Can You Wet Or Dry Sand Acrylic Paint? (How To Guide)

Acrylic paint is incredibly durable and easy to work with but becomes almost permanent once dry. So, can acrylic paint be sanded? Or what if the texture isn’t to your liking? Can you sand acrylic paint? The simple answer is yes, you can! But you need the right technique and sandpaper to learn how to … Read more

Can You Wet Or Dry Sand Latex Paint? (How To Guide)

So you’ve added your first coat of latex paint, but it’s not as smooth and shiny as you may have hoped. It’s not sticking well at all. Painting latex paint without sanding beforehand can cause it to chip or rub off.   So yes, not only can you sand latex paint, you should sand latex paint for … Read more

8 Best Lacquers For Wood & Furniture – Paint Sprayer Judge

best lacquer paint

Preparation is important when painting. The right lacquer for wood or other materials will help insulate and protect any surface.This article discusses what, why and how the best lacquer for wood and other surfaces is essential when painting. Top Lacquers ComparedImageModelSizeBuy NowDeft 037125017132Interior ClearWood FinishSatin Lacquer12 oz Check Latest Price Minwax 15200Gloss BrushingLacquer Spray12 oz … Read more

6 Best Paints For Bumpers: Reviews For Plastic & Metal

The car bumper is the structure that’s attached to the front and rear of your vehicle, designed to absorb any impact. However, over time, these bumpers can look worn and scratched, requiring a touch-up paint job. With the best paint for plastic bumpers, you can make your vehicle look like new again. We review the top … Read more

Heirloom Traditions Paint Reviews: Color & Painting Guide

Top 3 Product Best Top Coat Water Based Top CoatSatin Sheen Finish Check Latest Price Best All In One Option Chalk PaintLow Luster Matte Finish Check Latest Price Best For Vehicle Interiors Brush On Flex PaintNatural Flex/Vinyl Finish Check Latest Price Chalk paint is growing in popularity as a much easier way to paint furniture … Read more