How To Clean Dried Latex Paint From Paint Sprayer (7 Steps)

Paint sprayers can turn a lengthy paint job into a quick, no-fuss task. While paint sprayers are easy to use, they do require basic maintenance and care to keep it working correctly.   In this guide, learn how to clean dried latex paint from your paint sprayer, why it’s important, and the answers to other frequently asked questions. … Read more

How To Use A Paint Sprayer Indoors (Without The Overspray)

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How To Prime A Paint Sprayer (Easy Step By Step Guide)

Whether you enjoy painting or consider it a chore, opting to use a paint sprayer can dramatically reduce application time by pumping paint onto your surface with high, steady pressure. This results in even coats and reduces those dreaded paint drips or brushstrokes that can be tough to avoid with rollers and brushes.   In this guide, learn how … Read more

Can You Rent A Paint Sprayer? (Here’s How Much It Costs)

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How To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer (Beginners Guide)

Get a uniform application on the toughest wall textures with the help of an airless paint sprayer. Their effectiveness on popcorn-effect walls and ceilings is unmatched, and they are a perfect fit for many uneven surfaces. Airless paint sprayers are the fastest way to complete any large painting job, and once you get the hang of … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Paint In A Sprayer? (Airless & HVLP)

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Can You Really Use A Paint Sprayer As A Pressure Washer?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Can you use a paint sprayer as a pressure washer?” Pressure washers are convenient because they produce a fast flow of water, allowing you to clean different surfaces at a much quicker pace. But what if you don’t have one? Is it possible to use your paint sprayer? It’s … Read more

Can You Use A Paint Sprayer With Oil Based Paint? (Solved)

Oil-based paint has its advantages, but spills and drips are harder to clean up. Can you use a paint sprayer with oil-based paint to avoid messes, or is good coverage without too much overspray only possible with water-based paints?  Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about using oil-based paint in sprayers.   Can … Read more