7 Best Spray Paint Booths: Reviewed For DIY Painting

Spray painting is a beautiful way to spruce up your furniture, models, or art pieces. It does, however, come with the possibility of getting paint everywhere.

Spray paint booths contain the excess paint in the air, protect your work from getting dust on it while drying, and remove toxins from your workspace.

This review is perfect for helping you decide which indoor spray paint booth is right for your craft space.

Spray painting is a fun but messy affair. A spray paint booth is perfect for containing paint overspray and protecting your piece from dust, improving its overall finish. Many modern spray paint booths come with suction ventilation to prevent environmental pollution.

While we still recommend using protective gear like masks and gloves, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is safe from paint fumes. When spray painting indoors, it is often required by state or national codes to use a spray paint booth when painting inside for this exact reason.

It is possible to create your own DIY spray paint booth, but many premade ones are cheap and up to code.

Buying a Quality Spray Paint Booth


When thinking about buying an indoor spray paint booth, consider the size of the room you will be painting in and the size of the objects you typically spray paint. The weight, height, and length need to accommodate your tools, the craft projects in question, and fit on your table or floor.

Construction & Efficiency

Is your desired booth stable and durable? How is it constructed? What are its unique features? Carefully consider what you need from a spray paint booth and carefully read the product description to see what is right for you. Looking at customer reviews can let you know how helpful and durable others found the product in question.

Ventilation/Airflow Options

How does your desired booth remove paint fumes? Is it motor powered or vented? Four different airflow types are used in spray paint booths: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and cross airflow. Consider which type is best for your craft project and find a model with that style.


When spray painting, you need plenty of light to ensure that you get even paint coverage. Does your preferred model come with LED lights? Are the lights well positioned? How bright are they?

If the model does not come with a light, is its material thin enough to let in plenty of natural light? Reading the product description and customer reviews can let you know if your preferred model has what you need.


Spray painting in your home or office takes concentration, and you do not want to disturb others around you while you work. If your desired spray paint shelter has a motor, how loud is that motor? Will it bother your family or colleagues?

Having a noisy ventilation system can ruin your concentration; avoid a headache by choosing a quieter model.

Power Source

If your preferred model is motor powered or uses lights, what powers your booth? Does it plug into your home? If it uses batteries, are those batteries rechargeable? Are there eco-friendly options? All of these questions can make a difference in your energy bill and wallet.

Ease of Installation & Take Down

No-one wants to spend ages setting up and taking down their spray paint booth – you want to get creative as quickly as possible. Find a model that is simple to install and take down to save you time and headaches later.

Ideally, your chosen model should also take up limited space when taken down to make storage easier.

Filtration System

How efficient is the filtration system? How expensive is it to run? Does your spray paint booth require filters? How often do you need to replace those filters?

Proper filtration can prevent you from inhaling toxic fumes that can cause terrible side effects. Put your safety first, and find a spray paint booth with an effective filtration system.

7 Best Spray Paint Booths Reviewed

1. Master Airbrush

Our Top Pick


13.5 Inches


16.5 Inches


19.5 Inches

Best For Painting

Small-medium objects, e.g., small models, cakes, parts, and clothes

The best spray paint booth on our list, the Master Airbrush is perfect for pro and amateur hobbyists alike. It is easy to set up and take down as it unfurls from a suitcase shape with a handle and is easy to lift as it weighs just 8.5 pounds.

A built-in 7.5-inch turntable and three LED lights are included with each model, making painting your project as smooth as possible. Rubber feet are installed below the spray paint booth floor to protect your work surface from damage, and the double layer filter is easy to change. While we do wish that there was a filter change indicator to help you remember, the filters are practical and helpful.

A six-foot exhaust extension hose works with the powerful plug-in motor and fan to produce four cubic meters a minute of extraction. Some customers note that tightening the screws when the Master Airbrush arrives ensures the suction performs better, so please bear this in mind.

One final bonus feature of the Master Airbrush is its ability to clip to another of the same model to create a larger workspace and double suction. If this sounds perfect for your project, you should consider picking up two of them. Overall, the Master Airbrush spray paint booth is an excellent option for hobbyists and pros alike.


  • Easy to set up and store
  • Rubber feet
  • 47 dB noise level
  • Built-in turntable and LED lights
  • Multi-layer filter


  • Tighten some parts for better suction
  • No filter change indicator


Best Compact Airbrush Paint Spray Booth


16.5 Inches


16.5 Inches


19 Inches

Best For Painting

Models, small parts, cake, art, clothes

The VIVOHOME is our top pick for the best compact airbrush paint spray booth due to its excellent features. Just like the Master Airbrush, it collapses into a suitcase shape with a handle for smooth transport and storage.

Three LED lights are strategically placed to give you optimum visuals of the project. The rotating turntable can help you reach all sides of your project. In terms of ventilation, a 3.3-foot extension hose and a 60 Hz fan suck any paint fumes and dust from the booth at a rate of 47 dB. This ventilation system should keep the noise disturbance to a minimum, so you and others can focus.

The built-in bottom is removable for easy cleaning. If you need more space, two of the VIVOHOME can clip together just like the Master Airbrush to create a more expansive workspace. It is worth bearing in mind that a few customers thought the fan could be more robust.

If you need a versatile and compact spray paint booth for work or personal craft projects, the VIVOHOME is another excellent option for you. Give the VIVOHOME a try for yourself to see if it is right for you and your routine.


  • Easy to set up and store
  • 47db noise level
  • Built-in removable floor and turntable
  • Three LED lights
  • Extendable hose


  • The fan could be better

3. Wagner Studio

Best Rated Paint Spray Booth Tent


81 Inches


53 Inches


59 Inches

Best For Painting

Furniture and larger crafts

A number one bestseller on Amazon, the Wagner Studio is our choice in the best-rated paint spray booth tent category. This enclosed spray paint tent is larger than the previous two on this list and has a liquid resistant bottom to make cleaning up easy. Multiple size options are available to suit your projects’ needs.

This tent can be set up indoors or outdoors but is so light that the wind can blow it over if nothing is weighing it down. The paint overspray protects your belongings from getting paint on them and your project from getting dust or contaminants on it.

The two-pole folded design makes setting up easy, but folding this booth back into the provided storage bag can be a challenging experience. We recommend having another person with you and looking at videos to help you.

In terms of what projects are best suited to this booth, this size is excellent for furniture upcyclers and larger art projects. It is possible to paint smaller objects in this booth or pick up a smaller size for an affordable price. Overall, the Wagner Studio is an affordable spray paint booth option for enthusiastic DIYers and paint professionals alike.


  • Enclosed space and built-in floor
  • Lightweight
  • Liquid resistant bottom
  • Multiple size options available
  • Number one bestseller on Amazon


  • Difficult to put together
  • Unstable and can fall over if outside

4. Nordstrand

Best Large Portable Spray Paint Tent


8.5 ft


5.5 ft


6 ft

Best For Painting

Large furniture and crafts

Our top pick for the best large portable spray paint tent, the Norstrand, is in the Amazon's Choice category and a widely popular choice. This thin and lightweight spray paint tent is a basic, no-nonsense model that is thin enough to let in a lot of external light.

A close zip door is perfect for storing your newly spray-painted model or craft while it dries. Because the tent is an enclosed space, no dust or contaminants will ruin the paint's finish. Setting up and taking this tent down is a simple process, and a bag is provided to make storage easy.

It is important to note that some customers have found the thin material easy to damage during set up and take down, so be mindful while using this booth. This booth is also so light that it can be blown over or away in the wind if it is not weighed down while outside; remember to put something inside it while you set up.

Whether you are looking to work on a medium project or a larger piece of furniture, this booth is a great option for spray painting at home. The Norstrand is an affordable model that is delivered quickly and regularly on sale on Amazon; it is worth giving a try for yourself.


  • Amazon’s Choice (2020)
  • Zip close door
  • Storage bag included
  • Light and thin material lets in plenty of light


  • The material can be easily damaged – very thin

5. Homeright C900139M

Best Small Pop Up Paint Booth


4.7 ft


5.6 ft


4.8 ft

Best For Painting

Small to medium projects

Our choice for the best small pop up paint booth, the Homeright C900139M is featured on Amazon’s Choice list and is relatively popular. There are two different size options available to choose from for added convenience; both are suitable for small to medium-sized projects.

This portable and lightweight spray paint booth is made of durable nylon and comes with a storage bag. The built-in bottom prevents the paint from getting onto your work surface, and a rear vent helps keep a healthy airflow throughout your booth. A two-year warranty protects this model and is the most extended warranty for a product on this list.

As with other booths and tents on this list with light and thing builds, the C900139M can fall over is left empty in a windy space. Some customer reviews also note that folding it back down to store it in the provided bag is difficult and, at times, a frustrating process. There are videos online to help you should you end up stuck or frustrated.

If you need a portable and lightweight spray paint booth that can be used inside and outdoors, the Homeright C900139M is an excellent option. However, if you require more airflow for more in-depth or regular projects, this may not be the right model for you.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Multiple size options
  • Built-in bottom
  • Rear vent
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Difficult to fold back down
  • Can fall over or fly away if empty

6. Paasche HSSB-30-16

Best Spray Paint Booth For Serious Hobbyists


30 Inches


16 Inches


20 Inches

Best For Painting

Small to medium hobby projects

Our top recommendation for the best spray paint booth for serious hobbyists, the Paasche HSSB-30-16 is a unique all-metal booth that comes in various sizes. Two strong fans work to produce great quality airflow that is filtered through both a paint and a carbon filter. These filters are easy to replace but do not come with a filter change indicator.

Made in the US, this metal spray paint booth is easy to construct but is on the heavy side at 47 pounds. This particular model is perfect for small to medium hobby projects such as models, parts, clothes, and small belongings.

While the Paasche HSSB-30-16 is covered by a one-year part and labor warranty, we wish that this warranty was longer. It is also important to note that this model does not come in other colors or attach to another model as with other entrants on this list.

Overall, we recommend the Paasche HSSB-30-16 paint spray booth for regular spray painters and experienced hobbyists due to its all-metal construction and slightly larger price point. Try the Paasche HSSB-30-16 model for yourself and see if it fits in with your regular home spray paint routine.


  • Variety of sizes available
  • Two fans
  • Two types of filter – easy to replace
  • Made in the US


  • One-year parts and labor
  • Heavy

7. AW Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit

Best Budget Spray Booth For Painting


18.3 Inches


13.5 Inches


10.7 Inches

Best For Painting

Small projects, e.g., toys, models, parts, etc

For hobbyists on a budget, we recommend the AW Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit as the best budget spray booth for painting. This compact and easy to use model uses a built-in floor and skidproof rubber feet to protect your workspace.

A durable revolving turntable shows off your project, quickly allowing you to achieve an even paint job. The powerful motor and fan remove paint fumes from your space, filtering them through two removable filters with ease. A 67-inch max extendable and bendable hose then funnels the fumes out of your workspace. The electric wire used to power the booth is retractable for better safety and more accessible storage.

When your project is complete, the booth folds down into a suitcase shape for easy storage in a trunk or on shelving. A simple on and off switch makes using the booth a simple process, leaving you with more time to work on craft projects.

Some customers wish that the fan strength could be better, but we recommend trying it for yourself to see if it is right for you. Overall, the AW Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit is a great option for artists on a budget and suits a variety of project types.


  • Turntable included
  • Two removable filters
  • Retractable electric wire
  • Skidproof rubber feet
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Fan strength could be better

Spray Paint Booth & Tent Applications

What is the difference between spray paint booths and tents? Spray paint booths are designed to fit onto work surfaces. They are small to medium-sized and are perfect for painting models, toys, and parts.

On the other hand, spray paint tents are medium to large-sized and should be placed on the floor. These large spray paint shelters are for larger projects such as furniture, art pieces, or even cars and small sheds.

Setting up & Operating Spray Paint Booths Safely

Before you build your spray paint booth, clear any furniture or objects from your workspace or floor. If you do not have much room, cover other things with a tarp as an added precaution. Put on safety gear such as a mask, gloves, and overalls.

Put your spray paint booth in the center of your workspace and set it up according to the manual. Some will fold, while others will arrive in parts and need to be constructed. Make sure that your paint spray booth requirements are met and that it is stable before painting.

Set up your tools and place your object in the center of the booth. If your booth comes with a motor-powered ventilation system, turn it on and test it before beginning.

Once you have finished painting, leave your piece to dry inside the booth or put it in a covered place. Some booths have a sealable ‘door’ to prevent dust from getting onto your project while it dries. After it is dry, clean off any paint and put away your piece according to manual instructions.

Some models use the tuck and fold method, while others need to be deconstructed. Store your paint spray booth in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep your paint and flammable substances away from your paint spray booth.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How does ventilation work in a spray paint booth?

That depends on the individual model’s ventilation system. Spray paint booth ventilation design is often motor-powered and uses different airflows. We recommend reading the product description carefully before purchase to find the best ventilation for your project.

Can I build my own DIY spray paint booth?

It is possible to build your own DIY spray paint booth. However, there are plenty of premade models to choose from with quality ventilation systems that are up to health codes. If you paint occasionally, make one yourself. But if you spray paint regularly, we recommend buying a spray paint booth.

Why do spray booths operate at negative pressure?

The exhaust fan sucks the paint and debris towards it like a vacuum. This takes out more air than is put inside, creating negative pressure.

What are the differences between the cheap and expensive models on our list?

Some of the difference between our cheap and expensive models include:

  • Price range
  • Material
  • Design
  • Variety of added features
  • Size
  • Brand


Overall, we consider the Master Airbrush model to be the best spray paint shelter on our list. We love its extra features, ventilation system, and its affordable price point. If you need more advice and how-tos for your next paint project, we have plenty of articles on our website.

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