming Paint is a terrific choice for many interior or exterior spaces. Although it is best for porous concrete surfaces, you can also apply it to brick, masonry, and stone areas.

Painting concrete, stone, or other surfaces with this Behr option will need proper time to dry. So, how long does Behr concrete paint take to dry when you apply it yourself?  

You should wait 24 hours before allowing light foot traffic in the area. Waiting 72 hours is best for heavy foot traffic or moving furniture in the space. However, Behr recommends waiting 7 days before bringing vehicles into a garage space where this paint is applied.   

Factors Affecting The Drying Time Of Behr Paint 

Consequently, paint drying time will differ due to many factors. The temperature, humidity, and the surface will all contribute to the overall time it will take to dry. So, how long does it take for Behr paint to dry?  

Humidity is a significant component of drying time. Areas with high humidity will cause paint to take longer to cure fully. Alternatively, low humidity locations can help ensure the process is faster. Rooms with 50% humidity or lower are ideal environments for painting.  

Temperatures of 50°F to 90°F are the perfect conditions for painting. Many types of paint will not cure properly if the surrounding temperature drops below 50°F, although some product options are suitable for outdoor use until 35°F.

If the temperature is too high or the surface too hot, paint could bubble, wrinkle, or not flow well.  

The surface you will be painting also plays a part in the total drying time. For example, some woods will need a total of 12 to 16 hours to cure fully, while other rooms may only require 4 hours before you can apply a second coat.  

How Long Should Behr Paint Dry Before A Second Coat?

How long does Behr paint take to dry before you need to put on a second coat? While some Behr paint products require more or less drying time before adding a second coat, many of their products will fall within a similar time.

However, not all of their paints will require a second coat, as it depends on the surface you are covering and the product you choose.  

Products like the Dynasty and Premium Plus lines are suitable for one-coat applications. However, many spaces will still require two coats to cover old paint, damaged walls, or stains. Consequently, waiting the proper amount of time is critical to ensure that the paint cures.  

Applying a second coat of paint to a surface before it is ready could leave streaks or clump during the application.

You may also notice peeling or flaking once it begins to dry since the first coat was not completely dry. You will make more work for yourself by rushing a second coat in the long run.  

Painting Wall with Roller

How To Make The Behr Paint Dry Faster? (Speeding Up Tips) 

When completing any DIY job, you want to do it right and quickly as possible to get back to your daily activities.

So knowing precisely how much time you should allocate to a painting project is vital. As a result, you will not rush through a job and make unnecessary mistakes, like applying a second coat too soon.  

However, there are a few simple tricks to help Behr and other paint brands dry faster so you can finish the job easier. Some helpful tips include:  

  • Enhance air circulation with fans or opening windows 
  • Use thinner coats  
  • Increase the temperature by turning up the furnace 
  • Use a dehumidifier 

Other Behr Paint Questions 

Do I need to stir Behr paint? 

Yes, you will need to stir Behir paint before you begin the process and periodically throughout the project. This way, you will ensure proper color distribution, so you have an even color from the first brush stroke to the last.  

What is the shelf life of Behr paint in a can? 

Behr states that their shelf life for their paint products is 2 years while unopened. However, opened cans can last longer if you use proper storage methods by keeping them off the ground and in a room-temperature location.  

Can you mix Behr paint with water? 

Thinning Behr paint is unnecessary, and you should not add water when you apply it to an area with a roller or a brush.

However, if you are using a paint sprayer device, it can be possible, but only at a concentration of ½ pint of water per gallon of paint for proper consistency.  


Behr paint is a terrific choice for many DIYers who want a premium result. Their exceptional products can take anywhere between 4 and 24 hours to completely dry, depending on the surface application, temperature, humidity levels, and type of paint you use.  

Knowing the adequate drying times for the paint you choose is vital, so you avoid making mistakes by applying a second coat too early.