Five Benefits Of Renting A Self-Storage Facility When Painting A Room

When painting or renovating your house, experts and professionals agree that you should bring your items outside of your room. The best way to get your items out of the way is to rent out a self-storage facility so you can store your stuff in. Self-storage facilities are secure and safe. You can easily access them at any time and they are a versatile solution to your storage problems.

The most common mistake when renovating or painting a room is keeping the stuff inside the rooms and just covering them with tarpaulins. This brings up a lot of problems and unforeseen consequences that you do not want to fall on yourself and your items.

Self-storage facilities cost only a few pounds and this is a small sacrifice compared to the amount of convenience that you will experience. Here are some benefits that you get when you rent a self-storage facility when you renovate or paint a room.

storage facility when painting

Obviously, when you take out your items from your rooms, you will have more room to work around with. There will be a lot of space for you to manoeuvre in. This will make the painting process a lot easier and faster. When you don’t have to move around items and furniture, you are saving a lot of time. Most of the time is spent taking items out of the way and putting them back in.

2. Your Stuff Doesn’t Get Painted On

The main reason for taking your stuff out of the room when you renovate or repaint is because you do not want to get paint on them. Paint splatters are normal when painting and even if you try to be careful, they will occur. This means that your items are not safe if you keep them inside.

3. Avoid Accidental Damage

When renovating, accidents may happen. It is totally unavoidable for things to fall or break off. You should definitely take out your items because heavy machinery may fall on them. Hammers or nails falling down can make permanent dents on your furniture. Tears and scratches may also happen when you are moving your equipment around. We recommend you rent a self-storage facility to store your items in to shield your items from accidental mishaps.

4. Steer Clear of Clutter

Steer clear of clutter by safely storing your items and furniture into a self-storage facility. Clutter can be dangerous not only for your items but also for you. You would want to avoid unwanted situations like tripping over your items.

5. You get to Paint the Entire Walls

When you paint your rooms, often the areas with furniture beside them like the back of the closet does not get painted. If you take out all your items, you will have the entire room as your canvas.


There are more benefits into renting a self storage facility especially when you are repainting and renovating your entire house. In summary, however, what this brings is the convenience of having an empty place to work with. Not only will make the work faster but also easier and more importantly, safer.