Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer: Review, Rating & Comparison

Whether you want to paint your own DIY projects or you just want to do some touch ups on old cabinets, a paint sprayer is the easiest way to ensure that you’ll get an even coat of paint every time.

The Flexio 990 is a new take on an old favorite, but the reviews don’t seem to reflect the same love that the 590 and 890 have received.

Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0529029 FLEXiO 990...
  • Ideal for projects including large interior...
  • Sprays unthinned interior and exterior latex...
  • X-Boost turbine provides adjustable control,...
  • Lock-n-go split gun design for quick nozzle...

More Features of the Flexio 990

If you are familiar at all with the FLEXiO series (the FLEXiO 890 perhaps?), then you are aware that each model has a certain feature list that rivals the competitors. Here is a little bit more about the FLEXiO 990 for you to think about.

The Wagner Flexio 990 combines some of the best features of the Flexio 590—namely the direct-attach paint container—and the Flexio 890. It works with all types of paint including unthinned house paint and even stain, using an innovative new pump system to guarantee an even coating of paint.

Like the previous Flexio models it also comes with two different nozzles, one for large projects and one for touch-ups. The Flexio 990 is supposed to work with even more types of paint including latex paint of all kinds. It’s also got an extended hose which gives you a reach of up to two stories, making it great for house painting.

The X Boost Turbine is an updated version of the turbine from previous models as well, maximizing power and minimizing overspray. Like the Flexio 890, the Flexio 990 also features easy-to-use controls that allow you to adjust the pattern.

If you haven’t worked with a paint sprayer system before you may be put off by the fact that the Wagner Flexio 990 doesn’t come with much in the way of instructional content but you can easily find many free resources online to help you learn paint sprayer techniques.

Continuous Feed System

The FLEXiO 990 is designed for the DIYer to take on large-scale jobs. Need to paint the exterior of your two-story home? FLEXiO 990 can do it. Want to Get a fresh coat on the inside and outside of that 2-car garage? FLEXiO 990 can handle it.

The continuous feed system allows you to open a can of paint, or a bucket, or a tub full, put the siphon hose in, and get to work. No more paint cups, no more measuring, and spilling. Just painting.

Adjustable Controls and Controlled Overspray

One of the biggest downfalls of other brands is that they don’t offer you control over the sprayer that you may want. In order to keep costs down to make their prices more appealing, some other brands strip controls and selections. Not Wagner.

You can adjust the airflow, pattern of spray, and even the pressure and power of the machine! No matter what your project calls for, you can dial-in the FLEXiO 990 to exacting adjustments for all paint types.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

After you have dialed in your specs, did you know that the normal next step is to dilute your paint? It’s true. Almost all paint sprayers make you dilute your paint with water or thinner before their sprayers can push the paint through the nozzle. Not so with the Wagner FLEXiO 990.

You can spray interior paints, exterior paints, and even undiluted latex paint, all without having to add a drop of water. With this type of painting, you can take on that fence, those walls, or any other indoor and outdoor project you can think of.

One-Touch Setup

Once your paint is ready, remove the sprayer form the machine, unwrap your hoses and push the on button. The siphon tube will pull the paint from the pail to the spray gun. It really is that simple.

The one-touch setup makes your life easier. Without any leftover oils from the manufacturing process, you don’t need to clean or pre-prime the system. Just push the button and pull the trigger.

Hands-Free Cleaning

While you will technically need your hands, the FLEXiO 990 hands-free cleaning is pretty nice. Before you remove your paint bucket, you will attach the gun to the hose holder, turn everything on and let the gun purge any paint left in the system back into your paint bucket for no waste!

Next, you will use a bucket of warm, soapy water (water-based paints) or mineral spirits (oil-based paints) and repeat the cycle twice, until the hoses and gun run clear.

You will need your hands for the thorough clean, which entails removing the air cap, nozzle, and locking nuts. Soaking each and brushing clean before reassembly. The entire process of cleaning and maintenance should take you less than 20 minutes.

What Is The Wagner 990 Good For Painting?

Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer

The Flexio 990 is geared toward many of the same projects as the Flexio 890. It is capable of spraying large fences, decks, interior rooms and exterior parts of the house including a shed.

You can use interior and exterior latex, lacquers, stains, sealers and urethanes with this sprayer.

Keep in mind that unlike the other sprayers, this isn’t geared toward your smallest projects.

You won’t want to take on detail work or cabinetry with this model. In fact, trying to paint trim with this sprayer could turn into quite a mess.

While the manufacturer states that this can be used on smaller painting tasks, that hasn’t been what the majority of customers have felt. This unit does come with two nozzles sizes so you have some flexibility over the amount of spray that is produced.

Comparison Guide: FLEXiO 990 vs Other Sprayers

Wagner Models

Most people that look at the Wagner brand decide on either the Flexio 590 or the 890. There are a lot of similarities between these and the 990, but the Flexio 990 is your more expensive option.

The Wagner Flexio 590 and 890 are both designed to use indoors and outdoors. The Flexio 990 is better used outdoors unless you are painting an empty room. Normally, Wagner models are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, but many people don’t feel that to be the case with the 990.

The setup and cleanup of all three machines seem simple and straightforward. You will also have access to Wagner’s superior customer support. This is helpful if you find a defective part or simply have a question.

The biggest difference you will see between the three models is what they are used for. For painting large surface areas, the Wagner 990 and the Wagner 890 will be the best options. They offer more power and can hold more material. If you are more concerned about a sprayer that is ultra-portable, then the Flexio 590 is your best choice.

No matter which you choose, it would be important to note that both the Wagner Flexio 590 and 890 come with impeccable customer reviews. The Flexio 990, on the other hand, seemed to fall short. There are many complaints about the quality of spray and inconsistency. I am not sure that is worth paying more for.

Other Brands

For a comparison of some other handheld paint sprayers on the market that customers love, you’ll want to look at the Graco and HomeRight brand.

The Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer is a lower price than the Wagner 990. It appears to be more portable and lightweight; making it capable to take anywhere. The Flexio 990 isn’t as portable and will be bulkier when traveling with the unit. The TrueCoat doesn’t offer two nozzles sizes to choose from, but it does have two varying speeds. The Graco also comes with a reversible tip that helps to reduce clogs.

When comparing to the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max you will see a huge price cut from the Flexio 990. Keep in mind that this model isn’t geared toward a contractor, but more for the occasional project and it tends to work best on small tasks. In addition, this model comes with a small 27-ounce container.

The Wagner 990 can pull directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint container meaning there is no more reloading of materials. If you are only in need of a quality household sprayer for occasional projects, it makes sense to save the money and go with a lower priced option.

Set-Up & Clean-Up

Setup of your Flexio 990 is a lot easier than the other Flexio models. Start by ensuring that the system is sitting on the level and clean ground. Then, lift the suction tube holder and position the material container next to the pump.

You will then slide the suction tube holder down until it reaches the bottom of the materials container. If you want to spray from a ladder, you will need to use the included belt clip that comes with the unit.

Cleanup of this unit will be more in-depth than with the 590 or 890. You will be responsible for cleaning the paint hose first by flushing all the materials from it. Then, you can move onto the nozzle. If you desire, you could use the cleaning solution of water or mineral spirits in a container that the unit can pull from directly. It is recommended that you flush the sprayer a total of three times.

After that is complete, you’ll need to remove the regulator and clean that completely. You won’t want to forget that the filters and air valve tube should also be cleaned after every use.

Types of Paint to Use with Wagner Flexio 990

You can use any paint you like with the Wagner FLEXiO 990. From single-stage paints to primers and even thick latex and lacquers.

You may need to make certain power, pressure, and flow-rate changes. Your owner’s manual will offer you a guide to help you determine the right settings for the paint you have selected to use.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Flexio 990?

Wagner Flexio 990 Review

Most people wanted to love the Flexio 990 because of its ability to work with many types of paint, but a good portion hasn't been thrilled.

Some customers have found that it can jam up if you’re using unthinned latex paint, while others found it jammed up for no reason at all.

Most customers would have done better to stick with the Flexio 590 and Flexio 890 instead. Aside from the easy setup and ability to spray directly from the container, it isn’t worth the extra money considering the poor quality.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long do these sprayers last?

The Wagner FLEXiO 990 comes with a limited 1-year warranty against defects and craftsmanship. However, with proper use, care, and maintenance, the 990 should last you several years or more.

Does it work well with latex?

The Wagner FLEXiO 990 is designed to spray undiluted latex paint. While you may still need to dilute the latex some, the design of the 990 is such that you can easily handle thicker paints like latex without worry.

What are the extra accessories I need to have together with a Wagner Flexio 990 sprayer?

Everything you need comes with the Wagner FLEXiO 990. The power cord, hoses, paint cups, nozzles, detail gun, and paint bucket holder are all there and ready to go. The only thing you may need to purchase separately (aside from your paint and cleaning supplies) is an extension cord.

Does Wagner provide a warranty for its paint sprayers?

Yes, Wagner stands behind their sprayers 100% and offers each a 1-year limited warranty.

Where can I buy this sprayer at a good price?

There are a lot of brick and mortar shops, home improvement stores, and online vendors that sell the FLEXiO 990. The best place to make a purchase, though, is through Amazon. With Amazon, you will get the lowest possible price, and any deals made by Wagner are instantly added to the Amazon listings.


If you’re going to be focused primarily on small projects and touch-ups you’ll probably be satisfied with the Flexio 590 or 890. Even when working on a larger scale project, the 890 should be sufficient.

If you want to spend the extra cash on a Flexio 990 and hope that you are one of the people it sprays well for, you could certainly give it a try. It is still an incredible value and is much more affordable than some other commercial sprayers.

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