Titan FlexSpray HandHeld Electric Sprayer Review

The Titan FlexSpray put the power of airless and the control of HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating the first multi-tool for painting professionals.  

It comes from one of the leader sin the painting industry and is trusted to perform for home handymen and contractors alike.

This model rivals its competitors in both price, performance and durability.

About The Titan Brand

The Titan Company has been around since 1974, since then they have developed innovative technologies. It was on that same year they released the tip that provided a variable fan pattern and an atomizing orifice. Several years later, they have increased the power and performance beyond the limits of mechanical sprayers. While doing so, the elegant design they have made in the past is still being used today.

It was in the year 1990 that they have made the first HVLP spray gun to contain airflow, improving overall finish and brought the benefits of hydraulic sprayers to the line striping industry. In 2009, Titan has made it possible for more types of coatings to be used with an HVLP sprayer.

The first airless sprayer with centrifugal clutch technology and variable pressure control was released in the year 2011. This innovation quickly caught the attention of consumers as the dawn of compact and portable sprayers.

Titan FlexSpray HandHeld Electric Sprayer Reviewed

Titan FlexSpray HandHeld Electric Sprayer

Best Features

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    4 stage HVLP turbine
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    Stainless Steel Cup
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    Up to .20 GPM

My Overall Rating

Features: Titan FlexSpray HVLP Sprayer

The Titan FlexSpray put the power of airless and the control of HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating the first multi-tool for painting professionals. FlexSpray’s advanced JetForce technology was developed for professionals who spray a variety of coatings with multiple applications. Just pull the trigger and your interior, exterior or fine finishing project will finish with ease.

The variable speed engine creates atomization power equal to a 4-stage HVLP. Provide a professional HVLP-style finish. Spray heavy-bodied coatings with precision. The durable materials provide 10 times the life of a handheld airless sprayer.

This Titan FlexSpray can deliver up to .20 GPM and comes with 25 feet air hose. The cup is stainless steel with a 1-quart capacity.

Overall product weight is about 19 pounds while the spray gun only weighs at 1.15 pounds. The Flexfinish nozzle provides a unique combination of air and material and its patented slot nozzle gives the power to spray for un-thinned coatings like latex and enamel at high speed with little overspray.


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    Ready to use electric model
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    Spray heavy bodied coatins
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    Trusted Brand


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    Price is higher than wagner products
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    Not many online reviews

What Is The Flex Spray Best For Painting?

When it comes to compact and portable sprayers, this is probably the best one you can get at a very reasonable price. 

The sprayer is very well made and durable despite its light weight. Finish painting and staining projects fast and easy with the Titan FlexSpray HVLP Paint Sprayer.

It is easy to use, easy to clean and comes complete with everything you need to be spraying in minutes. 

Ideal for spraying interior walls, ceilings, and doors, or exterior work like decks, fences, and homes. It sprays a wide variety of coatings from stains to heavy latex and acrylics. It’s a light-duty paint sprayer specifically designed for the homeowner looking to use it periodically around the house.


This model may not as popular in the handheld genre of paint spray guns. It is however back by a quality brand in Titan and therefore is well worth consideration.

It comes in between both Graco and Wagner for price range. I would go for this sprayer if you have previously used Titan and enjoyed their airless sprayers.

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