How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Spray Paint? (Solved)

People never want to find out they can’t purchase a product when they are already standing at the cashier counter. What if you want your teenager to grab some spray paint for you, but they can’t buy it at the store? 

Some people wonder how old they must be to purchase spray paint, so here we will break down the age requirements. 

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Generally speaking, the question “how old must you be to get some spray paint” gets the answer of 18 years old. However, these details vary depending on the state that you reside in. You may wonder, “do you need to be over 18 to purchase spray paint?” If so, most states will answer “yes.” 

  • Teenagers question, “can I buy spray paint in Chicago,” but most can’t until they’re 18.
  • The age to buy spray paint in Texas is 18. Plus, the buyers must provide proof of their ages.
  • If you want to know how old you must be to buy spray paint in Michigan, you must wait until you turn 18.
  • Buyers under 18 can’t purchase spray paint or wide-tipped markers.
  • Retailers can’t sell to people under 18, and they must put up signs stating people can’t misrepresent their ages.
  • When it comes to how old you must be to buy some spray paint in N.Y., sellers can’t offer spray paint or broad-tipped markers to people under 18.
  • The state doesn’t have age restrictions, but the retailers track who bought which spray paint can.
  • Those under the age of 18 can’t purchase spray paint.
  • People must be 18 or older to purchase spray paint.
  • Minors can’t sell or purchase more than three ounces of spray paint without parental consent.
  • Retailers can’t sell their spray paint to people under 18.

If you ask “how old must you be to buy spray paint,” most areas stick with 18. However, people tend to ask more questions about spray paint to understand the local laws. 

For example, some people ask, “do you have to be 21 to buy spray paint?” Luckily, most areas let people over 18 purchase spray paint. However, you must turn 18 to buy spray paint from Walmart and similar retailers. 

As for purchasing spray paint off Amazon, you must consider your local laws. Because of this, if you need spray paint, you must ask someone to buy it for you. Otherwise, you can face legal problems while purchasing the paint. 

Interestingly, how old you must be to buy spray paint in the U.K. doesn’t match the laws in the United States. However, someone 16 or older can purchase spray paint in the U.K., so remember to look at country regulations. 

Since the legal age to buy spray paint varies between places, you should avoid purchasing any until you turn 18. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing legal troubles unless the laws in your area offer different regulations for spray paint. 

Why Are Certain Ages Not Allowed To Buy Spray Paint? 

Some people ask questions such as, “why do you have to be over 18 to buy some spray paint?” It seems like a strange rule since some people ask, “can I buy spray paint at 17,” but areas establish an age for a few reasons. 

  • It prevents graffiti. 
  • It stops them from misusing the spray paint. 
  • It doesn’t give teens access to spray paint as a drug. 

People under 18 sometimes use spray paint for graffiti which can be a nuisance to remove. Since states want to prevent tagging, they establish laws to stop younger people from purchasing it.  

On top of that, if younger people misuse spray paint, they can leave fumes in the rooms. These fumes irritate the lungs of anyone who enters the room if the minors don’t air it out after using the spray paint. 

While spray paint has its uses, some teens use it as an inhalant. Doing so involves breathing the spray paint in, making the user high. Inhalants cause permanent damage to the brain, so most areas restrict access to spray paint, so teens can’t abuse it. 

They establish these laws to protect people from the dangers of spray paint. Each state puts rules in place, so you can look up the laws in your area to find out the finer details. 

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Spray Paint Buying FAQs 

Can I sell spray paint at a garage sale? 

Selling your spray paint at a garage sale depends on where you live. However, no matter what, you don’t want to sell some spray paint to someone under 18. Otherwise, you risk connecting the spray paint back to yourself and facing legal issues. 


If you don’t know whether you can sell spray paint, play it safe and don’t do it. 

What is the maximum number of spray paint you can buy at any one time? 

While states limit how much spray paint you can purchase, you don’t need to worry about the amount. If you can’t buy a certain amount, the retailer will let you know. 


How much you purchase depends on where you live. For example, California lets you buy six ounces at a time.  

Will a person under 18 go to jail if they buy spray paint? 

A minor can face legal issues from purchasing spray paint. For example, if a police officer catches a minor with spray paint, they can arrest the minor. On top of this, the seller can face fines or legal trouble. 


You may ask, “can you buy spray paint at 18?” Luckily, most states let you purchase it once you turn 18. 

You must check the laws to determine when you can buy spray paint. Otherwise, you may try to get spray paint before legally purchasing it. As you do so, you can follow the law while getting spray paint whenever you need it.