How To Paint Gutters (PVC & Aluminum Gutter Painting Tips)

If you are looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, you may want to consider painting your gutters.

While there are plenty of things to consider when making the choice to paint your gutters, we are here to help you along the way.

Below you will find the best tips and tricks for painting gutters. 

Gutters, like any part of your home, need TLC from time to time in order to keep them functioning properly and looking good.

If your already painted gutters  or freshly painted gutters have begun to chip or the wear and tear of long-term use of your gutters has left them looking unsightly, it is probably time to paint them.  

Painting your gutters makes them look better, cleaner, and can increase the aesthetic appeal of a house. It is a relatively easy way to beautify your home, and painting them can make them last longer and protect them from the elements. 

How To Paint Gutters

How To Paint Gutter: Best Ways, Techniques & Tips 

Painting your gutters is often one of the most difficult painting tasks around the home.

That is why it is imperative that you follow the steps below in order to ensure that the job gets done well the first time.

Failure to paint gutter correctly the first time usually results in having to repeat the process. 

1. Clean Your Gutters Thoroughly 

Use soap and water for power washing your gutter system and make sure there are no leaves, twigs, or any sort of debris. After power washing, you will have to use a ladder to reach your gutters which will help with reach. 

This step applies for all gutters except copper. For a longer-lasting lifespan and clean aesthetic, it is recommended that copper gutters are not painted. 

2. Remove the Braces of Your Gutters 

Take them off so that you are able to create a uniform and clean look once you paint the gutters. This step applies for all gutter materials. 

Gutters should be removed so that the entire gutter can be painted evenly. 

3. Apply primer to the Gutters 

For vinyl and PVC-type gutters, before applying primer, you may choose to apply a light sanding solution to ensure that the paint will stay on.  

Different materials require different types of primer; to paint aluminum gutters, vinyl, and steel, use clear acrylic bonding primer and aluminum oxide. For copper or zinc, we suggest a regular oil-based primer. Make sure that whatever primer you use, it is ammonia-free to avoid creating bubbles under the paint. Applying primer requires a bristled scrubbing brush or airless sprayer. 

4. Choose The Paint

It is recommended that for painting vinyl gutters, zinc, aluminum, and steel gutters, you use an acrylic paint and airless sprayer. For painting aluminum gutters, aluminum rain gutters and steel gutters, you can use oil-based paints, but this often chips more quickly.  

There are many color choices with acrylic paint for painting aluminum rain gutters, and we recommend neutral colors that compliment the paint color of the house itself. See below for more information about choosing an acrylic paint color for aluminum rain gutters. 

5. Apply the First Coat 

Thoroughly apply the first coat using a paintbrush, spray paint or airless sprayer can. Make sure the entire gutter and its flat surface is covered with a thin layer of paint and that it looks relatively evenly coated. Wait for the exterior paints to dry completely before starting the final coat of spray painting. 

6. Apply the Second and Final Coat 

Repeat step five and apply the second coat of exterior paints using a paintbrush, spray painting tool or airless sprayer. Once again, make sure the entire gutter system and its flat surface is covered with another thin layer of aluminum appropriate paint. The coat should be applied evenly for a uniform look. With the proper care and steps taken to clean, apply primer, and paint the first coat, the second coat of paint will stick well and not chip easily. 

Final Note: If you ever want to change the paint on your gutters, you will need to strip the paint job before repainting. It is important that you do not need to do paint job directly over the older coats so that you can have a fresh start when restarting the project of spray painting. 

What Color Should I Paint My Gutters? 

Choosing a paint color can be a difficult decision if you are not hiring professional painters. The three most common choices people make are to paint their gutters the same color as their house's siding, the same color as the trim the gutter is up against, or the same color as the roof. Many people choose to dye gutters off-white or beige as this is a common color of siding and trim.  

Painting your gutters black is another choice. Black gutters do not show all the dirt easily and can accentuate the outside features of your home. Many roofs are black, which means that black gutters compliment roofs nicely. When considering how to paint your gutters black, you can follow the same steps laid out above. 

concrete roof

Most Common Gutter Materials 

Vinyl or PVC Gutters 

Vinyl gutters and PVC gutters are a popular choice among homeowners. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and low maintenance. They are also incredibly durable. Vinyl and PVC gutters do not corrode and can withstand accidents like falling trees and high winds. 

Aluminum Gutters Or Metal Gutters 

Aluminum gutters are another popular gutter option. While they can dent more easily than other gutter materials, they do not rust, which makes them great for the long term. Aluminum gutters are one of the most affordable options, and many people choose to use aluminum gutters for this reason. 

Steel Gutters 

Steel gutters are a great option if you are looking for a durable material that will last up to twenty-five years. Steel gutters, like vinyl, can withstand unforeseen accidents falling tree branches and misplaced ladders. Steel gutters do not rust, but they are a more expensive option. 

Zinc Gutters 

Zinc is the longest-lasting gutter material of all popular options. Often, zinc gutters last up to eighty years and can withstand weather, wear, and tear. They are a more expensive option but usually worth the investment if you plan on living in your home long term. 

Copper Gutters 

Copper gutters also have a long lifespan, often lasting over 60 years. The main draw is that copper gutters do not rust, and with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to 100 years. Copper gutters do not need to be painted. 

Gutter Painting FAQs

Can you spray paint gutters? 

Yes, you can spray a paint gutter system, but make sure to either remove the gutter first or cover any areas around it that do not need to be painted.

How much does it cost to have house gutters painted? 

A typical 60-foot gutter piece will cost somewhere in the range of $150 to paint. Depending on where you live, this average lies between about $100-$200. 

How do you remove peeling paint from gutters? 

To remove peeling paint from gutters, you will need to wear gloves, use a wire brush, paint scraper, plastic putty knife or paint stripper. Wire wheels found on drills can also work. Make sure you clean the sanded space with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide sandpaper after scraping the paint off with plastic putty knife and use a solvent to remove oil.  

Is it recommended to replace gutters or paint them?  

Whether or not you should repair or replace gutters will depend on the state of the them. If it is merely chipping, slightly dented, or looking lightly worn, then you should paint it first. If the entire gutter system is badly damaged or has holes, breaks, or major dents in it that restrict water flow, the entire gutter system should be replaced.


Painting your gutters may seem like a daunting task, but it is absolutely something you can do on your own with the right tools that you can get from a local hardware store. Make sure to wear gloves and not to leave out any steps, and your newly painted gutters will look as good as new when the job is done.