How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass: 9 Best DIY Methods

When working with spray paint cans, it’s easy to unintentionally overspray, causing to dissolve fresh paint to get on other surfaces.

Even when you’re careful and take your time while spray painting surfaces like glass, this can still happen. So, what do you do when you need to get spray paint off glass?  

You learn how to remove spray paint from glass as quickly as you can. While it may seem like a challenge, paint is much easier to clean spray paint off glass with dish soap than most people realize.

Use this guide to get rid of paint using items like dish soap you may already have at home by wearing thick rubber gloves. 

How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass

Removing paint spray from glass with dish soap or natural glass cleaner can take time and effort, but it’s possible.

Whether you want to know how to remove spray painting from polycarbonate glasses, mirrors, glass tables, or other surfaces, you’re in the right place.

Check out this list of glass cleaner, easy DIY methods for commercial glass cleaner that are effective. Wear thick rubber gloves for protection.

1. Using A Razor Blade Or Paint Scraper 

One of the simpler ways to remove paint is to use a paint scraper or razor blade. Of course, if you’re trying this approach, you need to be careful because you don’t want to scratch the glass. 

Take a gentle approach to carefully scrape away at the paint residue left behind on the glass with fine steel wool.

You may also want to apply a bit of vinegar to the glass before you get started to make it easier to remove the paint.

While this method is effective, it’s not the easiest, so it gets ⅗ stars! 

2. With Oil 

You can work on removing the oil based paint the surface of glass by taking a microfiber cleaning cloth and dipping it into oil. Not sure which oil to use? No worries. You can use olive oil or any other kind that you have lying around the home. 

A little bit of oil goes a long way, so make sure you’re not overdoing it. Gently rub against the glass while trying to remove the spray paint. It can take a lot of elbow grease to make progress, so this method gets a ⅖ rating. 

3. With Hairspray 

Do you have some hairspray at home? If so, you probably didn’t know that you could use it to get rid of spray paint on glass. First, apply the hairspray to the glass surface and allow it to sit for several seconds.

You want it to sit and soak into the spray paint, but you don’t want to let it harden. So, after waiting a few seconds, begin wiping away at the surface with a damp cloth. The hairspray trick works wonders and is a ⅘! 

4. With Stripping Gel 

When you want to know how to remove spray paint from car glass and other glass surfaces, consider using stripping gel. Apply a small amount of the stripping gel to the surface with the spray paint and then begin wiping away at it with your damp cloth.

It can work wonders, but it’s also not the most gentle approach, so it gets a ⅗ rating. 

5. With Mineral Spirits & Turpentine 

Mineral spirits and turpentine work well to remove the spray paint stains from glass surfaces. Before you use them, soak a sponge in warm soapy water or warm water and then get started. 

Gently rub the damp sponge soaked in warm soapy water or warm water with the mineral spirits and turpentine against the glass to see how well the spray paint comes off with warm water or soapy water. 

While it varies from one glass surface to the next, it’s one of the most effective ways to remove spray paint, so it gets a ⅘.  

6. With Graffiti Remover 

Many people remove spray paint from brick using graffiti remover. If you’re going to use it, spray it against the glass, wait about 30-45 seconds, and then use a scouring pad on the glass. Of course, you’ll need to move gently when working with a scouring pad on such a gentle material. 

However, when you take this approach, you can easily get a lot of the paint off the glass, making this a 5-star method of removal. 

7. With Acetone 

The strong ingredients in acetone make it a great product to use when you’d like to remove spray paint from glass. First, apply a bit of the acetone to a clean rag or cloth and then rub it against the glass.

You should notice the paint starts rubbing off and onto the cloth that you’re using. If you have acetone at home, this is a suitable option worth a ⅘ rating. 

8. With White Vinegar 

One of the safest and most effective ways to remove unwanted spray paint spots from glass is to use white vinegar or hot vinegar. You can dab it down with cotton balls or a plastic drop cloth or paper towel, allow it to soak for a bit, and then wipe away at it. 

Vinegar is gentle yet effective enough to remove paint spots from the glass within minutes, meaning it’s a top rate 5-star option! 

9. With Pressure Washer 

If you have a pressure washer, you can use it on some glass objects, but not everything. Don’t use it on fragile glass items because the pressure from the pressure washer can break the glass, causing serious damage to your belongings.

Because it’s risk, the pressure washer receives a ⅖ star rating for cleaning spray paint. 

pressure washer for spray paint removal

Removing Spray Paint From Different Types of Glass 

Use these simple tips and tricks to make sure you can remove spray paint from any glass items.  

Polycarbonate Glasses 

Rubbing alcohol or vinegar or nail polish remover are great ways of removing spray paint from polycarbonate glasses. Rubbing alcohol is a strong, effective, easy to find, and easy to use method. When working with smaller glasses, use cotton balls soaked in these liquids, rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface of the glass to get rid of the spray paint. 

Glass Mirror 

In some instances, the best way to remove spray paint from a glass mirror is to use a razor blade. If you’re taking this approach, hold steady and don’t apply too much pressure to the glass. You don’t want to break the glass by pressing down on it while attempting to remove the spray paint. 

Glass Table 

If you have a glass table that needs cleaning, use a safer solution, such as vinegar, nail polish remover, paint thinner or lacquer thinner solvents. Windex remove spray paint very effectively. It won’t leave the home smelling like toxic chemicals and is effective at removing the spray paint from the glass. 

Glass Jars 

Because of the strength and durability of most glass jars, it’s often safe to remove spray paint using a razor blade. Of course, you’ll still need to be gentle when using the blade against the glass. 

Glass Window 

Graffiti remover is a top choice for glass windows. You can apply the solution to the windows of your home or business and then clean it with a cloth or sponge or paper towels. 

graffiti spray paint on glass

Car Glass Window & Windshield 

Graffiti remover is also a great solution for car windows and windshields. If you have this problem, apply a bit of the graffiti remover to the glass surface and wipe away at it with a damp sponge or microfiber cleaning cloths or paper towels to avoid scratching the glass while you clean. 

Removing Spray Paint From Glass FAQs

Can you remove spray paint without damaging glass underneath?  

Yes, it’s possible to remove spray paint without damaging the glass. Be sure to choose the right removal product for the specific type of glass you’re cleaning, whether it’s car glass, a glass jar, or even a glass table. 

Does spray paint wash off glass or is it permanent?  

Spray paint is often permanent unless you’re taking the measures to remove it by following one of the many techniques mentioned here. 

Will acrylic paint come off glass?

Yes, acrylic paint sits will come off glass! It sits on the surface of the glass rather than soaking into it, which makes it that much easier to remove and clean when you need to do so. 

Can WD40 remove paint from glass?  

Yes, WD40 works on some products to get rid of dried paint. It doesn’t work for everything. Even so, it’s with having around in case you need it. 


There is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with spray paint on your glass. While no one looks forward to having this happen, you now know how to remove spray paint using products at home. 

Follow these different DIY methods to get rid of the paint and restore your glass back to its original condition.