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How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass: 9 Easy DIY Methods

When working with spray paint, it’s easy to unintentionally overspray, causing the paint to get on other surfaces, such as glass. Even when you’re careful and take your time, this can still happen. So, what do you do when you have spray paint on glass?   You learn how to remove spray paint from glass to get rid […]

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Can You Spray Paint a Faucet (Easy Step by Step Guide)

Giving your bathroom a facelift is a fun but sometimes expensive endeavor. Finding easy and affordable ways to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen, such as spray-painting fixtures, can save time and money. Can you spray paint a faucet? Read on to discover our tips and tricks.  Can You Spray Paint A Faucet? It is possible to spray […]

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How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry? (Surfaces Compared)

Innovative spray paint has made at-home paint projects more effortless than ever, but DIYers still have to wait for the paint to dry. Although traditional brushes result in thick, uneven layers of paint that can take days to dry, spray cans disperse aerosolized paint in a fine spray with just the touch of a nozzle. Spray paint’s […]

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Dupli-Color BCL0125 Clear Perfect Match Automotive Top Coat

7 Best Clear Coat Spray Paint: Reviewed & Compared

Top 3 Product Best for Cars Ideal for large touch ups, vehicle accessories, motorcycles, etc. Check Latest Price Best Matte Clear Coat Ideal for interior/exterior use on virtually any surface Check Latest Price Best for Metal Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All-In-1 Touch-Up ToolFit type: Vehicle Specific Check Latest Price Clear coat paint contains no pigments, ensuring […]

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11 Best Spray Paints For Metal: Reviews For All Colors

Top 3 Product Best Rated Black Paint All-in-One Spray PaintIndoor/Outdoor Spray PaintAmerica’s First Spray Coating Check Latest Price Best Gold Option Highest-quality metallic finishVery smooth, high-gloss finish Check Latest Price Best Bronze Metal Spray Oil-based formulaFast drying formulaPrevents rust and corrosion for enhanced durability Check Latest Price Using spray paints on metal furniture or appliances […]

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best paint sprayer for furniture

9 Best Spray Paints For Wood: Reviewed & Compared

Top 3 Product Best Gold Color Weather and corrosion resistant coating Check Latest Price Best Black Color Ideal for use on interior/exterior surfaces Check Latest Price Best Chrome Color Ideal for creating a shiny metallic finish Check Latest Price Expenses for sprucing up your living space can add up quickly, which is why a do-it-yourself […]

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9 Best Spray Paint For Plastic: Reviewed & Compared

Top 3 Product White Color Spray Paint and PrimerIndoor/Outdoor Rust Protection Check Latest Price Our Top Pick! Prevents rust and corrosion for enhanced durabilityWorks on any surface Check Latest Price Matter Black All-in-One Spray PaintAmerica’s First Spray Coating Check Latest Price Give new life to old toys or spruce up some wicker or plastic chairs […]

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10 Best Automotive Spray Paint in a Can: Reviewed For Cars

Top 3 Product Best Plasti-Dip Protects coated items against moisture, acids and corrosion Check Latest Price Our #1 Choice Adjustable EZ Touch 360 Degree NozzleIdeal for large touch ups Check Latest Price Best White Color For use on plastic, metal, wood and moreDries in 10 minutes or less Check Latest Price You care a lot […]

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8 Best Spray Paints For Rims: Reviews For Alloys & Colors

Top 3 Product Best For Gun Metal Rims Elegant design Smooth FinishProtects against moisture, acids and corrosion Check Latest Price Best Chrome Option easy-to-use & High-Qualityfast-dryingEZ Touch 360 degree nozzle Check Latest Price Best For Black Rims Scratch Fix All-In-1 Touch-UpAbrasive Prep Tip, Exact-Color Match Paint, And Clear Coat Check Latest Price The rim is […]

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