Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer: Review & Comparison

A good HVLP paint sprayer is an essential part of any DIY enthusiast's toolkit. HVLP paint sprayers provide a more even layer of paint than even the steadiest hand can achieve with a regular paintbrush with less overspray than air-based paint sprayer systems.

Wagner produces some of the best HVLP paint sprayer systems and their Flexio line is quite popular among DIY enthusiasts.

The Flexio line has recently been updated with the Flexio 990 but most DIY enthusiasts won't really notice a difference between the two models—other than the extra $50 you'll pay for the newest model.

Features of the Wagner Flexio 890

Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

The Flexio 890 comes with an extremely durable iSpray nozzle with a flexible tip that can be turned to produce either a horizontal or a vertical pattern.

This is fantastic for switching between different paint surface shapes easily. This nozzle (iSpray) is for broader surfaces and getting large areas done quickly.

It also comes with a Detail Finish nozzle that is perfect for touch-ups and small, hard to reach spots. I appreciate the choice between two nozzles as it eliminates the risk of having to finish a large job with a too-small nozzle and vice versa...which only causes mess and mishap.

Switching between nozzles is really easy thanks to the Lock-N-Go design which simply clicks the nozzle into the hose easily and securely. Another feature designed to eliminate fuss, fiddly set-up and mess. The spray gun's handle has all the controls including easy-to-use controls for air power and material flow. This is more in line with how professional level models are controlled.

One thing customers really love about the Flexio 890 is that it can use regular paint without any kind of dilution, so you don't have to buy specialty paints or dilute the paint yourself. The Flexio 890 is also compatible with most brands of primer. Versatility in paint formula is a great feature for a spray gun, as it just amps up the user-friendliness and convenience that much more.

Unfortunately, the Flexio 890 does not come with instructional content so you will have to find instructional videos online. Paint spraying is a very specific technique so do some practice runs before starting a big project. There is a video on the Amazon product page which does give a rundown on how to set up the gun, which is helpful.

The Flexio 890 comes with a quite powerful air exhaust, so be sure to tape protective paper over anything you don't want to have paint on. This is a fairly common problem with paint sprayer systems of all types. When using a paint sprayer you also always want to do a test spray on an object you don't care about before you start painting as there may be some initial spluttering.

What Is The Wagner 890 Good For Painting?

Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews

Purchasing the Wagner Flexio 890 opens up the door to completing those larger interior jobs, fine finishing, and small exterior projects quickly. For maximum versatility, the 890 is capable of spraying unthinned paints. This also includes paint and primer in one product.

The Flexio 890 comes with two nozzle sizes making it great for a multitude of jobs. The larger nozzle will complete walls and ceilings in record-breaking time.

The smaller detail nozzle is ideal for working on the fine finish work like cabinets, trim and furniture. In addition, the lightweight of the unit allows for less fatigue during longer projects.

This is due to the fact that the bulk of the unit sits securely on the ground while you paint. All you have to do is hold the gun, aim and spray.

Many homeowners with a keen spirit for DIY will benefit from the purchase of an 890, but it can be used by others. Property managers will find the Wagner sprayer can save them money over hiring a professional.

In addition, this model would be good for a smaller contracting business. It’s not really for large-scale, professional jobs but it could be very handy smaller professional touch-ups and small-scale projects outside of the home.

Types of Paint to Use with Flexio 890

With the Wagner Flxio 890, you can use almost any type of paint. The Flexio is designed for thinner paints but will handle latex and enamels when appropriately thinned. Varnishes, lacquers, and even acrylics are easily pumped through the hose to the spray gun.

The Flexio 890 is designed for large projects like walls, decks, and fences. Because of this, smaller detailed work with single-stage paints and topcoats isn’t recommended. There is a detail tip for doing these smaller projects, but you will end up using more paint than required to get the job done.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy clean-up
  • Comes with smaller detailed sprayer
  • Quiet


  • Best for spraying thinned paints
  • Subject to overspray mist

Comparison Guide with other Wagner Models

When looking for the Wagner brand, the Flexio 590 and 890 are going to both be in the forefront of your search. There are a lot of similarities between the two including the price range.

In addition to that, both devices can be used indoors and outdoors. On top of that, the Wagner brand has made both of these sprayers to last. The composite bodies do not break down and can even be used in poor weather.

They are both easy-to-clean machines making it simple for anyone to accomplish a quick paint job. Finally, by purchasing any Wagner model you have access to their amazing customer support. When you need to replace a defective part or troubleshoot an issue, a quick phone call to their trained staff always solves the problem.

The main difference between the two models is what they are used for. If you want to paint a large area as quickly as possible, the Wagner 890 will be the better choice. If you would rather have a paint sprayer that can be taken into the back seat of your car for random jobs, the Flexio 590 is a better option.

The 890 has a large turbine unit which sits firmly on the ground, with a wide hose connecting to the spray gun. The 590 simply has the spray gun (with attached cup) connected to a power cord which plugs into an outlet.

It’s kind of like a large vacuum cleaner (the ones that wheel along the ground with a hose and a stick attached) versus a small stick vacuum - one is for larger jobs and wider surfaces, the other is for touch-ups and smaller details.

Comparison Guide with other Paint Sprayer Brands

There are two other handhelds that come to mind when looking for a reliable brand. They are available from Graco and HomeRight.

The Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer comes at a comparable price to the Wagner 890. It is also lightweight and portable. The difference is the amount of usage you can expect from the Graco TrueCoat. It is only intended for occasional use but for the same price point as the Wagner. It seems that you would get much more bang for your buck with the Flexio 890.

Another handheld sprayer is the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max. This model is much lower in price, but again, you aren’t going to be able to use it as often as the Wagner. It is only designed for the occasional project in mind and will not spray as fast as the Wagner. If you want to get the job done quickly, the Wagner is your best bet. Invest a little extra money for performance.

How to Set Up & Use the Wagner Flexio 890

Set up is quite simple, and if you are using the iSpray nozzle, you are almost ready to go right out of the box. Some assembly is required, of course. The steps are simple to follow, though.

  • Insert the suction tube into the intake and adjust for your spray angle.
  • Fill the paint cup and attach it to the sprayer.
  • Using the alignment arrows, attach the nozzle to the handle and twist to lock in place.
  • Push the air hose into the air hose port.
  • Turn the power box on and then turn the power switch for the sprayer gun on.
  • You are ready to paint.

It isn’t required, however, it is highly recommended that you first spray a solution of water and mineral spirits through the sprayer for about 2 minutes.

This will remove any debris or manufacturer’s oils left over from production assembly. Once the solution has run through the system, empty the cup and fill it with paint.

From there, you will want to spray the paint into a waste bucket until the color is no longer diluted form the cleaning solution (about 30 seconds).

8 Tips to Help with Set-Up & Clean-Up

Setup of your Flexio 890 is easy enough for the beginner to accomplish.

  • 1
    Start by unwrapping the power cord and slide this into the recess. Then, you want to remove the desired spray nozzle from the Power Box. Close your cover and pull the carry handle upwards.
  • 2
    Your next step is to prepare the materials you need. This will require you to stir the material completely. Then, unscrew the cup from the nozzle and fill the container to the desired level.
  • 3
    Now you are ready to assemble the unit. Insert the suction tube into your intake opening. Align the suction tube toward the front of the nozzle for downward direction spraying. Align the nozzle toward the rear of the nozzle for upward direction spraying.
  • 4
    Screw the cup back onto the nozzle assembly and tighten. Insert and twist the nozzle toward the “lock” symbol located on the handle. Insert the air hose into the port in the Power Box. Turn the unit on and you are ready to spray.
  • 5
    Cleanup of the machine is just as simple. Always make sure the unit is unplugged and then loosen the material container but don’t remove it. This relieves pressure in the system.
  • 6
    Pull the trigger to allow the material to drain back into the container. Empty the container. Put your cleaning solution in the cup; water for latex and mineral spirits for oil-based products.
  • 7
    Reattach the cup and plug the unit back in. Spray the solution while gently shaking the gun. Turn the machine off and drain the solution.
  • 8
    Be sure that you also take the time to clean all the remaining parts of the sprayer. Be sure you never use sharp metal objects when cleaning any of the components.

Customer Reviews of the Wagner Flexio 890

Wagner Flexio 890 Review

Most customers love the Wagner Flexio 890 thanks to its highly powerful air turbine and its easy-to-use controls.

DIY enthusiasts really enjoy working with this paint sprayer and many who have worked with other paint sprayer systems in the past prefer this one, especially when you take into account the price.The cost is roughly half when comparable to other similar machines.

Customers are particularly fond of this machine because it can use regular house paint and primer, making it extremely convenient to refuel. It is also somewhat easier to set up than the Flexio 590, though some people do prefer the Flexio 590 because its paint container is directly attached to the gun.

A customer posting on a reddit thread about the Wagner paint sprayers commented “I ended up getting the Wagner Flexio 890 and it's been pretty awesome. It does cost twice the price of the one you're looking at, but it's very flexible and has handled everything I've thrown at it.”

Scott Sidler from The Craftsman Blog said this about the Wagner Flexio 890 “For a homeowner grade paint sprayer, I think this one does a nice job. For the professional, this is not the sprayer for you, but for the average homeowner, it could definitely be a lifesaver for hard to paint projects, especially for things like furniture painting.”

Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP...
  • PORTABLE PAINT SYSTEM: The turbine sits on...
  • TWO NOZZLES INCLUDED: iSpray nozzle is ideal...
  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Turn the X-Boost Power...

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is the flexio 890 easy to use?

Yes, it’s very easy to use thanks to the controls being located on the handle for easy access. The set-up is easy too, just choose the nozzle, fill the cup with paint and click it into the hose using the Lock-N-Go feature.

Is this Wagner flexio 890 easy to clean?

Yes, it’s very easy to clean and requires only warm, soapy water for latex-based paints. It’s really just a matter of passing a cleaning solution through the system to flush out the mechanisms. Plenty of customer reviews do make special note that the cleaning process is really easy.

Why should I buy this model rather than cheaper ones?

This model is extremely durable, easy to use and works for a wide range of projects. By spending a little more money you’re getting a model which you can use all year round, with fast and high-quality results every time. If you were to buy a cheaper option you may end up with a less effective performance and end up spending more money in the long run on extra parts, upgrades and other models of getting large paint jobs completed.

Does Wagner provide a warranty for its paint sprayers?

Yes, Wagner provides a 1-year warranty for their paint sprayers as long as the sprayer has been used according to the manual instructions.

Where can I buy this sprayer at a good price?

Check out Amazon for a good price and discounts.

How long do these sprayers last?

The Wagner Flexio 890 comes with a 1-year warranty and will last at least that long. With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, the Flexio 890 should last you several years.

Does it work well with latex?

The Flexio 890 is designed to spray undiluted latex with ease. However, some users report that even with the iSpray nozzle, latex, enamels, and thicker paints still need to be thinned, some as much as 35%. Before you point the sprayer at your project, test into your waste bucket and adjust the thickness of your paints, or speed and pressure of the sprayer until the latex paint flows freely.

What are the extra accessories I need to have together with a Wagner Flexio 890?

For the most part, the Wagner Flexio 890 is an all-inclusive unit. It only works with two nozzles, both of which come with the initial purchase. You can purchase a separate paint cup (1.5-quart capacity), but the system doesn’t need any extra accessories.


The Wagner Flexio 890 is one of the best paint sprayer systems for DIY enthusiasts. It isn't quite powerful enough to keep up with heavy-duty professional use but it is also nowhere near the price of a professional paint spraying rig.

If you know you'll use it regularly but you aren't going to be doing massive projects or using it for significant periods of time every day, the Wagner Flexio 890 is the paint sprayer you want. It’s easy to set up, use and clean and comes with two different nozzles for large and small paint jobs.

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