How To Paint a Ceiling Fan? (Easy 3 Step DIY Guide)

Painting a ceiling fan is one way to spruce up your home and add a colorful new look or create a sleeker, more modern look. Using a variety of paint colors, you can create the perfect updated style for your home without replacing your existing ceiling fan.  

Continue reading to learn how to paint a ceiling fan and change up your home aesthetic.  

Yes, you can DIY paint a ceiling fan. It might seem challenging to paint your ceiling fan at home, but it's actually a relatively easy process.

Can you paint ceiling fan blades? You can safely paint ceiling fan blades, paint ceiling fan globes, paint ceiling light fans, and even paint the glass on a ceiling fan.  

A ceiling fan is a wonderful home appliance that typically is placed in the center of a room, on the ceiling. When you turn on a ceiling fan, the fan moves blades in a circular motion to create a breeze.  

This manufactured breeze can help cool down your home and circulate the air for a fresher feel. Many homeowners love the ability to freshen a room and cool it slightly with their ceiling fan.

The benefit of a ceiling fan vs. a regular table or floor fan is that ceiling fans can move more air quickly and are often quieter.  

Many homeowners notice that their ceiling fans start to look faded, worn, or drab earlier than expected. This can bring down the overall look of the room. Other homeowners update their furniture, rugs, or wall art and notice that the ceiling fan now looks out of place.

In both of these scenarios, painting the ceiling fan can revitalize your home decor. You can paint your ceiling fan to match your new aesthetic and refresh the style in your home.  

Other times, homeowners want to surprise their kids by painting a wacky and colorful ceiling fan. These types of ceiling fans can also be fun in whimsical or edgy decor rooms.

When you paint your ceiling fan, you can choose what colors to use or whether or not designs are painted onto the fan blades.  

ceiling fan painted with white and grey stripes

Creative Ceiling Fan Painting Ideas

There are two primary creative routes to take when painting your ceiling fan: contemporary and wild. Both options are great choices and depend on the type of aesthetic that you want in your home.  

Contemporary styles refer to painting your ceiling fan with colors that are more modern such as white, black, silver, oil-rubbed bronze, gold, or other more neutral colors.

This style of creative painting can take a bland, old ceiling fan and turn it into something that looks new, polished, and elevates the home decor.  

Wild and colorful ceiling painting ideas include choosing more off-the-wall colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and other bright or vibrant colors.

This can work well for homes that have more of an Andy Warhol vibe or want something flashy. This can also work well for children’s rooms and more creative spaces such as a playroom or movie room.  

Another option is to create a distinct look that transforms the ceiling fan into something that looks like a different material. For example, painting ceiling fan blades rustic with an industrial-looking paint can work well in an industrial or rustic kitchen.

The best choice comes down to your ideal finished project.  

ceiling fan painted with wavy design

How To Paint A Ceiling Fan - Step By Step

Once you have your ceiling fan on the floor, it’s time to get started. Make sure that you lay your ceiling fan on top of a drop cloth to protect your floor.

You will need primer, a small paint dish, rags, painter’s tape and a drop cloth, cardboard, foam brushes, and the paint you intend to use. You will also want to disassemble the ceiling fan and remove the screws.  

  • 1
    The first step is to apply the primer. You should apply primer to each area that you intend to paint. Let the primer sit for a few hours. Check the manufacturer instructions to ensure that you wait long enough before moving to the next step.
  • 2
    The second step is to paint your ceiling fan. This should be broken up into steps. To paint the ceiling fan arms, you can use either latex paint or oil-based paint. However, vinyl fan blades should only use latex paint, and wood blades should only use oil-based paint. Paint your screws as well so that when you put the ceiling fan back together, each piece will be the correct color. You can paint the ceiling fan blades, motor casing, and base.
  • 3
    Allow the paint to dry completely. After waiting the appropriate amount of time between coats you can apply the second one. Once the second coat has dried, you can reassemble the ceiling fan and re-attach it. Now you’re ready to enjoy your new home aesthetic.

Painting a Ceiling Fan Without Taking It Down

If you do not want to remove your ceiling fan, you can safely paint your ceiling fan without taking it down. It can be more difficult to paint your ceiling fan this way, but it is possible.

You will want to use the same tools, supplies, and materials that we discussed in our DIY painting ceiling fan section above. The primary difference between painting a ceiling fan that is not attached and one that is on the ground is that you must use protective coverings.  

You will need a drop cloth and painter's tape in order to seal off the ceiling and the parts of the ceiling fan that you do not want the paint to touch. It can be difficult to see and apply the paint, so covering up the areas that you do not want to be touched is helpful.

You also need to make sure that you use a secure, stable ladder or bench step while painting. 

The most dangerous aspect of painting a ceiling fan without taking it down is that you will need to be up high while painting.

We recommend choosing a stable ladder and having someone spot you while painting so you can focus on your painting job.  

ceiling fan painted in dark brown

Common Ceiling Fan Painting Questions

How many cans of spray paint can you use on one ceiling fan?

You may need 1-4 cans of spray paint per ceiling fan. If you are using one color, you might just need 1 spray paint can. It really depends on the number of colors involved.

Most ceiling fans do not require more than one spray paint can per color because of the smaller size of ceiling fans.  

How much is the cost of painting a ceiling fan? 

The cost of painting a ceiling fan varies with the size of the ceiling fan. It should be $30—$80 depending on the supplies purchased and cans of spray paint needed.  

How long to wait before using the ceiling fan after painting it? 

We recommend waiting 48 hours after painting your ceiling fan before using it. This will allow the spray paint to fully dry and ensure that the fumes are also gone.  

How long does spray paint last on the ceiling fan? 

Spray painting a ceiling fan is a long-lasting decor update. Your ceiling fan should not need to be repainted. The spray paint should hold indefinitely. If the paint color or texture fades, then you can update in 8-10 years.  

Can you chalk paint a ceiling fan? 

You can use chalk paint to paint a ceiling fan. However, we only recommend doing this for a particular look. If you want to create a gray or whitewash look, then using chalk paint will work well.

You can simply paint the ceiling fan blades without taking the fan down. The aesthetic will not be a clean gray or clean white, but more of a streaky wash that can create a cool rustic or industrial look for your home.  


Painting a ceiling fan is one way to add color to your home or to change your decor to suit a new aesthetic. You can DIY paint your ceiling fan to create a unique look and spruce up your interior design.