Wagner Power Painter Reviews: Plus, Max & Pro Models

While Wagner is best known for their HVLP paint sprayers, they do have a line of quality airless sprayers as well.

We’ve completed a full review of the Wagner Power series including the Plus, Max and Pro Models. Find out if one of these three sprayers will work for your painting needs.

Intermediate Choice
  • Multi-directional paint suction tube
  • Electronic 2 speed control
Top Of The Range
  • EZ Tilt technology
  • Easy twist 1.5 quart paint cup
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In 1947, Josef Wagner started the Wagner Brand while repairing machinery.

In 1953, he developed an electrical paint spraying tool designed for homeowners and skilled contractors. He remained the founder of the Wagner company through 1972 when he sold to J. Wagner of GmbH of Germany.

In 1973, Wagner manufacturing began and they grew consistently as a leader in the market. In 2013, the Wagner Company even acquired Earlex Limited.

Today, Wagner operates 5 worldwide manufacturing centers while running the headquarters from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They remain a leader in the paint industry and are best known for their line of HVLP sprayers.

What Type Of Sprayers Are The Power Painter Range?

There are three models in the Power Painter range from Wagner. They include the Power Painter Plus, Power Painter Max and Power Painter Pro.

All three of these models will make work easier especially when working on mid-size outdoor staining and painting projects.

All three are airless sprayers which offer a powerful product transfer to accomplish tasks quickly. They are quicker than an HVLP sprayer but offer a lower transfer rate.

They offer a range of capabilities from spraying 6.6 to 8-gallons per hour depending which model you choose.

Quality Features of These Sprayers

Let’s take a look at the best aspects of the Wagner Power Painter series.

EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube

The EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube is available with all three models and allows spraying no matter which direction the unit is pointed. This allows you to paint straight down on decks or straight up on gutters with the same quality finish. Other sprayers tend to draw air when the cup level gets lower. This leads to the paint flow spitting and stopping.

Sure Prime Suction Valve

Unlike paint sprayers that require priming every time you refill, these units offer a solution. The Sure Prime Suction Valve completely eliminates the need to re-prime. Now you can refill and get spraying again right away.

Paint Flow

They offer a Material Select Lever on the rear of the unit. This allows you to make adjustments based on the materials you are using. They also offer an adjustable spray tip assembly to produce a pattern either horizontally or vertically. With the various adjustments you can make, it is easy to perform a professional looking job with ease.

Tungsten Carbide Piston & Cylinder

While the Power Painter Plus doesn’t offer this benefit, the higher end models will. With the included Tungsten Carbide Piston and Cylinder setup, the sprayer will be more durable. This helps it to withstand more abuse and last longer than other sprayers made from cheaper materials.


The Optimus Dual Tip is a superior tip than other sprayers. Instead of just the single-orifice tip, this creates a low-pressure vacuum between two spray jets. This system draws more paint particles into the spray pattern.

The Optimus Dual Tip gives you a uniform coverage that only requires a single pass. It is capable of handling materials such as thick exterior latex paints and stains as well.

Convenient Carry Case

To make it easier for the sprayer to go to any job with you, there is a handy carrying case provided. All three units are lightweight with none weighing over 10 pounds. Combine that with the carrying case and you can perform a professional paint job anywhere you go.


The setup of any of these Wagner Power Painter sprayers will take just five minutes or less. In addition, it can be done by anyone, even a beginner. The directions provide all the information needed to get started. Be sure to take some time practicing your painting with scrap material first. This will save you some time and money while adjusting to the spray pattern.


Wagner is known for the fast cleanup process with its sprayers and these are included. The owner’s manual provides detailed steps that you can take while cleaning your machine. It is simple enough for a beginner to accomplish and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes time. It is an easier process that cleaning up all the paintbrushes, rollers and equipment after painting the standard way.

What about the Negative Aspects?

There are some negatives to these sprayers that should be discussed in depth. Many people have been unhappy with the short power cords. It just doesn’t seem to be long enough to perform a quality paint job.

Yes, I know that adding an extension cord would solve the issue. There’s a problem with that idea! There are no strain-relief accessories included which means the cord easily unplugs itself from the extension.

While the case is convenient, it can sometimes be difficult getting the unit bag into it. Some people have found that it is easier just to use a bag instead of trying to get the unit bag into the plastic case.

Another thing to consider is that these sprayers are not geared toward smaller, detail-oriented projects. The airless aspect of these sprayers will provide too much overspray for it to be effective when dealing with small tasks. Instead, you’ll want to focus on spraying mid-size to large projects with this line of sprayers.

Finally, while the units themselves aren’t heavy to tote to other sites, they are heavy compared to many handheld models. This can cause some hand and wrist fatigue when working on larger projects.

Wagner Power Painter Reviews

What Are These Wagner Models Made For Spraying?

All three of these Wagner sprayers are geared toward a multitude of projects. Try them out with these tasks.


The Wagner Power Painter series can apply a multitude of materials making it the perfect fit for painting the garage doors. Whether you have metal garage doors or the older wooden type, these sprayers are effective at getting the job done fast.

Painting at a maximum speed of 8-gallons per hour, the garage will be painted quickly. When you factor in the setup and cleanup time, you’ll be back inside watching the game before you know it. Keep in mind that working with the EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube means that you can paint the garage at any angle and still receive the desired results.


Decks are easy to paint and stain with the EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube. Even if you have to apply materials with the sprayer pointed straight down, you’ll still achieve the same amount of spray. There will be no sputters or splatters of paint during the process.

With the fully adjustable paint flow, the job will also be done flawlessly. It will look as if a professional came to treat your deck. Think of the money and time that can be saved by painting your deck with a Wagner Power Painter model.


Painting a shed can be a long and tedious task if done with manual tools. Thankfully, the Wagner Power Painters make this job easy and fun. The adjustable paint flow allows you complete control over the spray. In addition, you can apply up to 8 gallons of paint per hour. Imagine doing that with a roller or paintbrush!

With the easy setup and fast cleanup, even a beginner sprayer could tackle this common household project. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional, you can have a new, vibrant looking shed.


There are many pieces of furniture in a home that could use a fresh coat of paint. Generally, it seems like too much work to get the paintbrush out and spend the time refinishing them. That isn’t so with the Wagner Power Painter series. Because they are easy to setup and take just minutes to clean up, your home furniture can look like new in a fraction of the time.

Simply take the furniture to the outdoors or somewhere that it is safe to spray and use these units to create a flawless new look. You may just find that you’ll want to do all the furniture in the house.


When it is time to give the shutters a fresh coat of paint, you’ll find the process to be simple with your Wagner Power Painter series. Simply remove the shutters from your window and lay them down flat on a drop cloth. Make sure there is nothing else around and start spraying.

The EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube allows you to paint straight down at the shutters if you prefer without any lack in performance. With several light coats, you’ll have a stunning new look that appears as if you hired a professional. The best part is that you didn’t spend that much to do it.


The Wagner Power Painter series can apply a multitude of materials making it the perfect fit for painting the garage doors. Whether you have metal garage doors or the older wooden type, these sprayers are effective at getting the job done fast.

Painting at a maximum speed of 8-gallons per hour, the garage will be painted quickly. When you factor in the setup and cleanup time, you’ll be back inside watching the game before you know it. Keep in mind that working with the EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube means that you can paint the garage at any angle and still receive the desired results.

What Shouldn’t It Be Used For?

There are a lot of tasks to be accomplished with the Wagner Power Painter sprayers, but here are a few you might want to avoid.


It isn’t often wise to use an airless sprayer when painting a vehicle. That’s because of the large amount of overspray you will receive.

Automobiles require a detailed finish that the majority of airless sprayers cannot accomplish. It is also important to find a sprayer that will work with the materials you’ll be using.

Thicker materials such as primers are going to require a powerful, larger gun that offers a big nozzle. 

best automotive paint

Thinner paints will require less pressure and can be used with small nozzles. Many sprayers offer enough adjustments that you could use either thick or thin material.

There are several brands that make a high-quality sprayer designed for automobiles. Wagner is one of them and another is Fuji. For more detailed suggestions on the proper sprayer to use in these situations, you’ll want to read our Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews.


Again, I find that HVLP Paint Sprayers tend to work best when spraying cabinets.

While this isn’t always true, you’ll find that an HVLP unit sprays paint at a lower pressure which gives you much more control over the finish.

You can also control the flow and fan of paint which is ideal when working on smaller jobs.

Spraying kitchen cabinets with earlex paint sprayer

There is less prep work involved as well since you don’t need to worry as much about overspray. When using an HVLP sprayer, the paint gets atomized into finer particles which offers a more professional-looking finish than working with an airless sprayer.

For more on this, and to find the best sprayer, read our Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets reviews.

Larger Surface Areas

While larger surface areas benefit from an airless sprayer, I don’t believe these are the right models for your large assignments.

These three spayers are best used with small to mid-size projects and are considered to be budget models.

You could accomplish a large surface area with either of these sprayers, but it is going to take far more time than you need to spend.

There are other Wagner models as well as some Graco options that would be better suited towards these jobs.

For more suggestions on what to choose, read our Best Indoor Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls Reviews.

3 Best Wagner Power Painter Sprayers Reviewed

1. Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Wagner Spraytech 0525027 Power Painter Plus...
  • Ez tilt flexible suction tube - spray at any...
  • Optimus dual tip technology provides even...
  • 1 quart cup twist lock cup
  • Assembled Product Weight: 6.75 lb

The Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer is the baseline model and is the lowest priced. It can spray at 6.6-gallons per hour and features a 1-quart twist lock cup. This model doesn’t feature the 5-foot suction as the others do so you can’t paint directly from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket.

This is a great beginner unit designed for shutters, sheds, fences and garages. Considering it sets up in less than 5 minutes and takes less than 10 to clean up, it is a winner if you need to complete a quick project. Just remember, it does feature a short power cord and isn’t made with the Tungsten carbide piston and cylinder.


  • Low-cost
  • Easy setup and cleanup
  • EZ Tilt Flexible Suction Tube


  • Short power cord
  • Can’t pull materials from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket

2. Wagner 0525032 Power Painter Max

Wagner 0525032 Power Painter Max with EZ...
  • Multi-directional paint suction tube lets you...
  • Electronic 2 speed control for trim or large...
  • Easy twist 1.5 quart paint cup for quick...
  • 5 foot suction set so you can paint directly...

The Wagner 0525032 Power Painter Max Airless Paint Sprayer is the next level up and my choice of the three. This upgraded edition sprays up to 7.2-gallons per hour and features a 1.5-quart cup instead.

It also offers the 5-foot long suction tube so you can spray directly from a bucket. It is also made of the higher quality Tungsten carbide piston and cylinder.

3. Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro

Wagner 0525029 Power Painter Pro with EZ...
  • EZ Tilt technology - spray at any angle
  • 8.0 GPH flow to tackle large jobs and easy...
  • OPTIMUS Dual Tip for professional results
  • Multi-directional paint suction tube lets you...

The higher end model is the Wagner 0525029 EZ Tilt Power Painter Pro and jumps up a little more in price.

I am not sure that the price difference is worth it as it only goes up to a maximum of 8-gallons per hour. In addition, it jumps from a 2-speed control to a 3-speed control, which doesn’t tend to be necessary for most household jobs.


  • Can spray up to 8-gallons per hour
  • 3-speed control
  • Can pull directly from can or backpack


  • Short power cord
  • Cost more than the other two models

Overall, the best value of the three seems to be the Wagner Power Painter Max. If you are interested in learning about some other Wagner models, be sure to read our Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews.

Wagner Power Painters Compared With These Sprayers

Let’s take a look at how the Wagner Power Painters compare with other sprayers.

Wagner Power Painter Sprayers vs Wagner FLEXiO 890

It is hard to compare the two sprayers to one another because the Power Painters are airless while the FLEXiO is an HVLP model.

The FLEXiO does cost more but is also capable of spraying over 8-gallons per hour. The 890 also comes with two spray nozzles, the iSpray and Detail Finish nozzle. This allows for more control over the finished outcome. 

The X-Boost Turbine provides superior control, lower overspray and full coverage.

The majority of the weight of this unit is located on the floor, so there is also less hand fatigue during longer projects.

Both units have a fast setup and cleanup time. Plus, they can all be used by beginners or professional sprayers alike.

Overall the 890 has more reviews and seems to be a more popular choice in the Wagner models. That could be because Wagner is better known for the HVLP sprayer than the airless varieties.

Wagner Power Painter Sprayers vs Graco Ultra Corded

Taking a look outside the Wagner brand will offer you some additional options that could meet your needs.

If you have the additional money to spend, Graco is a more reputable choice with airless spraying.

The durable, stainless steel and carbide components are bonded together with high strength polymer for a long life. It can spray at 500-2,000 PSI and supports 0.008-0.016 tips.

You don’t need to thin most materials before spraying and this unit even offers easy on-the-job pump replacement if there is a problem. In just 3 steps, you can have a new pump if needed.

The precision pressure control allows for a consistent spray with no pressure fluctuations. 

If you find that you would rather look at various Graco models, since they are a leader in airless technology, but aren’t sure this is the right model, be sure to check out our Graco Paint Sprayer Reviews.

Wagner Parts & Service


While the Wagner Power Painter Sprayers aren’t designed to need parts, there may come a time when you find yourself in need of either service or parts.

The first place to look is on Amazon because they offer a variety of accessories and parts that work with many Wagner sprayers. Amazon normally has the best pricing as well as fast shipping times.

If you prefer to purchase directly from Wagner, you’ll find a variety of replacement parts and accessories. Need service? Don’t worry! Wagner offers various service centers located throughout the nation which are qualified to work on Wagner sprayers.

Setting Up a Wagner Power Painter

Wagner makes setup simple and straight forward. With the Power Painter, you have different options for use, base don the size of your project. You can use the cup for smaller jobs, a canister for medium jobs, or a backpack for large jobs.

The setup is similar for all three options. Of course, where you place the suction hose and how you prime the system will be different. Refer to the owner’s manual for your setup details based on the type of setup you need. You should also pay special attention to the warnings and cautions in the owner’s manual.

For a reference, I will outline the basic setup for using the paint cup attachment. For the initial setup, you will want to use a paint cup full of mineral spirits and water to clean out any residual oils or debris leftover from the manufacturing process.

  • Remove the paint cup and fill it with the solvent. Be cautious not to overfill the cup.
  • Push the cup into place and twist to lock.
  • Ensure the mode selector is in the “paint” position.
  • Plug the sprayer into a grounded outlet.
  • Pull the trigger to begin spraying the solvent into a waste bucket.
  • Spray for at least a minute.
  • Remove the cup and empty the contents.
  • Fill the cup with paint and return the cup to the locked position.
  • You are ready to paint.

Clean Up & Maintenance

Clean up is also easy with the Wagner Power Painter. If you have used a water-based paint you can use the garden hose attachment and nozzle to flush the system with water. Once the water runs clear, you can remove the tip and air cap to hand clean those pieces.

If you used an oil-based paint you will need to clean with mineral spirits. Fill the cup with the cleaning solvent and shake to clean the paint cup. Spray the solvent until it runs clear (you may need to refill the paint cup with mineral spirits).

Once the solvent runs clear, empty the paint cup and clean the tip and air cap by hand. From there, you should do a general maintenance inspection. The tips will wear out and need to be replaced. You should also inspect the hoses and suction tubes, filters and air caps. Replace or clean by hand as needed.

Common Issues with Wagner Sprayers & Troubleshooting Steps

Several issues can go wrong with your sprayer. Below is a chart with the most common issues and their possible resolutions. Check your owner’s manual for more advice, or if the problem persists, contact Wagner customer service for assistance.



Motor doesn’t turn on.

No power supplied to the sprayer. Check that the unit is plugged in and that the outlet has power.

Motor comes on but only hums.

The piston is stuck. Disassemble the unit and lubricate the piston.

Sprayer comes on but won’t spray.

Either there is an issue with the priming or the paint is too thick. Oil the intake tube and spray the sprayer for up to 3 minutes. Thin your paint to make it easier to spray.

Paint spits or gobs on surface.

Paint cup is out of paint and air is in the system. Flush with water, fill the paint cup with paint and re-prime the unit.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What do I receive in the box?

The unit comes with a sprayer, cup and storage case while the Pro adds a backpack to the system.

I am a beginner. Can I use this product?

With a setup that takes five minutes or less and cleanup under 10, anyone can use this sprayer.

Is this a heavy or light machine?

The machines are lightweight however, there can be some fatigue when holding them for longer periods of time.

Which type of paints can be used with the Power Painter Sprayers?

The Power painter systems spray stains, sealers, oil paints, and latex paint.

How long does it take to clean it after I am finished?

Under 10 minutes.

Does Wagner provide a warranty?

Wagner offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects.

Where Can You Buy This Sprayer At Its Best Price?

All three sprayers are available for purchase at Amazon. They usually have the best pricing and currently, you can find one between $80 and $130. If you choose to purchase directly from Wagner, you are going to pay higher prices of $100 and $150.

If you need to get one now and don’t want to wait for shipping, you could always choose to purchase from The Home Depot instead.

Just keep in mind that they don’t often have the same pricing as Amazon does. In fact, as I write this, their prices are as much as Wagner’s prices are.

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what some of the customers have to say about the Wagner series.

Very handy tool. Cleanup is easier than I expected.

 Amazon Customer from Amazon

This device performed as advertised. I used it to paint a fence and it cut down my work time immensely. I am glad I bought this model.

 Rolly Baderk from Amazon

I am a DIY from way back and one thing I have learned through the years is. The quality job always done with quality tools. So I had a restoration job on a small house and no time or help to get it done.

Painting became a problem to the rest of the project. when i found this sprayer I was taking a chance because it was inexpensive. I have had it three years and have used it on twenty or so projects. It is unbelievable the different applications this has been used for.

 Hondoman from Wagner


If you need a low budget airless paint sprayer, one of the Wagner Power Series sprayers might be right for you.

Between the three options, you are receiving a variety of features that might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Evaluate each one and see if this series will work for your needs.

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