How Long Does Puffy Paint Take To Dry? (+ Tips To Speed Up)

Puffy fabric paint can add a colorful and textured look to any outfit.

However, puffy paint is thick. To avoid smudging, it’s important for crafters to let the fabric paint dry fully before wearing or washing clothing items with fabric based puffy paint. 

Our puffy fabric paint guide will tell you how long does puffy paint take to dry and offer tips and tricks for your home crafting projects.  

It takes 48-72 hours for high quality puffy paint to dry completely. We recommend waiting the full 72 hours before washing any fabric item with easy diy puffy paint recipe.

Puffy fabric paint is a paint that has a “puffy” look meaning that it is dimensional and lifts up off of the surface. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, but puffy fabric paint is designed for fabric specifically not the interior painting.  

This paint comes in various colors and tends to be both vibrant and bold. Puffy fabric paint also has a strong adhesive, so paint stick well to fabric material and will "attach" itself to the fabric sit. 

This strong attachment means that you do need to work fast with the paint once it has touched the surface. The paint attaches immediately and will bleed onto the fabric if you try to move it around. The application needs to be delicate and then quick.

The paint can be used on shirts, hats, socks, shorts and pants, plastic paper, wood, art canvases, shoes, and even glass. The tulip puffy paint dries within 4 to 6 hours under normal conditions.

Remember that fabric paint is usually just acrylic paint mixed with a medium. Other fabric paint brands will be easier to apply than that one.

Make sure you choose fabric paint suitable for all of the surfaces you intend to paint. Also, fabric paint may not be as diverse as conventional paint, so many individuals use acrylic paint as a medium.  

By the way, the same method can be safely and successfully applied to the puffy paint drawing made on the fabric.

Puff paint dry as quickly as four hours on materials such as paper, wood, and art canvasses. It can be difficult to redo puffy paint items, however, so we recommend making sure that you allow each piece to fully dry before moving it. Make sure you avoid working in a humid room when you are doing your artwork.

Keeping the item in a warm place with access to sunlight can help it dry faster. Each paint manufacturer has slightly different puffy paint dry time, so it's important to check the directions on each bottle.  

You can also use hair dryer to dry paint quickly. You should also keep the hair dryer on a low setting to avoid damaging the paint. You should not use high heat when trying to make paint dry faster. All you have to do is use your hairdryer on low heat and low fan speed.

Puffy fabric paint is a great option for crafters who want to create kid-based items because the fully dimensional paint creates a "puff" effect. Sometimes it's labeled as three dimensional fabric paint. This looks great with air bubbles letters, smiley faces, flowers, stars and moons, and animal faces. 

Puffy fabric paint can also create a faux rhinestone with the right glittery color for shine. These paints also spruce up the home with cool decor options for pillows and blankets or throws. The possibilities are endless with puffy fabric paint.  

Multi Colored Puffy Paint

Factors That Affect The Drying Time Of Puffy Paint 

The factors that affect the fast drying fabric paints are the specific paint brand that you use, where you let the item dry, and what painted fabric material is used. 

Each puffy paint brand has different drying process requirements and a set dry puffy paint fast time length. We recommend reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning your project.    

When it comes to where you let the item dry, we recommend letting your as much paint item dry puffy paint fast in a hot room with access to sunlight. This will help remove excess moisture and allow the paint to dry more quickly with the lower humidity

To remove excess moisture in the room, you can use either an air conditioner or a dehumidifier. 

Thicker fabric material tends to hold onto the paint better but also may soak in more moisture, which will, in turn, need more time to dry completely.

Yet another factor is how much paint is used on the piece. Thin layer or lighter coats of puffy paint will dry faster than thick layers. The more puffy paint you use in each coat, the longer you need to let it dry between coats.

A homemade stuff, however, will last for five days or a bit longer if it was made of shaving cream or foam with the addition of flour.

How Do You Make Puffy Paint Dry Faster? (Tips & Tricks)

Using this wet paint can be a fun and enjoyable way to liven up your clothes, art, and home decor. It can be frustrating, however, waiting for the puffy paint to dry. How do you make puffy paint to dry faster? 

One of the best ways to make paint dry faster is to use a blow dryer. Position the blow dryer on the area that is drying the slowest. Then, gently move the blow dryer from side to side over the garment. This will not fully dry puffy paint faster, but it should make it possible to begin your second layer of paint.  

For crafters using multiple layers of paint, the blow dryer process can allow crafters to continue working on their fabric pieces without waiting the full 48-72 hours. Typically 30 minutes with a blow dryer is enough to continue using puffy paint on your piece. 

However, even if you use the blow dryer to quick drying paint process, we recommend waiting a minimum of 48 hours before wearing or using your fabric item. 

We also recommend waiting a minimum of 72 hours before washing your fabric item. If possible, let your paint to dry in a hot location (such as a room with sunlight engulfing your item).  

Blow Dryer

Frequently Asked Puffy Paint Questions 

How long does it take for puffy paint to dry on a squishy? 

Puffy fabric paint takes roughly 12 to 36 hours to dry completely. The full time depends on the fabric of the squishy and the specific puffy paint brand used.

Can puffy paint be washed off?  

Yes, puffy paint can be washed off but the fabric can be frustrating. 

Does puffy paint dry hard? 

Yes, puffy paint dries hard and will typically begin to harden within four hours. If you are using puffy paint designed for fabric, it will set after 72 hours, and then it can be washed.  

Can you make your own DIY puffy paint at home?  

Yes, you can make your own DIY puffy paint at home. To create DIY puffy paint, gather 1 ½ cup shaving cream, 1 cup glue, food coloring, and glitter fabric paint. Mix these items together with store bought puffy paint in a plastic container.  Stir careful to not overmix.  Once ready, add a few squirts of paint or coloring into each cup.


Puffy paint is a fun DIY project for creating unique designs on shirts, hats, pants, pillows, and blankets. It typically takes 12 to 36 hours for paint to completely dry, but we recommend waiting 72 hours before washing any fabric with puffy paint (to ensure it doesn’t wash off).