Can Paint Freeze & Still Be Good To Use? (Tips For Winter)

Most paint is stored in garages, sheds, basements, and other areas where temperature regulation is less than ideal—or non-existent. Can paint freeze however when left in extremely cold freezing temperatures?  The bad news is that, yes, normal paint will freeze in the winter if it gets too cold. However, the good news is that stored paint … Read more

Can You Paint Trex Or Composite Decking? (Steps Explained)

Composite decks are a durable and beautiful alternative to outlast pressure-treated wood.  They’re also much less expensive than luxury exotic lumbers such as Brazilian walnut or Tiger wooden decks. There is a downside to composite deck surfaces, of course, and that’s the fact they can fade due to sun exposure.   In this article, learn how to … Read more

Can I Use Base Paint Without Tint? (What You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to use base paint without tint on your walls, it’s helpful to learn just what a base coat of paint is and what kind of results you can expect from paint bases.  The fact is, base paint without tint doesn’t work quite the same as tinted paints, even if you’re hoping to … Read more

Does Paint Dry Darker Or Lighter? (Match Swatch Perfectly)

One of the most troublesome aspects of painting is anticipating how your color will look once it dries. Too often, we put up a color we adore, only to discover it looks completely different a few hours later.  This phenomenon can ruin all the time spent choosing the perfect paint for your home gym, bedroom, kitchen, … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Primer To Dry? (By Type & More)

Nobody likes the extra step of using a paint primer before painting, but taking that time to apply it makes less work for yourself down the road.  Epoxy primer makes your paint look better and last far longer.  Primed surfaces also require fewer thick coats on thin top coats of primer by sealing the area you’re … Read more

How To Get Paint Out Of Carpet (Remove Stains Easily)

Removing paint spills and splatters on carpet surfaces can be tricky, but there is no need to panic. With the right tools, you can remove the remaining paint and carpet stains quickly & painlessly. Knowing how to get paint out of the carpet or damp rag is the first step.   Read on to discover our expert tips and tricks. Things to … Read more

Concrete Paint Colors (Ideas For Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces)

Give concrete floors a new lease of life with a fresh coat of concrete floor paint colors. From outdoor patios, floors, and porches to indoor basement floors, and cinder blocks, there’s a paint that will work wonders for your DIY job. We’ve listed some of the best concrete floor paint colors on the market based on their … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Leather? (Easy DIY Guide)

Daunting as it might seem, acrylic paint works on leather to change its color, apply decorative elements, or simply revitalize it after fading and wear.    From armchairs to desk chairs, couches, and even favorite leather shoes, favorite leather jacket/ leather jackets or leather purses.  This guide will teach you how to properly apply acrylic paints … Read more

Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood? (Easy How To Guide)

Wood is ideal for most outdoor projects and structures due to its resistance against rot, general weathering, insect damage, and more.  While liquid chemical preservatives help protect pressure treating boards from nature, you can still brush or even spray-paint the wood for a new look and increased durability.  In this guide, you’ll learn the benefits of using paint pressure treated … Read more

How To Make Paint Glossy (Guide for Acrylic, Flat, Matte)

Paint finishes don’t just determine how shiny your final result will be: they also dictate the durability of your paint job and how light plays off the glossy surface once it’s dry.  Overall, the glossier your paint, the longer it will last—and the more dimension your newly-painted room will have.   Read on to learn how paints get their finish, … Read more